Silva Compound New Zayed by first group

Prices start from 6,140,160 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 15%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 223 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-22
project developerFirst Group Developments
Silva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first group
Silva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first groupSilva Compound New Zayed by first group
Details Silva Compound New Zayed by first group
project nameSilva Compound New Zayed by first group
project LocationNew Zayed
project unitsVillas-twin houses and townhouses
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems15%-up rest to 7 years
Finishing typecorre and shell
Spaces starting from223 sqm
Prices starting from6,140,160
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plan of Silva Compound New Zayed by first group
Silva Compound New Zayed by first group
map of Silva Compound New Zayed by first group
Project details

Silva Compound New Zayed is the latest project of First Group Real Estate Development Company, as it has chosen a strategic location for it in the most prestigious areas of Sheikh Zayed; The compound is a typical picture of the luxury life that anyone might desire.

It was designed according to the highest international quality standards, which guarantees a luxurious life and great privacy for all the residents of Silva Compound. It is an integrated residential community with services and corners that provides all concepts of comfort and luxury to all customers.

Silva Compound New Zayed location

An important strategic location has been chosen, as it is located within walking distance of all important major landmarks and axes that connect all vital areas that lie within Sheikh Zayed City.

The most important places near the compound

  • Hyper One.
  • Carrefour.
  • Arab mall.
  • Arkan Plaza.
  • Nile University.
  • Media Production City.
  • british school
Silva Compound New Zayed

Silva Compound New Zayed

Silva project New Zayed services

There are many wonderful services provided by the developer of Silva Compound, as its main goal is to meet all the needs of its customers, and to provide them with everything they need within the compound, and these services include the following:

  • Silva Compound New Zayed is unique because of a new feature that you will not find anywhere, which is high-speed internet for all residents.
  • For animal lovers, an area dedicated to them has been created.
  • For young children, a large area with a large number of different games, in order to spend the best times with their friends.
  • All basic services of electricity, natural gas and water are available under the strong infrastructure.
  • Large garages are provided under the units to prevent crowding and overcrowding in front of the units
  • Strict security guards throughout the compound in order to fully secure it and ensure security stability.
  • A large nursery for establishing children with a number of teachers at the highest level.
  • All units are equipped with a swimming pool for all ages, for entertainment lovers in Silva Compound.
  • To buy miscellaneous goods and supplies there is a large supermarket with everything you need.
  • For sports and body building, major gyms have been established with the best modern equipment and high-level trainers.
  • Providing all the various medical and pharmaceutical services to all residents of the compound, which includes a main pharmacy.
  • There are medical clinics that provide you with a distinguished service and receive patients 24 hours a day.
  • A large maintenance center to deal with any malfunctions within its units, available 24 hours a day.
  • Silva Compound New Zayed offers you all the special entertainment services that meet all your desires for you and your family.
  • A wellness center with a skin care spa, jacuzzis for relaxation and a sauna for added comfort.
  • A mosque was built inside Silva Compound, designed in the elegant Islamic style.
  • An area within the Silva Compound dedicated to famous restaurants that serve delicious food, and distinctive cafes on
  • international styles with a different set of drinks.
  • For favorite sports, football fields have been established, and competitions and recreational courses are held for the
  • residents of the compound.
  • Silva Compound offers you a global shopping service to provide stores with the most famous brands and display international brands.
  • To gather families and friends, a large social club is provided.
  • The units have solar panels that are used for lighting inside the project.

Silva Compound New Zayed by first group design

The compound was designed with the best modern and varied architectural designs, as it includes many luxurious villas of various sizes. The interior decorations of the residential units are characterized by sophistication and luxury in all its details. If you are looking for a residential complex that has a lot of distinguished services, multiple units, and stunning engineering designs, you will find all this. And more inside Silva Sheikh Zayed.

Silva Compound New Zayed

Silva Compound New Zayed

The area of ​​Silva Sheikh Zayed

The new Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound was established and developed on a huge area of 40 acres, as it is built in two phases, and each phase of the compound occupies 20 acres.

The largest percentage of the area of ​​Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound is allocated to the vast green spaces and water bodies, and the picturesque landscapes that give a wonderful view and improve the general mood of the residents of the compound.

Types of units in the compound

The owner company was keen to build the compound on a large area in order to diversify the units in order to make it easier for the customer to choose the appropriate unit for him. The units are as follows:

Prices of the new Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound

A lot of various advantages were provided in the project, and the most prominent of these advantages offered by it is the unbeatable price package, as the prices vary according to the different type and area of the unit. The prices are as follows:

  • Townhouse, with an area of 223, and its price is 6,140,160 Egyptian pounds.
Silva Compound New Zayed

Silva Compound New Zayed

Payment and installment systems

The great experience that First Group possesses helped it understand the Egyptian real estate market and the requirements and desires of all customers; Therefore, the developer company introduced a flexible and easy payment system; To suit all customers, the payment and installment systems in Silva Compound New Zayed are as follows:

  • Down payment starting from 15% and installments over 7 years.

Advantages of investing in Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound

Silva Compound New Zayed is an investment project that provides many advantages for investors and residents. Here are some of the services offered by this compound:

  • Providing multiple spaces, Silva Compound is characterized by providing a variety of residential spaces, allowing investors to choose the right unit for them.
  • The compound offers competitive prices compared to other projects, which makes it a successful and valuable investment for investors.
  • Silva Compound offers a flexible payment system of up to 7 years, allowing investors to put forward their budget appropriately and without incurring any financial burdens.
  • Silva Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed, and it is an important strategic location close to many vital services and facilities, such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and universities.
  • Silva Compound has a modern design and high quality of construction, which ensures the provision of a comfortable and safe residential environment for residents.
  • Silva Compound New Zayed provides a range of integrated facilities, such as vast green spaces, recreational and sports areas, and business centers, which makes life comfortable and enjoyable.
  • The new Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound has a strict security system and high privacy for the residents, ensuring a sense of comfort and safety within the compound.
  • Based on these features, Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound is an attractive and profitable investment for investors who are looking for great real estate opportunities in the area.
Silva Compound New Zayed

Silva Compound New Zayed

The company that owns the project and its most important business

First Group Real Estate Development Company is one of the most famous and leading real estate entities in the investment market, as it has a great experience that exceeds 15 years, and it has succeeded in establishing a large entity that sits on top of the real estate domains by obtaining a large and prestigious position.

The First Group Company was able to achieve a large percentage of profits and huge sales through the appointment of a large number of engineers and technical workers who contributed to achieving impressive success for the company, as it has a clear vision and a large future plan to create high-end residential communities integrated with pillars and services.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Kenz October Compound.
  • It also established the Kazan 6th of October Mall.
  • Kaya Mall is located on 6th of October.
  • Silva Compound New Zayed

You can contact us at the sales number 01270970000

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Features of Silva Compound New Zayed by first group
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Silva New Sheikh Zayed Compound located?
New Sheikh Zayed
Who is the real estate developer of the new Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound?
First Real Estate Development Company
What is the type of units in Silva New Sheikh Zayed Compound?
Villas - twin houses - townhouses
What are the payment systems in Silva New Sheikh Zayed Compound?
Down payment starts from 15% and installments up to 7 years
What is the sales number?