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Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna


Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna, or as it is known as  Project

Oriental Industrial Ain El Sokhna or Oriental Industrial Ain El Sokhna  , is one of  OUD Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna:

New horizons for Egyptian industries:

With the renewed interest in small, medium and heavy industries in various fields, it has become imperative to have a strategic location that provides all facilities and integrated logistics services.

From here, the idea of establishing a multi-purpose industrial city began to provide a suitable environment for the development of local industries and to provide a new vision for the Egyptian industry. Eastern Industrial City OIC is a smart and futuristic industrial city, aimed at national economic and social development and designed with the highest international standards.

The city has an area of more than 10 million square meters, including more than 1000 industrial units, starting from 2000 square meters, and can provide every investor the space he needs. The city also includes a small industrial complex to meet the needs of small projects and logistics areas.

Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

Oriental Industrial Sokhna Project

Information About The Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna :

  • The Eastern Industrial City aims to serve small and medium industries.
  • The city has plans to ensure that 3/4 of the space is used as 3/4 of the space, subject to the highest environmental standards and the safety of a 3/4.
  • The general plan is to have 4 entrances to industrial clusters, including the main entrance, Suez – Hurghada.
  • There are six service areas taking into account the availability of green spaces – bus waiting area – workers accommodation area – restaurant. 2 Taking into account the design of the source of goods – the tourist – the road network and the standard specifications, the width of the street is 38 m, for the use of investors.
  • Allocate industry activities so that there is no negative impact between the various activities.

The Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

Oriental Industrial Sokhna Project[

The Location Of The Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna:

  • City Industrial Oriental is located in the center of Ain Sokhna’s industrial zone – in District 9 – and is easily accessible from the Cairo-Ain Sukhna road or the Suez-Ain Sukhna road.
  • The location of Al Sharqoon Industrial City is very strategic due to its proximity to the port of Sokhna and the southern entrance to the Suez Canal.
  • Ain Sokhna port is the main international gateway from the Arabian Gulf and Asia to Egypt, as well as a major industrial center serving 3/4 of the international and domestic markets.
  • In addition to the modernization of container terminal equipment within the current expansion plan, the port also aims to attract more investments to complete the electronic automation of its activities. Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna
  • A few minutes away from Ain Sokhna port, a few minutes away from El Galara area, a few minutes away from Suez City, a few minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, a few minutes away from New Cairo, and Cairo International Airport. Just a few minutes away.

Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna Services :

Comprehensive services for the future industrial city:

The Eastern Industrial City presents a unique model for the future industrial city, as its facilities and complete services provide an ideal environment for developing and enriching industries in various fields and facilitating all business.

The city has complete infrastructures such as water, electricity, sewage, industry, fire protection, natural gas and communications and has a modern street network of 38 meters in width.

Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

Components Of The Project :

  • industrial land:

3/4 of the attached industrial lands can be sold in various industrial and logistic areas, and the area starts from 2000 meters, and the required space can be provided according to the investors’ requirements.

  • Integrated prefabricated factories:

We design, build and implement some ready-made factories and start working with sales or leasing systems.

  • Small industrial complex:

A small-scale comprehensive modular industrial complex that can meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

It has two floors and is 8 meters high.

It has an area of 610 m and can include multiple adjacent units as needed.

  • Logistics Center:

The center provides aerospace industrial assembly services for transportation, inventory, packaging and distribution:

We seek a professional full-service industrial community around the world to attract more domestic and foreign investment in manufacturing.

The industrial conference provides various services to serve investors, such as:-

The investor service center, which includes: –

  • information desk.
  • Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna
  • Postal service.
  • Administrative office.
  • Customs.
  • Meeting Room.
  • Civil Defense.
  • Economic Administration Office.
  • Transport and freight companies.
  • Conference Hall.
  • Emergency Medical Service.
  • Extinguishing device and fireproof net.
  • Banks and shops.
  • restaurant area. Industrial assembly plant product fair.
  • Hotel apartments and labor accommodation.
  • Internal and external transportation services.
  • Electronic door and 3/4 all-weather security monitoring.
  • Truck balancing station.
  • Car service (gas station – truck repair – 3/4 tire replacement).
  • Waste management (solid and liquid waste). Maintenance, cleaning and grease control. Project Consulting. Human resource services. logistics.
  • Advertising and promotional materials.
  • Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

Oriental Industrial Sokhna Project

Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna Units:

Small Industries Complex:

An area of 23,000 square meters has been allocated for the establishment of a small industrial complex based on sale or rent to revitalize the “small industrial unit of 610 square meters with a total of two floors (administrative / industrial), 8 meters high, fully operational, basic utilities and low voltage electricity, can include more of a unit as per the required space.

Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna Prices:

The real estate developer has set a set of prices to suit all clients.

Payment Methods In The Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna:

The owner company has developed a set of payment systems.

Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

Oriental Industrial Sokhna Project

The Company That Owns The Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna:

Orientals For Urban Development:

Our journey started with the first urban project we opened in our beloved Egypt 26 years ago. Over the years, our focus has been on creating urban communities, bringing family members together, and delivering them at the best value and highest quality standards. An excellent life The experience of the name “Al-Sharqiyyin for Urban Development” combines everything that is new and innovations in the world of real estate, while providing many options so that every Egyptian family can have access to real estate investment. Oriental City Development Company OUD is a joint stock company in Egypt, established in 1994, which coincided with the real estate boom in the Egyptian real estate market. This company and 26 other companies belong to the Eastern Weaving Group. Over the years, the company has developed into one of the largest real estate and urban development companies in Egypt.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly so that the customer is aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Orientals Industrial City, Ain Sokhna

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Features of Oriental Industrial City Ain El Sokhna
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains