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Last updated 2021-11-13
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River Walk Compound New Cairo


River Walk Compound New Cairo ,

or as it is known as River Walk Project.

 or River Walk New Cairo

is one of  Wadi Degla Real Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

About River Walk Mall English.


River Walk Compound New Cairo :

A distinguished gated residential complex in New Cairo consisting of duplex villas,

identical to a flowery landscape, spread over a land area of approximately 120,000 square meters.

The construction covers only 15% of the total land area

and the rest is dedicated to landscaping

in addition to green spaces to provide a green

and healthy atmosphere as well as a nice view and absolute privacy.

Information About River Walk Compound New Cairo :

River Walk Compound is an integrated residential complex.

The compound’s strategy was based on the highest levels of luxury and comfort,

which made it one of the best New Cairo compounds.

The compound is located on an area of 120,000 square meters,

only 15% of which is for buildings and administrative units.

The rest is devoted to vast green spaces.

River Walk compound enjoys stunning landscapes

and gives an absolute advantage.

It also has a distinctive and unique design

and includes a stream-style swimming pool,

which gives the impression that the units overlook a real waterway.

In addition, all units in the compound include private swimming pools rich in decorations,

with stunning views of waterfalls of various rates,

which gives you all the freedom to enjoy the beauty

of nature from your unit.

Features Of River Walk Compound New Cairo:

River Walk Compound in New Cairo has a number of features

that make it a quiet residence for residence.

It is a full-service residential unit in the middle of a beautiful natural forest,

surrounded by fully decorated swimming pools,

so that you can enjoy indescribable views.

The compound also features waterfalls of various rates

also that make you feel as if you are living in a beautiful tropical forest.

The swimming pools in the project are the longest stream-style swimming pools in the modern Egyptian capital, Cairo.

In addition to this, the project features a huge sports team

that includes a distinguished spa,

and internal rooms for various purposes,

isolated from the team and dedicated to recreational

and social activities.

All of these features make River Walk Compound a project with distinct specifications

and distinctive of its style in Cairo, the capital of Egypt,

which is close to its public.

also River Walk Project

River Walk Compound area:

Project area: 120,000 square meters

River Walk Compound New Cairo Units and Spaces:

also River Walk Villas

Villas space starts from 250 square meters.

fully finished

River Walk Duplex

Duplex space starts from 200 square meters.

fully finished

River Walk Twin House

Twin house space starts from 250 square meters.

fully finished

River Walk Compound New Cairo Location :

The River Walk project is located in a convenient location in the 5th settlement of New Cairo,

just a quarter of an hour away from the Wadi Degla team player – hostile,

and 5 minutes from the New Cairo Sports Squad and the Ring Road.

Just as the wonderful compound is happening so far only ten minutes from Heliopolis,

and a quarter of an hour from Nasr Town,

so it enjoys an ideal location in the center of Cairo; The Egyptian capital.

Location River Walk Compound New Cairo

River Walk Compound New Cairo Services:

  • Wadi Degla Real Estate Corporation has developed the design
  • of the residential complex in accordance with the latest international standards,
  • to suit the tastes of customers and meet their diverse desires
  • and needs, as the compound preserves for its residents an abundant amount of features,
  • in addition to saving all services and recreational,
  • vital and commercial facilities, River Walk Compound New Cairo
  • The feature
  • and security factors come at the top of the services provided by this distinguished project to its pioneers,
  • as it was provided with a security team
  • and monitoring cameras that work all the time,
  • near fences up to 3 meters high with electronic entrances.
  • River Walk Compound New Cairo
  • It combines large green spaces and swimming pools for all ages,
  • next to a social sports band, spa, spa and gym,
  • as well as a jogging, cycling and golf courses,
  • an advantage over the evergreen Neem tree.

River Walk Compound New Cairo

also River Walk Project

  • The project provides a range of different
  • and unique services and facilities.
  • It also did not neglect to provide a distinct commercial space
  • that includes a commercial arrangement, wonderful restaurants
  • in addition to cafes, and also remains a vital
  • and heterogeneous infrastructure.
  • It is worth noting that even the gates of the towers were designed on a hotel system,
  • just as the Smart Home style was adopted for all units,
  • in addition to this, car parks remain underground,
  • which works on the ideal life system
  • that the institution seeks to provide for the residents of its project. 
  • 24 hour security and guarding, artificial lakes,
  • private garages for the residents of the project,
  • swimming pools of varying sizes, special outlets,
  • electronic outlets, a gymnasium built on a large area,
  • recreational areas, green spaces on a large area,
  • children’s areas, international schools.

River Walk Compound New Cairo Units:

also River Walk Compound in New Cairo consists of standalone villas

and duplexes that can be completely customized according to the wishes

also requirements of customers.

In addition to this, the standalone villas consist of

(basement – ground – first – roof)

. Each villa is divided into: (Reception 5 parts, 2 living rooms, 4 halls,

4 bathrooms, 2 huge terraces overlooking a private garden with a swimming pool,

as well as the location of each villa in River Walk is 650 square meters,

with an area of 470 meters.

In contrast, the duplex villas consist of:

(basement) – Ground – First – Roof)

which is divided into:

(4 sleeping rooms, 4 bathrooms, maid’s hall, reception) in addition to each villa.

It extends over 530 square meters, with 420 square meters of buildings.

River Walk Compound New Cairo:

  • The apartments within the project vary between isolated villas
  • and double villas of different sizes in order to suit everyone.
  • The cost per meter within River Walk Compound in New Cairo

starts from 17 1000 EGP,

  • and the average unit cost ranges between 6 and 7 million EGP.

Payment Plan In River Walk Compound New Cairo :

  • ready for pick up
  • fully finished

River Walk In New Cairo Owners :

  • Wadi Degla Real Estate Corporation is considered one of

the major institutions working in the real estate field.

  • The Corporation was able to provide the abundant quantity

also that won the admiration and confidence of a large number of clients.

  • This institution was established in 2005 AD
  • and since that time until now it has been able to present many projects that are not insignificant,
  • also the institution has been able to prove its worth
  • and ability to challenge with the largest institutions of enterprises in Egypt.

River Walk Project

Information About Wadi Degla Real Estate Company:

  • The Foundation rose by establishing a large number of projects,
  • and it was the first real estate projects in Wadi Degla in Marina
  • also launched above it the name of Marina Wadi Degla,
  • and then stood on its feet in the wake of this
  • by creating a large number of businesses in different squares.
  • It presented projects in Ain Sukhna,
  • the coast in the north and Hurghada and New Cairo.
  • also That is in addition to owning a large amount of other institutions,
  • the most important of which are the Wadi Degla Clubs Foundation
  • and the EgyPro Construction Foundation.  

Previous Projects of Wadi Degla Company:

  • Neopolis New Cairo Compound
  • Promenade project 5th settlement
  • Blumar village, Ain Sokhna.
  • Blumar North Coast Sidi Abdel Rahman
  • What is the valley of the Tigris?
  • Murano Village Ain Sokhna.
  • Tijan Wadi Degla Compound in Maadi.
  • River Walk Compound in the 5th Settlement.

Note that the costs and areas mentioned in the topic are for the greater half of 2019,

and thus are subject to change,

also we take into account to maintain their development all the time

so that the customer becomes aware of the changes in the place of real estate sale and purchase.

River Walk Project



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Features of River Walk Compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains