The Curve New Capital Compound – The Curve New Capital

The Curve New Capital Compound – The Curve New Capital
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The Curve New Capital Compound – The Curve New Capital provides luxury housing in the most

prestigious residential areas of the Administrative Capital, away from the crowds and noise, the true

meaning of luxury with international designs,

Designs have been developed by the largest consulting offices in the United States of America, hotel

finishes and a privileged location, near the most vital areas and roads.

Entertainment services are available to enjoy your life and live luxury, and through the details of The

Curve New Capital compound, you achieve everything you wish for at unbeatable prices.

Details of The Curve New Capital:

“THE CURVE” compound will be on a large area of ​​13 acres, equivalent to 54 thousand and 600 square meters.

The largest area of ​​the project is allocated to green spaces, parks, landscapes, water bodies and

recreational places.

More than 80% of the total project area will be for them, and only about 18% are allocated to buildings

and facilities, to provide privacy and tranquility and provide a healthy and attractive atmosphere.

Specifications of The Curve New Capital:

Project Name The Curve

The owner company of Corner Stone Real Estate Development

The eighth residential neighborhood location

The total area is 54 thousand and 600 square meters.

Building area is 18% of the total area

The number of buildings is 15 residential buildings

Units prices start from 1,107,000 EGP

The Curve Capital project location:

The Curve Compound is distinguished by a distinctive strategic location within the New Administrative

Capital, near the most vital areas and located in the eighth residential district R8,

The compound is located in the distinctive plot i6, which is located directly on the Green River, near the

diplomatic quarter, the government district, the cathedral, and the exhibition grounds.

The Curve location is near the Menorca Capital project, Solo Midtown Compound, and many residential

compounds known as the Administrative Capital.

The importance of “THE CURVE” is that it is located near the main roads and main axes that facilitate

access to and from it

The Curve New Capital Compound - The Curve New Capital

and the most important :

  • The northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • Regional Ring Road.
  • The southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • The Central Ring Road.
  • Axis of hope.
  • Cairo / Suez Road.
  • And the New Capital Airport
  • Ain Sokhna Road / Cairo.

Services and spaces in The Curve New Capital:

The Curve New Capital provides a distinct set of facilities, basic and entertainment services,

To achieve the compound’s residents the highest degree of comfort and luxury; and the most important:

  • There are swimming pools of different sizes, interspersed with green spaces and wonderful trees of

ultra-modern and landscape, to give a charming view.

  • It contains a huge commercial area that includes many major shops.
  • There are Kids Area for children at the highest level, and places dedicated to holding parties and family

events, and a sophisticated cinema.

  • It contains a group of restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks.
  • There are designated parking spaces to prevent crowding inside the compound.
  • It has a state-of-the-art clubhouse that includes a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • There is a mixed-use playground area, a yoga room and a swimming pool.
  • The entire compound contains the latest surveillance cameras and a guard crew working throughout the

day to achieve the highest level of security and safety.

The areas of the Curve New Capital:

The Curve Compound offers its clients a variety of real estate units, duplex apartments on the ground

floor and the loft in the sixth and seventh upper floors.

All units in The Curve New Capital are designed with the latest architectural style, luxurious penthouses.

The compound includes fifteen residential buildings, all of which consist of seven typical floors, in

addition to the ground floor.

Between each building, there will be a suitable green space and beautifully coordinated trees, giving a

charming view of all units of the compound.

And all the special and distinctive designs for the buildings in The Curve New Capital brought in

from New York City.

Within each building there are spaces designated for social interviews on the second, third, or fourth

floors, upper floors, for the building’s residents to sit in.

The entrance to each building has a GROUND FLOOR LOUNGE designed in the latest style, and the

spaces within the project vary, you find them as follows:

There are apartments space inside the compound starting from 76 square meters

Duplex apartments’ spaces start from 280 square meters, and you will find what  attach to an

elegant and organized garden attached to them.

There are the loft units on the upper floors, the sixth and seventh floors, with attached swimming pools,

and gardens, all of which  design with unprecedented luxury and sophistication.

The Curve New Capital Compound - The Curve New Capital

Prices and payment systems in The Curve New Capital:

The Corner Stone Company is the owner of the project, and it gains the confidence of its customers

through its first project in the Administrative Capital. The Curve New Capital,

The company offers customers the finest and most luxurious residential units, and the prices of the

apartments in The Curve Compound are distinctive and unbeatable.

The Curve Compound  characterize by  divide into four areas connected to each other with

green spaces and swimming pools. Each area has a name that distinguishes it from others.

The Curve New Capital Compound - The Curve New Capital

Prices of units within each region differ from others as follows:

Units prices inside Cactus start from 1,174,500 EGP.

and Units prices inside Bonsia start from 1,107,000 EGP.

Units prices inside Cassia start from 1,305,000 EGP.

All units will be delivered 75% finished.

Finishing is “flexi-finish” and is distinguished by that it gives customers the opportunity to choose

exterior finishes according to their tastes, such as the colors and types of paints, lighting, floors and

decoration works.

Installment systems for The Curve New Capital:

The Corner Stone Company provided the best prices in The Curve, but also provided the easiest

payment systems, which are:

Installment over 5 years without downpayment, provided that the unit price  paid in equal

installments, at a discount of 5%.

Installment over 7 years, with only 5% of the unit price paid upon contracting and another 5% after 3 months,

The rest of the unit price i paid in equal installments.

The customer can also obtain an offer from the company for a limited period, to pay 5% upon contracting,

Then another 5% after 3 months, then 5% after a year of contracting, and then 10% after two years,

The rest of the amount  paid in equal installments. Details of The Curve Compound

The owning company and previous business

The company based on The Curve Compound, the New Administrative Capital, is the Corner Stone

Company, which is the first project it undertakes within the New Administrative Capital.

And it has proven its presence in the Egyptian real estate market through it, and its capital is about 600

million pounds for urban expansion inside Egypt with many residential and tourism projects.

Eng. Ashraf Boulos, owner of Corner Stone Company, has more than 30 years of experience, which is

one of the main reasons for its distinction and success.

Corner Stone Real Estate  characterize by credibility and transparency in dealing with its clients, and

its commitment to the agreed specifications, and the delivery dates indicated in the sales contracts.

In addition to its attention to the smallest details, in addition to its constant pursuit of progress,

development and following all that is new.


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