The Capital Way compound features

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The Capital Way compound features

About Project: It is one of the great mixtures in the New Administrative Capital where it is situated close to the ring street and Sheik Zayed street.

The Capital Way Location: In the New Administrative Capital, straightforwardly before the Green River.

The Capital Way New Capital Compound Space: 50 sections of land.

The Developer Name: Equity Development (Al Suwaidi).

Units’ Type: Apartments – Duplexes.

Cost per meter: begins from 14500 EGP.

Units Space: begins from 90 m² up to 333 m².

Installment Methods: 10% downpayment and portions as long as 7 years.

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Value Development has dispatched its most up to date projects in the New Administrative Capital as the best mixtures as of late.

The Capital Way project is deliberately situated in the core of the New Administrative Capital and its properties differ incredibly as far as spaces and costs, as the compound benefits incorporate its immense space of up to 50 sections of land and found straightforwardly before the Green River, the longest green pivot on the planet, with a space of 35 km.

In case you’re an admirer of Al Masa Hotel, the Compound is extremely near it and close to Al Sefarat Neighborhood and the strategic quarter, making it one of the Administrative Capital’s most noteworthy structures.

The green spaces in the Compound involve 80% of its space, alongside shopping centers and security administrations, guaranteeing wellbeing, solace, and serenity for the compound’s occupants.

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The Capital Way New Administrative Capital

The Capital Way compound is one of the activities being carried out by Equity Development in the core of the New Administrative Capital, this undertaking is the best decision for individuals searching for solace, extravagance, and distance from the buzzing about of the city and commotion in light of the fact that the task is being based on a space of just 50 sections of land, the land designer has chosen to expand on just 20% of the venture region and the rest is distributed to green regions, offices and administrations for added solace, unwinding, and prosperity.

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About The Capital Way New Capital

It is one of the top of the line compounds, which is situated in an exceptionally advantaged area in the core of the Administrative Capital with a particular perspective on the Green River and near every one of the administrations you need. It has been planned with the most recent and most lovely excellent plans. It is situated on a space of 42 sections of land isolated into various private units and the designer has chosen to convey it with super lux wrapping up.

Every one of the private units inside the Compound have an enchanting and novel perspective on the green spaces and counterfeit lakes, causing you to feel like you have your fantasy house.

The Compound is additionally described that it’s anything but a very good quality compound intended for condos just and has the best designing plans and the best high administrations, as the engineer has concluded that all structures in the compound will comprise of a ground floor notwithstanding 7 completely completed floors.

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Area of the Capital Way Compound

Capitalway New Capital is situated in an exceptionally advantaged area in the core of the Administrative Capital close to the Green River and close to the private area, Al Masa Hotel, Expo city and church, and is near significant streets like Sheik Zayed Road and Ring Road, making it effectively open.

It is likewise minutes from Al Sefarat area, the New Administrative Capital’s most renowned locale, and minutes from the fifth private area, which incorporates the Capital’s freshest and most lofty undertakings.

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About the Real Estate Developer of The Capital Way Administrative Capital

This undertaking is perhaps the most extraordinary tasks being executed by Equity Development, one of the organizations with a long involvement with the field of land venture, and it is partnered by Mr. Ahmed Al Suwaidi, a head of the link and electrical apparatus organizations.

Al Suwaidi has introduced numerous enormous land projects on the lookout, including the WaterWay New Cairo, which is quite possibly the most delightful ventures to be inherent New Cairo, where it is described by a magnificent and ideal plan that is portrayed by refinement, just as The Waterway North Coast which is one of the vital and gigantic land encounters in Egypt.

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Administrations Provided by The Capital Way by Equity Development

The Capital Way compound features gives you a wide scope of administrations and numerous conveniences with all the ideal diversion, solace, and extravagance, including:

  • Scene and immense green spaces.
  • A gym.
  • A social club.
  • Shopping center.
  • Pools of various spaces suit grown-ups and youngsters.
  • Grounds devoted for football, tennis, volleyball, and different games.
  • Exercise center and Spa.
  • Business and managerial structures.
  • There is a film committed to the inhabitants of the compound, and the regions for grill and celebrating
  • every minute of every day security and guarding with the most recent global cameras.
  • Counterfeit lakes.
  • Children regions just as event congregations.
  • Cafés and bistros offer you Western and Eastern food.
  • Division of private units in the Capital Way Compound

Capitalway incorporates various unmistakable private units with various spaces going from 90 m² up to 333 m².

The division of private units inside the compound changes among duplexes and private lofts that the engineer has chosen to convey it completely completed and cooled, and it is the main private compound for condos as it were.

The Capital Way compound features

The costs of lofts shift as indicated by the spaces given by the engineer and you can book a condo in the core of the compound exclusively by paying 10% downpayment of the unit worth, and you can introduce the rest more than 7 years, and the cost per meter begins from 14500 EGP including completing and cooling.

Ordinary condos costs with space of 80 m² beginning at 1,160,000 EGPand 350 m² begins at 5,075,000 EGP.

Duplexes costs with space of 260 m² beginning at 5,290,000 EGPand 333 m² begins at 6,800,000 EGP.

The Delivery Date of The Capital Way Project

The land designer has chosen to convey the compound a long time from the date of work initiation in 2022.

Note that the costs and spaces referenced in this are for the principal half of 2019, and consequently it is alterable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are quick to refresh the spaces and the rundown of private and business units’ sorts and costs continually to keep the client educated regarding the housing market changes.

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