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R7 New Administrative Capital is one of the most beautiful and finest neighborhoods of new capital, divided into 33 plots of land,

on a total area of ​​1500 acres, that has been completely allocated to the most important

and largest real estate modernization institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt to establish housing complexes of the highest degree

in addition to standard of sophistication and luxury, A newer part devoted to commercial, administrative,

and public services activities, including schools, universities, and gas stations

Location of R7 New Administrative Capital :

R7 New Administrative Capital is one of the eight districts of the new Capital,

whose construction was initiated within the framework of the first round of new Capital.

This period of a new capital project will establish on a place of ten thousand acres,

and aims to bring 7 1,000,000 people, from the total area of ​​the project,

which amounts to 170 1000 acres.

In other words, the location of the new capital is somewhat equivalent to that of the Republic of Singapore,

and it enjoys a distinguished location at the barriers of Badr town.

In the east of the National Ring Road and the town of Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt, and my city.

It is restricted between the road of the Egyptian capital, Cairo – Suez in the north,

and the road of the Egyptian capital, Cairo – Ain Sukhna in the south,

as it is only about sixty km away from the heart of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and the town of Ain Sukhna.

The first round of the administrative capital will contain 8 neighborhoods,

so that each neighborhood will mix about 25 1,000 housing units,

in addition to the residential neighborhood, the diplomatic neighborhood, the government neighborhood,

and the wealth and business neighborhood.

The administrative capital will also include a medical town,

a sports town, a central park with an area of ​​8 km², a Fatna town, a recreational town, and a fair town.

R7 Residential District Location:

R7 New Administrative Capital enjoys the best location within the nearby administrative capital.

Happening next to it and in close proximity to it,

the most important neighborhoods, styles, and main hubs within the metropolitan scale.

It takes place in a manner adjacent to the 7 residential neighborhood, the investor’s neighborhood,

which combines the largest compounds in the administrative capital, which are:

Midtown Solo Compound.

Pukka Administrative Capital Compound.

IL Bosco, the administrative capital.

R7 New Administrative Capital is also distinguished by its proximity to the government district,

the ministries complex, the presidential palace, and the diplomat’s district,

which occurs immediately to its right, and to its left is the exhibition grounds.

It is also close to the medical town, the train station, the meeting center, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Opera House, and the art and culture town.

Just as the r7 is just a few minutes from the Green River,

the largest central park in the world so is Disneyland behind it.

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the modern capital’s airstrip,

as it happens near the Mohammed bin Zayed axis in the south,

which is loose along with the administrative capital, up to the Egyptian capital, modern Cairo, and Mostakbal City.

Just as it is minutes away from the local ring road,

which considered one of the most basic methods within the administrative capital,

and the link between the Egyptian capital, Cairo-Suez road, on the one hand,

and the Cairo-Capital of Sokhna road on the other side.

Economics requirements in R7 New Administrative Capital:

As we mentioned, R7 New Administrative Capital is entirely dedicated to investors,

and the entity entrusted with the allocation is the Administrative Capital Corporation for Urban Development.

Which presented the abundant amount of requirements

that you must be well aware of as a client who will deal with these institutions, which are:

Methods and methods for paying the price of the land will be by paying 20% ​​

and paying the total cost over 4 years.

Investors are obligated so that the percentage of the ground floor does not exceed 22.5% of the total land area,

and a source of livelihood is available in the basement.

The percentage of construction within the boundaries of the service area varies from 8 to 12% of the entire area.

The buildings consist of only 8 floors, and the villas consist of a ground + first floor only.

All residential businesses must have safe walking and cycling courses.

Services of R7 New Administrative Capital:

Each district of the administrative capital has its own place for services,

and certainly the 7th district,

which considered one of the most prestigious residential districts of the capital.

And the service area includes the best educational companies,

which represented in international schools, universities,

especially the first Swedish university in the Middle East.

In addition to being rich in many recreational and service infrastructures,

most notably a commercial headquarters with international standards, performed by Al-Futtaim Corporation.

In addition to a central garden, green spaces, children’s entertainment areas,

clubs, sports fields, petrol stations, markets, etc.

What is the new administrative capital?

There are R7 New Administrative Capital is a housing project announced by the Egyptian government at one of the important conferences

It is a conference to support and develop the Egyptian economy, which it established in 2015

About the Seventh Residential District:

The seventh residential area

That you did not know is the seventh district R7

One of the most prestigious residential areas

Also In R7 New Administrative Capital

It covers an area of ​​1500 acres

And is divided into 33 plots of land.

The community includes a group

Of the most important residential areas

Also In the capital,

It is in addition to a group of commercial

In addition to service facilities.

Many of the capital’s main landmarks are

In addition to the seventh residential district,

The most famous of them is the government district,

In addition to ministries and agencies,

Also The presidential palace

In addition to the diplomatic district.

The seventh district is also close

also the medical city, the railway station

And the convention center

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

The Nativity Cathedral and the Opera House

Also The city of arts and culture

In addition to the green river.

Also, It can also overlook many main roads,

The most attractive of which are.

Also, There is R7 New Administrative Capital

In the seventh residential district.

The eye-catching area is the regional ring road,

In addition to This connects Suez Road on one side

And Ain Sokhna Road on the other side.

The seventh residential area has a series

In addition to integrated services,

The most famous of which is education services

Most notably international schools,

In addition to British universities

And Swedish universities.

In addition to Except for a huge mall,

This is being implemented

By the well-known Al-Futtaim Group,

Which are evaluated according

In addition to international standards.

Do not miss this opportunity

Also to book your unit

In R7 New Administrative Capital.

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