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Real estate development companies in Egypt are responding positively to the remarkable progress in the real estate sector in Egypt,

and this is by establishing a large number of residential and tourist projects

with an advanced infrastructure that keeps pace with the times,

Especially with the general context of the Egyptian government

with the establishment of the fourth-generation cities throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt,

which is a real possibility for developers to increase their investments, such as the nearby administrative capital, the modern Mansoura,

the nearby Galala and Al Alamein, and others, and therefore realizing

that customers are looking for apartments Close to major cities and service centers,

which provided in the emerging new real estate business.

Real estate modification concept:

Real estate development companies in Egypt is the most comprehensive term in the field of establishments,

as it includes all development activities on lands,

transforming them into innovative real estate projects after that, then promoting and selling them.

Or updating the index buildings or the total or partial maintenance of old or neglected properties,

and recovering the benefit from them by selling or leasing them.

Hence, the real estate modification process is, in fact, a profitable business and investment business,

but at the same time, it aspires to benefit close to the essential gain.

However, in order to complete this, it is imperative that the existence of the “real estate improver”,

whether an individual or an institution, entrusted with changing the creative idea

from paper to a tangible reality on the ground.

Hence, we find that the idea plays a very important role in the process of real estate modernization,

but at the same time, it is imperative that education in the school carefully

consider the extent of the feasibility of this idea,

and reduce the risks related to the fluctuations of the place of buying and selling.

Forms of Real estate development companies in Egypt:

Recently, a large number of concepts have emerged that are constantly repeated on the public tongues,

including the real estate economy, real estate developers, and others.

Especially with the critical situation in which the country is incurring in the number of apartments offered,

with regard to the extent of the overwhelming and continuing demand for it.

And real estate development was one of the most popular terms in the current period.

Especially with the Egyptian country turning into a source of livelihood for many modern cities;

To meet and achieve the greatest possible benefit for society as a whole and investors in particular.

As for the forms of Real estate development companies in Egypt, they are as follows:

  • Land modernization: The idea of this type of real estate modification is to buy neglected lands and rehabilitate them.
  • By connecting it to the rest of the infrastructure such as electricity, gas, and water, then recovering its planning and selling it.

Real estate development companies in Egypt may be a study of the place,

the establishment of an innovative real estate project on this land, its promotion, and the sale of its units.

  • The modernization of housing establishments:
  • This type of real estate modernization is based on catching promising buildings or real estate units,

but it requires the recovery of preparation and training.

The real estate developer restores or repairs it partially or completely,

and then makes use of it a second time by recovering its sale or lease.

Periods of Real estate development companies in Egypt process:

Real estate development companies in Egypt process is generally based on ten necessary periods,

which can be called “steps” that make it an economically viable business for all parties.

The idea is the first lawn upon which the real estate modernization is based,

which enables the developer to be certain of the place of sale and purchase and the quality of the desired product.

Refine and refine this idea to make it more compatible with the data of the target place of sale and purchase.

Then he made an extensive and detailed interest study on the capabilities and available budgets.

Hiring dedicated engineering offices;

To make custom layouts in the project, and choose the final strategy.

Then negotiate with the parties intended for the modernization process, whether the contractor or the financier

and conclude contracts to take and pay the expenses.

Mining the original final permits allocated to lands, companions, etc.

Just as we reach the stage of construction,

which must be based on the budget that was monitored throughout the school’s education period.

Continuing the rest of the project durations closely, and supervising them directly.

Then we come to the last step in the real estate modernization process,

which based on launching the project and making the necessary publicity to promote it.

The last period is the period of professional marketing,

which based on selling or renting on the map; For customers who wish to do so.

The disparity between Real estate development companies in Egypt and real estate investment:

If you are interested in where to buy and sell real estate,

there are a lot of terms that you should be familiar with,

such as the real estate developer, the real estate investor, and the difference between them.

The concept of real estate modernization is more comprehensive than Real estate development companies in Egypt 2019,

notwithstanding that many personalities. They confuse them,

but on the ground, each has a diverse system, determinants, and rules.

Real estate modification: comprehensive planning by

which the real estate developer does a thorough study of the condition

and requirements of the place of sale and purchase.

And doing interest research, selecting contractors, supervising the effort,

setting budgets, marketing to sell the project, etc.

He does not aspire to a substantive victory, not only, as is the case with the real estate investor,

but he aspires in a more comprehensive way to do accurate research.

For the benefit that will return above him, the investor, and the society from the real estate modernization process.

Therefore, you find all the time that the real estate developer thinks outside the container,

and with some risk, is delving into the economy in modern, unused areas.

It returns its use, or returns the preparation and training of damaged units,

and recovers its sale or lease.

The real estate economy:

whereby the real estate investor is constantly seeking returns

without going into the details of the real estate modernization process.

This is done through the activities of buying and selling establishments

and benefiting from them in the fullest way.

Real estate development companies in Egypt features

The process of real estate modification in fact the matter

whenever it occurs by expert institutions that are trusted,

and strengthened from the country to defend the rights of customers.

arranging the whole process; We find that it is rich in features.

The most important of these features:

When comparing the process of Real estate development companies in Egypt

with complete buying and selling procedures,

we find that it does not cost a large amount of property.

Therefore, we find that real estate modernization has received a large number

of acceptance during the recent period.

If the real estate investor benefits from the modification process;

It will bring him huge benefits.

Just as the real estate modification achieves a great benefit to society as a whole,

by solving a part of the housing problem,

by harnessing the neglected headquarters and rehabilitating them.

We also note the necessity of dealing with reputable real estate institutions,

which have clear insight and successful real estate modernization projects.

To avoid any dangers or damages that may occur

as a result of dealing with inexperienced and incompetent people.

The largest Real estate development companies in Egypt:

Certainly, as a customer, you are looking for a certified renovator with whom you can invest your money with him

while you are reassured. In the presence of his experience,

history, and guarantees that will bring you peace and profit at the same time.

Especially with the presence of a large number of internal institutions on the place of buying

and selling real estate during the recent period; It should have been an upgrade.

For the record of the prominent modification institutions are now on the surface,

and to explain the largest and most important while among them.

Maxim Real Estate Development Corporation

It is one of the most proactive institutions in Real estate development companies in Egypt,

and it owns a number of residential and tourism projects that have sparked a stir in real estate circles.

She has more than 37 1of experience, and her most important works are:

Bo Island village, the coast in the north

And the village of Bosands, the coast in the north

In addition, The Canyon Compound, Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt

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