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Sodic Westown Medical Center is An integrated residential complex and considered one of the finest and best apartments,

as it provides all the comfortable means of accommodation in terms of services, facilities and a great location.

It located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Town, in the Sixteenth District.

About Sodic Westown Medical Center :

Sodic Westown Medical Center is one of the best and most important integrated residential businesses in Sheikh Zayed City,

as it distinguished from others by its amazing geographical location,

which overlooks the most vital methods linking the town and the Egyptian capital, Greater Cairo in general,

which made it one of the most attractive locations for residents and investors,

It also enjoys a large number of high-end and luxurious services

and all the necessities of a new, organized and comfortable life.

Sodic Westown Medical Center characterized by the presence of a great green area

that summarizes for you the pure open winds, the aspects of psychological stillness

and a feeling of complete calm away from the echoes and crowds.

The other luxury apartments, as well as the attention to the spacing between them.

Sodic Westown Medical Center website:

Geographical location is one of the necessary components for the success of heterogeneous businesses,

as it is the link between that project and the various areas surrounding it,

just as it approximates multiple methods and basic axes

that facilitate the movement of entry and exit from it and to it.

Therefore, the real estate developer choose a strategic location,

as he turned the Sheikh Zayed space to become the headquarters of the creation of that luxury compound.

It based in the 16th district, which is considered one of the most unique residential complexes.

The most prominent vital areas that Sodic Westown Medical Center approach is:

Sodic Westown Medical Center overlooks the most important main roads,

namely the Sabil of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Alexandria Desert Road, as well as Dahshur.

Sodic Westown Medical Center along the largest main axes, which is the 26th of July axis.

Century Club is 12 minutes away from the compound.

As for the University of the Arab Republic of Egypt for Science and Technology, it is about a third of an hour away.

SODIC Westown is 12 minutes away from Hyper One.

The compound is close to the Mall of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, about 18 minutes away.

It is about 17 minutes away from the project from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

The project is about 12 minutes away from the Nile University of Science and Technology.

It is also close to Casa Compound and has a huge number of other vital properties.

Sodic Westown Medical Center area:

The renovated institution of Sodic Westown Medical Center rose up by saving a large number of luxury units,

not exclusively for the purpose of living, but to enjoy the various facilities

and services that established with all due diligence

and so with the aim of satisfying the customer and achieving all his desires.

1,000,000 square meters, all with the aim of accommodating the huge amount of unique services and unparalleled facilities.

Within the project, beautiful natural landscapes spread and contain green spaces and gardens,

and a side of varying water bodies, which give above it a luxurious aspect of

psychological tranquility and luxurious natural beauty,

as it occupies about 78% of the total area,

and distributed in a highly skillful manner so that it surrounds all the buildings.

Within the compound, there are 7 luxury hotels, some luxury commercial, and administrative shops,

next to a group of medical clinics, and despite all that,

there is a large area sufficient to accommodate 2390 housing units.

Services Sodic Westown Medical Center:

Sodic Westown Medical Center equipped with all the infrastructure

and services and a huge number of recreational, social, and cultural centers and areas.

It provides you with a miniature lesson to an integrated city of all things,

and we mention that in the following lines:

The staff of a sports director remains to maintain security during the day and in a permanent appearance,

as guards and security personnel have been employed within the compound,

in addition to that, the division of highly skilled surveillance cameras that monitor all events.

You can put your specialized cars in the various garages located within the scope of the project,

as they are perfectly secured so that the residents enjoy the utmost peace.

For lovers of entertainment, a beauty center has provided within the compound

that provides the best services to all its residents, as it equipped with all the basic equipment.

Jaseem Mall located on Jaseem place provides residents with all they need of goods and clothes

and displays all the fashion trends with the best international brands.

To fulfill the demands and duties, a mosque formed,

designed in the well-established Islamic styles, and equipped to the fullest.

In the interest of your safety, major medical centers have formed in the various branches of the various specializations,

in addition to :

a group of pharmacies presents in Sodic Westown Medical Center,

which provide you with various forms of various imported drugs.

It is available within Sodic Westown Medical Center and distributed in an ideal manner,

swimming pools are small in areas that are suitable for children and others for adults,

including covered swimming pools for women.

Be careful and scrutinize the provision of other educational services with distinguished specifications,

and this is by saving nurseries for children, in addition to a group of international schools

that teach different languages ​​and teachers in a sound manner.

It also remains an upscale place that contains a group of wonderful cafes

that provide different drinks, and there are a group of restaurants

that are distinguished by saving all different categories of foods.

For more entertainment, a health team stays spread out on a huge area with spacious gyms,

which includes new infrastructure and equipment,

in addition to a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi for more recreation and avoidance of stress.

In order to get used to performing various sports, major stadiums have provided,

some of which are for football and tennis, and others for squash and golf.

An Internet utility with distinct specifications distributed among the various units, and it works quickly and with great accuracy.

For your children, they are given a space that includes an increase of different games

Westown Sheikh Zayed project area:

Sodic real estate developers diversify between apartments to differ in terms of shapes,

including (residential units, villas, twin houses, penthouses, and duplexes),

and each of them differs from the other in terms of spaces

so that customers have the freedom to choose what is most appropriate for them,

and we mention in The following lines are more important for their respective spaces:

Twin House: an area of ​​about 275 square meters.

Residential units: vary in size, ranging from one hundred square meters to three hundred square meters.

As for the villas: their areas range from 320 square meters to seven hundred square meters.

Despite the sovereignty that characterizes Sodic Westown Medical Center,

but it strives with all its efforts to make its customers happy,

it lost prices that are ideal and out of the competition to achieve customer satisfaction,

and compared to all the available services, they are completely optimal.

The public notification made on the price per square meter within Sodic Westown Medical Center,

starting from 17,000 Egyptian pounds as a minimum,

and in a general model, the price allocated to the units starts from 2,400,000 Egyptian pounds.


Payment systems announced by SODIC Real Estate Development Corporation:

All the time, SODIC save all other aspects of complete peace of mind for customers,

and therefore through payment systems based on easy installments for the longest possible period,

so take advantage of the possibility and take the initiative to book,

and in the following lines we mention the most important systems:

You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit total,

and pay the rest in installments over 7 years.

Or you can pay a down payment of 15% of the total price of the unit,

and the rest pay over 9 years.

Sodic Development Real Estate :

Sodic Real Estate Development is one of the largest and pioneering institutions in the Egyptian real estate buying and selling site,

so it developed its large West Town project,

and the amount of its investment amounted to about 15 billion Egyptian pounds,

to be the largest of the huge housing projects that were put forward in the place of a real estate sale and purchase.

Just as it provided him with various tremendous financial aid,

which was the reason for his success, the company has twenty years of extensive experience,

and since then it has proven its worth in all the business it conducts,

and it has occupied a great position in the place of buying and selling,

in addition to this, its name has become popular on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

We look at its rich history and find that it is full of successes.

Since its establishment, it carries out a large number of businesses in the best parts of Egypt,

in the forefront of which is the town of October 6th.

Among the past businesses that the commercial establishment has undertaken

and achieved great success, we mention them in the following lines:

Caramel Zayed Compound nearby.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.

The North Coast Residence Resort.

Caesar Resort the coast in the north.

Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed.

6 West Compound, 6 October.

The Portal Sheikh Zayed project.

Sodic Westown Medical Center Sheikh Zayed.

Westown Hub Mall October 6th.

The Strip Mall October 6th.

The Polygon Sheikh Zayed project.

Beverly Hills Compound, Sheikh Zayed.

Forty West Compound October 6th.

October Plaza, 6th of October.

Westown Courtyards Compound.

East Town Parks Compound, 5th Settlement.

Sodic East Heliopolis Compound.

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound.

The Estates Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Eastown Compound, the Egyptian capital, nearby Cairo.

Spectrum Compound, 5th Settlement.

Sky condos compound, 5th settlement.

Villette Compound, 5th Settlement.

Katameya Plaza Compound.

Caesar Bay Project.

John Sodic the coast to the north.

Azalea Sodic East

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Features of Sodic Westown Medical Center
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains