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Zed Zayed presents Ora, a subsidiary of engineer Naguib Sawiris, in partnership with the Egyptian

government. The Zed Zayed Compound is the largest real estate project in the real estate market.

ora zed Zayed location has been carefully chosen in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, and features a unique

view of Sheikh Zayed Park,

Zayd Zayed Compound has swimming pools and green spaces that cover most of it to give a wonderful

natural landscape.

Zaid Zayed Compound

Zed Zayed

Zed zayed compound location

The compound has a privileged location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, the city was designed with the

latest style and provides all amenities and entertainment.

Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers are considered the first residential towers in the region and are characterized

by calm and luxury.

Zed Sawiris Compound overlooks Sheikh Zayed Park, characterized by many green gardens,

entertainment venues, swimming pools, and overlooks the Tower complex.

It provides the residents of Sheikh Zayed with all means of comfort and recreation, especially those who

reside in Zed Sawiris, of course.

Features of the compound zed zayed location:

Naguib Sawiris Compound is concentrated in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, away from the noise and

congestion of population, and the residential towers were designed with the latest style.

And the towers are close to Al-Ahly Club, to make access to it to watch matches and enjoy different

sports does not take long,

It is three minutes away from Hyper One and near the roads, and it has many other services

that we will discuss in detail.

This is in addition to the fact that its prices are affordable for many, especially in light of the payment

systems facilities provided by Aura.

Features of Sawiris project in Zayed :

  • Zed Sawiris Compound is characterized by tranquility, sophistication and safety for you and your family,

so it is your first choice when buying.

  • Naguib Sawiris residential towers enjoy a wonderful view of Park Zayed and the diversity of green

spaces, and take all precautions and security measures.

  • Luxurious apartments and penthouses are available in Zed Sawiris Compound units, and distinctive

duplexes are also available in Zed residential towers.

  • Sawiris Buildings in Sheikh Zayed is considered the first real estate investment for businessman Naguib


  • Zed Zyed Towers suit all tastes and most levels, with prices starting from 19 thousand pounds.
  • Orascom Construction established Zed Sawiris Compound, which is a well-known company with many

distinctive constructions inside and outside Egypt.

  • The owner of the project and supervising the implementation of the project, Aura, executed a contract with the global company WATG London, The towers have a luxurious design and distinct                                                  divisions from the international residential towers located in the West and some Gulf countries.

Services and spaces at zed zayed:

The services and spaces vary in the zed zayed compound project, which is considered one of the most

 important projects of the Aura company in Sheikh Zayed.

Among the most prominent of those services:

  • The existence of Sheikh Zayed Park, and the Aura company works to manage it, with all its

entertainment areas and important facilities.

  • The design of western-style real estate towers is no less luxurious than the most beautiful international

towers, and it varies between 10 and 20 towers.

  • There is a café area and restaurants designated for the owners of the compound, and it varies between

eastern and western restaurants to satisfy all tastes.

  • A huge hotel is available at the end of the project to receive new visitors and revitalize life in Naguib

Sawiris Compound.

  • The presence of underground parking garages, in order to preserve the aesthetics of the compound and

its owners’ cars, and to be safe from thefts.

  • Landscapes and multi-purpose courts are available for exercise.
  • Allocating stairs and exits for use in emergencies, in addition to the presence of elevators dedicated to

furniture other than elevators used by the towers’ residents.

  • There is an area for garbage collection and disposal away from the compound
  • The green spaces perfectly distributed to help calm nerves and breathe pure oxygen away from noise

and pollution.

  • The presence of security and guard personnel and many other services for a resident of Sawiris Sheikh

Zayed to enjoy.

Zed ZayedZed Zayed

The diversity of spaces in zed zayed compound:

  • The areas of the apartments in the first phase vary between 2, 3 and 4 rooms, with areas starting from

132 square meters.

  • The second phase of the Zed project offers areas ranging from studio apartments of 55 square meters to

4-bedroom apartments of 252 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in zayed:

The prices of Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound are the best existing prices, there are many services and

complete facilities available to enjoy an ideal life for you and your family.

It can be illustrated as follows:

  • The apartment 132 square meters in the first phase starts from 4,740,000 pounds.
  • There is a second stage. The prices of studio apartments start from 2,160,000 pounds.
  • Available in first phase and park towers, requires 10% down payment.

Then 5% after 6 months, and the rest in equal installments over 6 years.

  • The units of the second phase require 10% downpayment, then 5% after 6 months.

Then 10% receipt payment, and the rest over 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years.

Details of zayed zayed towers:

The total area of ​​the compound is 165 acres distributed over the construction and the huge garden

managed by Aura.

The garden covers an area of ​​65 acres and the availability of green spaces in the compound and the

creation of artificial lakes, landscapes and parks to enjoy the splendor and beauty of the place.

The constructions are the remaining area of ​​the project, and thus the compound, with its many and

varied areas, meets the needs of many.

There are two types of constellations: Towers consisting of 10 floors and other towers consisting of

twenty floors, to give residents a wonderful view from the top.

The towers consist of ten upper floors in addition to the ground floor.

  • The ground floor consists of duplexes and a garden.
  • There are penthouses on the roof for those who wish.
  • All units in these towers are residential units only.
  • Super Lux units are delivered with air conditioners and kitchen cabinets within a maximum period of

three and a half years.

Towers units consisting of 20 floors:

  • The divisions of floors and units vary in these towers, from the first to the third floor there are small

shops and clubhouses

  • From the fourth floor to the last, there are luxurious residential units for those who love distinctive


  • Delivery is super lux, with safes and A / Cs, and takes place within four years of contracting


The owning company and previous business

Naguib Sawiris owns the Ora Real Estate Company, responsible for the zed zayed project, in cooperation

with the Egyptian government, the Housing and Construction Authority.

Among the most important successful works of Aura company in Egypt:

  1. Pyramids Hills October
  2. Nile City Towers project, Nile City Towers.
  3. Z East Compound, New Cairo
  4. As for its work abroad, the most prominent of which are:
  5. Ayia Napa Marina
  6. Cyprus
  7. Eighteen
  8. Pakistan
  9. Silversands
  10. Grenada
  11. Nocera Ltd
  12. Great Britain


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