Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound
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Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound is the last residential compound located directly on the 90th Street, next to the American University in Cairo.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound :

SODIC is launching the Spectrum project,

another residential compound

located directly on the 90th Street,

next to the American University in Cairo.

The residential units vary in

size between 132 and

220 square meters.

and overlook open spaces

and green spaces.

It is located in close proximity to ADNC,

the commercial and

entertainment venue of SODIC,

and just a few minutes from

the social group.

Spectrum Compound offers different models

of residential units,

varying between two and

three bedrooms,

which makes it the ideal residence

for those looking for a comfortable and

quiet weather within the life

of the neighborhoods on the outskirts,

as they can find commercial stores,

luxury restaurants, and

a variety of places for entertainment near the availability

of establishments near Among them,

they are available, and

they have job opportunities that are

still minutes away from their living places.

Information on Spectrum

Eastown Sodic Compound:

With a 255m frontage on 90th Street,

Spectrum is one of the most beautifully

located neighborhoods as well as the

last in Eastown.

Spectrum Sodic is located in close proximity to

EDNC, East Town’s commercial,

distribution and

entertainment district,

and yet few minutes from the team.

Spectrum has been set in a style that most residences

benefit from the same many open spaces in Eastown,

and the peaceful haven of over 12,000 square meters

of green space on their doorstep.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound

Features of Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound:

Spectrum offers a variety of prototypes that mix two,

three Residential units with a nap room,

which makes it the ideal home for residents,

Who seek a comfortable weather

of life in periphery neighborhoods,

side by side

The stillness of urban environmental conditions,

as sales by division, and


Opportunities to eat sustenance and

entertainment on the back of a few minutes

I walk through the front door.

Spectrum buildings are planned and

built to the highest grade,

standard Standards,

being within the gated community,

safety and

Reassuring peace of mind.

Most of the houses have it

Nanny’s room,

elevators, waste chutes, and

units with distinct specifications

Also benefit from trolley parking and

storage in the basement.

Spectrum sets an example for dialogue design,

mixing practicality,

Merit and comfort with open and

“green” spaces

The surrounding atmosphere that promotes health,

and well-being.

Spectrum’s location in the heart of Eastown minimizes need

For long trips to bring the necessary infrastructure,

reduce the cart

use by the population and

benefit from the local environmental conditions as a result

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound Location :

It is immediately located on Route Ninety and adjacent to AUC.

It has views of open spaces and greenery.

Compound is close to EDNC,

Eastown’s commercial,

subdivision and

entertainment district,

and just a few minutes from the sports band.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound Services :

Spectrum East Town SODIC Fifth Settlement

includes a large number of wonderful and

integrated features and services,

as SODIC was keen to provide all the

necessary services for the residents of the project,

so they do not need to go abroad from th

e compound to get above them,

whether they are necessary services,

or recreational services

from schools and

shops And medical centers,

and their generality are

of the highest degree and


The services were not limited

to the foundations,

only that the institution was

interested in saving

recreational services for the

convenience of its residents,

from areas designated for children

with the most remote means

of reassurance,

in addition to that,


and vast and completely safe green spaces.

Spectrum Eastown Compound Sodic

Children can get used to performing

different efforts safely,

such as cycling and

jogging away from the passage of vehicles,

as is available within the compound,

insurance and

security during the hours

of the day with the division

of monitoring cameras in the

various areas of the

compound near the similar aesthetic picturesque

of roses, grasses and

trees that give A weather

of stillness and

psychological comfort,

and the most important

of the services

that were provided within the scope of the project:

Educational services from schools

of the highest degree and standard.

An abundance of restaurants and

cafes of various shapes,

from oriental to western,

to satisfy all tastes.

Huge commercial centers operating all the

time,providing all the needs

of the family.

Sports centers equipped at the

highest rate next to a

private clinic for women only,

to ensure the advantage.

Beauty centers with specialized

specialists to save the best

service jobs for women and men.

Recreational premises and gardens for

children with the highest standards

of serenity.

Unisex sauna units.

Swimming pools of different

sizes and

patterns are distributed equally within the

compound. Wide green spaces,

and similar aesthetics with

distinct specifications.

A case for parking vehicles for the

residents of the project.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound

There is a large amount

of cash machines,

and divisions of different banks.

Areas designated for the habit

of performing sports efforts

such as cycling,

and walking in complete safety,

as the passage of vehicles is criminalized

within them.

Lots of cultural centers and


Each property is fitted with electric elevators.

It remains a social club house of a class

and a high standard.

Providing the highest rate of security and

guarding at all times with the


of monitoring cameras within the


The introduction of the project is made

of reflective glass,

which gives an excellent and

modern look to the design

of the property.

The project was provided with electric generators to

provide reassurance in the event

of a power outage.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound Units:

The space of the units within the Spectrum East Town SODIC project:

It varies from 130 square meters to 220 square meters.

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound Prices :

Spectrum East Town Sodic New Cairo

prices are mong the lowest residential

prices in the real estate field,

in the New Cairo area,

in comparison to the vast number

of services and

facilities present in the compound,

which works to provide

a great number

of entertainment ways and

means of accommodation for the

residents of the compound so

that customers can enjoy the

largest amount of healthy life ,

comfort and convenience.

Payment Methods in Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound :

All this with long-term payment plans of 10% down payment and

installments up to 6 years

The company that owns Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound:

Sodic Real Estate Development Company is one

of the pioneering companies in the field

of real estate in Egypt,

so the institution immediately competed

with the  largest real estate institutions

for what it provided again,

and it was not limited to only

implementing housing projects,

but the institution diversified in its projects,

implementing administrative projects,

commercial projects,

and investment projects in

which all services and

facilities are available. .

SODIC is one of the largest real estate

institutions in the

Arab Republic of Egypt,

which has always been keen on mastery,


and honesty in dealing with its customers and

providing the means of tranquility,

and high-end residence through its

residential projects to

provide a distinguished real estate

with the best services and


Spectrum Eastown Compound Sodic

Spectrum Eastown Sodic Compound

Brief profile of SODIC Real Estate Development Company:

SODIC was established more than 20 years ago,

and during these years it managed to reach

its peak in the real estate market,

and received a large amount

of appreciation awards,

as it was keen to present a modern

concept of residential life,

and to meet the needs of its customers and

what every customer searches for in order to save

high-end means of living.

And the production of a unique real estate that

matches the progress of the current era.

As for the founders of SODIC Real Estate Corporation,

Dr. Hani Dafin El-Din is the Chairman of the Benefa Board,

and he is one of the most prominent lawyers in Egypt,

Mr. Eng. Maged Sherif is the Chairman

of the Executive Board and

Managing Director,

Dr. Walid Abanmi is a non-executive member

of the Board of Directors,

and other senior Businessmen in Egypt,

and therefore,

with the help of senior engineers and

specialists to provide unique real estate projects.

Sodic Real Estate Development Corporation

was distinguished by honesty and

credibility in trading with its general customers and

delivering the units on time with saving the

best costs and

payment facilities up to 7 years.

It was also keen on diversifying the spaces to

suit different families and

families and

was constantly keen on choosing them with distinguished

specifications for the place,

and the view Brilliant and

provide vast green spaces.

The most important projects of SODIC Real Estate Development Company:

  • Sodic Eastown Compound in New Cairo.
  • Kattameya Plaza project in New Cairo.
  • October Plaza Compound, 6th of October City.
  • Beverly Hills Compound, Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Caesar project in the North Coast.


All of these projects and more,

through which SODIC Real Estate Development

Corporation was keen to present

a new concept of residential life, and

to meet the needs of modern urban communities.

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