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Last updated 2021-12-26
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Palm Hills Alexandria Compound is The best apartment living in Alexandria, as the compound provides the finest infrastructure and services

that meet all your needs and recreational activities that make you feel the luxury of residence.

Simple information about Palm Hills Alexandria Compound:

One of the most beautiful residential businesses that are characterized by modern architectural design,

and a wonderful view of the landscape and the picturesque landscape,

as well as its strategic location in the city of Alexandria among the important services and facilities in the town.

And recreation in the midst of nature, you can now book your residential unit in the first gated compound in Alexandria

at the best prices and payment systems that reach many years,

so do not be confused and book before it is too late.

The Palm Hills project is one of the latest projects of the Palm Hills Real Estate Development Corporation,

which is one of the finest ongoing real estate institutions.

All the services that civilians lack have saved with the presence of

many high-end recreational places in the compound in addition to the presence

of a large group of high-end planning with an appropriate value and a unique location,

as Silence, sea and huge landscape,

just as the prices of Palm Hills Alexandria are characterized as reasonable.

The location of Palm Hills Alexandria Compound:

The location of the Palm Hills Alexandria compound chosen in a very prestigious location,

as the Palm Hills Real Estate Development Corporation has always provided amazing locations for its projects.

Especially the owner institution stood on its feet by saving all the services,

whether vital or recreational, within the scope of Palm Hills Alexandria Compound

in order to give the customers the greatest advantage as well as luxury.

Also, the company cares about customers, and therefore it offers landscapes

and various services that make them enjoy every moment.

Just as the prices of Palm Hills Alexandria are competitive.

The spaces of establishments for sale in Palm Hills Alexandria start from 66 square meters.

Especially Palm Hills Alexandria Compound built on a huge area of ​​about 152 acres,

and Palm Hills for Real Estate Development has allocated 77%

of the total area of ​​the Palm Hills Alexandria project for the purpose of various services and landscaping.

Just as the establishment left an area of ​​23% for the purpose of constructing apartments in the compound.

in addition to :

The commercial establishment also paid great attention to the services to save

the people the effort of moving outside the compound in order to acquire those services.

The owner’s commercial establishment saves different apartments

between twin houses, townhouses, villas, and some of the residential units.

The Palm Hills Foundation was keen to have all the spaces

that allow huge opportunities for customers to choose the unit that suits the number of people and financial capabilities.

Note that the units will deliver according to the customer’s desire,

whether they are 1/2 finished or complete Super Lux, and install air conditioners.

This is up to the agreement with the commercial establishment and the amount that will be paid.

Palm Hills Compound Services in Alexandria:

The commercial establishment took care of providing an astonishing range of settings that suit the present progress,

as it chose large quantities of modern settings to suit different tastes.

As for the juniors, there is Kids Area dedicated to them to spend some quality time

in order to develop their mental and skill potential.

Also, a group of international nurseries and schools remain within Palm Hills Alexandria Compound.

It also maintains excellent restaurants that offer the best oriental and western food.

Cafes are also spread throughout Palm Hills Alexandria Compound.

In particular, it remains luxurious commercial shops with a number

of malls selling all local and international brands.

Also, there are a number of long tracks available in order to get used to walking,

running, riding horses and bikes in the middle of the landscape.

Also, there are electronic entrances in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound,

as they’re guaranteed security insurance in the compound during the day.

There is a drinking water network with the highest rating of merit,

and another sewage network that cooperates in eliminating rainwater.

As for the landscaping, there are large green spaces for comfort and serenity.

Costs and Payment Systems:

The prices of residential units for sale in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound start from 1,906,000 pounds.

Especially regardless of the rise in the prices of apartments at the present time,

but Palm Hills Corporation provided a value that is a surprise

in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound, as it provided a reasonable value.

With the presence of many and varied services,

including vital as well as recreational,

the company has keen on having a high-end site as well as remaining a high-end site.

It remains a wealth of features from the presence of landscape

and entertainment venues with beautiful artificial fountains and new designs.

Palm Hills Alexandria drainage systems

As for the payment systems provided by Palm Hills for Real Estate Development in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound

You can spend a small reservation down payment with installments over 6 and a half years.

Book your unit within Palm Hills Compound in Alexandria

and enjoy a sophisticated location away from crowding and pollution with all services

and accompanying facilities at a modest price with easy payment systems.

Palm Hills Alexandria Location:

The site of Palm Hills Alexandria Compound considered one of the distinguished sites,

as it takes place in the bride of the Mediterranean, with the sea and the charming atmosphere.

The site also characterized by its proximity to a great group of methods

as well as the hubs that facilitate the transfer process

from within and outside Palm Hills Alexandria Compound.

The Palm Hills Compound is located in Alexandria, next to Sabil Tanta – Alexandria.

Just as it is near the coastal road, the separation distance does not exceed minutes.

You will be able to live in Fadl with luxury that has no barriers.

You can enjoy accompanying your family by spending an unforgettable time

in Palm Hills Alexandria Compound,

with the upscale location and amazing weather in all seasons of the year.

Just as you will be next to a huge group of high-end tourist headquarters.

Owning Corporation and Past Works:

Palm Hills Real Estate Development owns Palm Hills Alexandria Compound,

which considered one of its latest real estate projects.

In particular, Palm Hills Corporation has provided many successful commercial

and residential real estate businesses, which have met with a positive response from everyone.

As the Foundation takes into account the presence of all services within its projects,

just as it chooses sites with great care, as it takes into account the preservation of the tranquility of civilians.

The institution chooses the best modern layouts that suit the rapid progress

that we are contemporary with and chooses settings that suit all tastes.

Also, the institution was established in 2005 and achieved great fame in a short period of time.

Just as the business has all the ingredients that help it to complete progress and success,

from specialized engineers who provide beautiful strategies, as well as employees who work very hard.

As for the finishes, the Palm Hills Foundation uses the highest materials

and interested in making good facades for the projects.

Palm Hills actions within the modern Egyptian capital Cairo:

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The most important enterprise actions in October

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Especially the Palm Parks compound on October 6th.

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Procedures of the Palm Hills Foundation in the North Coast and other places:

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Palm Hills Alexandria Compound

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Features of Palm Hills Alexandria Compound
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains