Zayed Sawiris Towers

Zayed Sawiris Towers
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Zayed Sawiris Towers, you will find the best prices for the properties offered in Sheikh Zayed, the prices

of the apartments of the Zed project and all the features, and the services available in Zayed Sawiris


Zayed Sawiris Towers are located in a privileged location and overlook the largest Sheikh Zayed gardens,

and all the important services and facilities,

Together, we will review all the important details about the services, spaces and prices of apartments in

the Zed project through the following lines.

Services and spaces in the Sawiris Towers

The Sawiris project in Sheikh Zayed includes a variety of residential unit areas, in addition to the

presence of many major entertainment services in the project.

The space of the Zed Towers compound is 165 acres, and 65 acres have been allocated for green spaces,

gardens, and Zed Park is the largest park in Sheikh Zayed.

Within the Zayed Sawiris Towers project, there are many luxurious residential apartments of various sizes, which are divided

Its area is as follows:

Zayed Sawiris Towers

The areas of Zayed Sawiris Towers

The Zed Towers project includes two types of residential towers, there are 10-storey towers, and 20-

storey towers.

  • The areas of the apartments in the first phase vary between 2, 3 and 4 rooms, with areas starting from

132 square meters.

  • The second phase of the Zaid project offers areas starting from studio apartments of 55 square meters,

and 4-room apartments with areas of 252 square meters.

Services and features of Zayed Sawiris Towers

Zed Sheikh Zayed project is characterized by sophistication, luxury, and integrated services to provide

residents with all their needs of entertainment and basic services,

Among the most important of those services are the following:

  • Within the Z Towers project, there are many car garages underground completely secured.
  • There are many waste collection points in addition to the presence of many administrative services for

the project.

  • There are many cafes and restaurants that offer the best types of food and drinks.
  • There are several tennis courts and football fields.
  • A five-star luxury hotel is available in Zed Towers project.
  • There are many entertainment services, and an Indoor & Outdoor Gym.
  • There are exits inside Zed Towers, and emergency stairs.
  • Each tower has owner’s elevators, and elevators for moving furniture.
  • There are large green areas overlooking the units of Zed Towers.
  • A large walkway is available for hiking and cycling.
  • There are security services for the compound throughout the day, in addition to modern surveillance

cameras inside the towers.

  • Zed towers have a fire alarm system and many ventilation openings.

Zayed Sawiris Towers location

Sawiris project is located in Sheikh Zayed in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City and the Zed Towers project is

three kilometers away from the Hypermarket.

in addition The project provides green spaces and occupies about 40% of the total area of ​​the Sheikh Zayed area

and is 8 km near Mall of Egypt.

The Zed Towers project is 22 kilometers from the center of Cairo, and the Zed Towers project is located

close to the Alexandria Desert Road.

The Zed Towers project is located in Zayed City and has all services available, including hospitals,

schools, universities, shopping places, and recreational areas.

The owning company and previous business

Aura Real Estate is the owner of the Zed Towers project and the largest company in the field of real

estate development in Egypt and abroad, and has a modern and sophisticated idea.

The Ora Real Estate Company is owned by Eng. Naguib Sawiris, and he owns many investment

institutions and successful companies, including the Orascom Investment Holding Company.

Aura Real Estate implemented the project, and Aura also hired WATG London to make the engineering

designs for the Zed Towers project.

Aura Real Estate Company carried out management and renovation works on Sheikh Zayed Park, which

overlooks most of the residential units in the Zed Towers project.

The Ministry of Housing has entrusted the task of managing the park to Eng. Naguib Sawiris, and entry

to the park is free of charge for all residents of Zaid Towers.

Zayed Sawiris Towers

Previous business of Aura

Aura Real Estate Company has carried out many successful real estate projects in Egypt and abroad,

Among the most important projects of Aura company inside and outside Egypt are the following


Previous work of Aura company in Egypt

  • Pyramids Hills October
  • Nile City Towers project, Nile City Towers.
  • Z East Compound, New Cairo

Previous work of Aura at the international level

  • Ayia Napa Marina Hotel, Cyprus.
  • The Silversands Resort on the island of Grenada.
  • Eighteen project which is located in Pakistan.
  • Twenty Grosvenor Square, London.

Aura crowns its series of successful projects with its largest project, Zed Towers, which touches the sky

of Sheikh Zayed City, and is considered a luxurious and distinctive architectural icon.

Prices and payment systems in Zayed Sawiris Towers

Zed Sawiris Compound is a high-end residential community with integrated services with a privileged

location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, next to the most important roads and main axes

Prices of apartments in Sawiris Towers in Zayed:

  • The price of the apartment is 132 square meters, in the first phase, 4,740,000 pounds.
  • The price of studio apartments in the second phase starts from 2,160,000 pounds.

Aura Real Estate offers its clients a very easy payment system.

Payment systems for Zayed Sawiris Towers project:

  • The first phase and park towers require 10% downpayment, then 5% after 6 months, and the rest are

equal installments over 6 years.

  • The units of the second phase require 10% downpayment, then 5% after 6 months.

Then 10% receipt payment, and the rest over 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years.

Zayed Sawiris TowersZayed Sawiris Towers

The most important services and facilities in Sheikh Zayed City

In Sheikh Zayed City, there are many malls and shopping places, the most important of which are:

  • There is Arkan Plaza
  • It contains Americana Mall
  • There is El Gezirah Plaza Mall
  • It contains the Tivoli Mall

In Sheikh Zayed City, there are also many educational services from universities, international and

governmental schools, the most important of which are:

  • Nile University
  • Canadian International College
  • Extension of Cairo University

Hurry up to book your residential unit in Zed Sheikh Zayed Sawiris Towers. to get the housing of your dreams, at the best prices currently offered.


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