Wesal City

10 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery Immediate receipt
Spaces starting from 160 Sqm
Last updated 2023-02-23
project developerWesal Company
Wesal CityWesal CityWesal CityWesal City
Wesal CityWesal CityWesal CityWesal City
Details Wesal City
project nameWesal City
project LocationEast Cairo
project unitsVillas - TownHouses - Twin Houses - Duplexes - Apartments
Delivery dateImmediate receipt
Payment Systems10% down payment and installments up to 10 years.
Finishing typeFully Finished
Spaces starting from160 Sqm
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Wesal City
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Wesal City Choose your home in Wisal from a wide range of finished units ready for immediate delivery with different installment systems. Wesal is an integrated town in a unique location on the 30th kilometer of Suez Road. It has everything you and your family need in terms of services, commercial areas, sports clubs, places of worship, cinemas, restaurants and places where many entertainment efforts are made.

Wesal City, east Cairo, is a residential project of the highest compounds in Egypt. It has been implemented by Wesal Real Estate Corporation on a total area of ​​800 acres, including green spaces, facilities, services and apartments that vary between standalone villas, semi-independent villas, and townhouses, and the available villas are distinguished For sale in Wisal city with a variety of prices.

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Information about Wesal City

The city of Wisal, east of Cairo, is characterized by a variety of units, spaces, and prices. A large group of housing units have been allocated in the compound, as it is divided into townhouse units, isolated villas, and semi-isolated villas, at the highest rate of sovereignty and sophistication in construction and designs.

The new city of Wisal is distinguished by its natural landscapes that positively affect the mental health of the residents. The beautiful and natural exteriors in the compound are divided into green spaces and artificial water bodies; Such as: swimming pools and artificial lakes.

Wisal City Characteristics:

Wisal City is characterized by the presence of wide green spaces, and industrial water bodies, which are represented by swimming pools and artificial lakes. The architectural plans of the residential units for sale in Wisal City Compound vary between the dialogue form, the pharaonic form, the Roman appearance, and the Islamic appearance.

Wesal City location

When we chose the name Wesal, it was not just because it is an integrated city that connects the two projects, Wesal Views and Wesal Residences, but also because its strategic and distinguished location in the 30 km first Suez Road means to connect you with all your loved ones who will be minutes away from you in all the cities and vital areas around it .

The exceptional location in the east of Cairo on the Suez Road.

Wesal City Services

The project offers different forms of services that one of us may require at any time,

so that he does not have to go abroad from Wesal in order to acquire any of these topics, as it is an integrated compound to a great degree,

and the most prominent of these services are the following:

The lakes that were built for the project, which is one of the largest artificial lakes present within the area of ​​Cairo,

the modern capital of Egypt, as it is characterized by its extension over a very huge distance,

and work has been done to distribute it in different places in the compound in a consistent manner,

and this embodies one of the most important things that can be Characteristic of the city.

The hotels that have been built in the village, which are embodied in the international format,

are working to provide other hotel services with the aim of fully memorizing and presenting the general obligations

and things that may be lacking for individual visitors who frequent the project.

Wesal City

Smart Home service in homes, and it is a modern form and technology that has ended up being added to the project,

and it is one of the things that is difficult to find in any newer headquarters,

and it is possible by the hand of a skilled house that the customer can control all the headquarters in the housing unit concerned with

the hand of a computer only, even when he is outside the house.

Attention to the educational level, as a limited number of international schools and universities have been formed,

which have been provided with the latest educational systems through which it is possible to provide

a more worthy rate of education in the country.

A group of integrated and large centers that work in the field of providing various daily services that may be required

by other persons residing in the project.

Wesal City

An integrated space has been allocated with the aim of providing a source of livelihood for

the forms of restaurants that provide the most delicious different foods from other headquarters,

and also contains a number of cafes that serve wonderful drinks,

which is one of the best places to go out with the family.

A large number of safe places where children can play have been established,

which contain various forms of games that can be used for entertainment and joy,

in addition to a few beautiful gardens that were created with the intention of having fun.

Efforts have been made to establish a group of stadiums in the project, in which there are all recent sports equipment,

which may be lacking by all individuals interested in sports or bodybuilding and gymnastics and building muscles or others.

 Wesal City

Saving a large amount of commercial stores for everyone who wants to shop,

as these stores clarify the general goods that a person can search for at any time,

in addition to forming a shopping mall that is considered integrated within the scope of Wesal,

and that mall stores many international brands that It is difficult to obtain the highest prices with distinct specifications.

Providing an integrated health team with the aim of maintaining general fitness,

as well as a full gym that is equipped with the latest sports equipment,

and the exercise is carried out by the highest specialists in the field of muscle building and body care.

Hypermarket, which is one of the most important topics that can characterize the residential complex from the inside,

as the hypermarket works to show and provide different goods that may be needed by residents in the project,

in addition to the excellent prices that it deals with.

 Wesal City

A hospital was established in the city-wide with the latest appearance,

and efforts were made to provide it with the best modern medical equipment, in order to maintain the general health status of all civilians

residing in the project under the supervision of a professional medical club and a sports director.

For horseback riding enthusiasts, an effort was made to save a track, which is the first in this place,

as it reaches a very large distance, in addition to the establishment of a massive stable with the aim of raising

and caring for horses by professional specialists in the field of animal husbandry.

In the Wesal Suez Road project, there is a large mosque in which supplications can be made and religious rituals

and duties can be performed.

Saving divisions for many and many important international banks, in order to pay attention to all

the material transactions that the customer may lack at any time, and so that he does not have to go abroad to acquire material services

outside the city.

Wisal city area

Wesal … a new integrated city on an area of ​​800 acres with residential and commercial units ready for delivery and a privileged location in

the heart of East Cairo.

Wesal City Units

Choose the unit located in Lake from a huge group of units in the first phase of housing units starting from 215 m² up to 510 m² stand-alone

villas in Wisal Views and residential units starting from 160 m² in Wisal Residences.

Wesal City prices

It also set competitive prices in order to suit all customers.

Payment methods in Wesal City

Book your unit now in the first phase with a 10% down payment and installments up to 10 years.

The company that owns Wesal City

Wesal Company is one of the pioneering institutions in the field of real estate construction.

Wesal Real Estate Company is well known for its careful selection of the areas in which its very large projects reside,

the greatest benefit of which is due to the residents and its distinguished clients.


Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2021 and are therefore subject to change, and we are at Masharef keen to update them constantly to keep clients informed of the changing real estate market.

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Features of Wesal City
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Wesal City Located?
East Cairo
Who is the Developer of the Wesal City?
Wesal Company
What is the finishing type of The Wesal City?
Fully finished
What is the Type of Units in The Wesal City?
Villas - TownHouses - Twin Houses - Duplexes - Apartments
What are the Payment Systems in The Wesal City?
10% down payment and installments up to 10 years.
What is the project area?
800 acres
What is the sales number?