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LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village


LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village ,

or as it is known as  Project LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna or

LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna , is one of  LaSirena Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

La Sirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village :

also LaSirena Mini Egyptian Village in Ain Sokhna provides all lovers of ancient Egyptian civilization,

the pure surroundings of Ain Sokhna, the vast landscape environment and unique residential units,

and there is a wonderful view between the industrial lake and entertainment venues,

also and the payment method is different and applicable to all investors.

La Sirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna is a miniature village in Egypt that includes many wonderful examples of Egyptian tourist attractions,

and among the most important monuments that the village includes

(Cairo Tower – Pyramids of Giza – Karnak Temple – the Nile)

. All this is in addition to the wonderful design of the residential unit, the very distinguished service,

and the excellent location on the Suez Highway, so you will get a typical unit at an affordable price,

also you only have to choose the payment period you can.

About La Sirena Mini Egypt :

The Egyptian village of La Sirena Mini in Ain Sokhna offers visitors a special design with the characteristics of the ancient Egyptian civilization,

along with the sea of Ain Sokhna,

and it has unique artificial lakes and landscapes for entertainment places.

La Sirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village

La Sirena Mini Egypt Sokhna is also famous for its unique patterns for many Egyptian tourist attractions,

the most important of which are: the Cairo Tower, the Giza Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, and the Nile.

The project was submitted to Sirena Real Estate Development Group, which is one of the most important companies providing creative design for real estate projects.

LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village

Project Space: 90 acres

It starts from 60 square meters to 120 square meters
Super Lux finishing

Studios with an area of 40 square meters
Super Lux finishing

Mini Egypt Ain El Sokhna Location :

La Sirena Mini Egypt Resort, Ain Sokhna, is 16 kilometers from Katameya Road to Suez,

and about 75 minutes away from the capital, Cairo, especially just 32 kilometers from “Stella Damari” village,

only about 10 kilometers away.

LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna 

Location LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village

Services For La Sirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna, Mini Egypt Ain El Sokhna :

La Sirena Group offers the services of La Serena Mini Egypt in Ain Sokhna in a luxurious and unique way,

as it provides safety and comfort for all owners, including:

  • Multiple swimming pools.
  • The beach is 350 meters long.
  • The shop provides all the services of the owner. International cafes and restaurants.
  • Water sports meet.
  • Safety and protection.
  • Multiple sports fields.
  • A fishing pier.
  • Waterpark.
  • 2 A commercial mall that provides all commercial services.
  • Spacious green space allows you to relax.
  • A distinguished hotel that offers comprehensive services.
  • Download the brochure, in the interest of the project management to provide the utmost comfort and enjoyment for the guests,
  • it chooses to provide visitors with many unique services, whether they are basic services or entertainment services,
  • they enjoy the following advantages among the public: A comprehensive hotel that provides entertainment for tourists, high-end accommodation services in all Their components.
  • also The water park and the water park are suitable for children and adults of all ages.
  • The spacious green space offers great views of all units and is dotted with quiet seating areas and sidewalks.
  • At La Sirena Mini Egypt, there is also an integrated business service and games area. Fishing piers and yacht docks can be used for hobby and marine sports activities.
  • Swimming pools of different shapes, sizes and characteristics, as well as indoor female-only pools, have added special areas.

LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village

Units Of LaSirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna :

La Serena Mini Egypt cabin space meets all purchasing needs, including:

  • Cabin with an area of 90 square meters. Cabin with an area of 100 square meters.
  • Cottage of 110 sq.m. The cottage has an area of 115 square meters.

The Prices Of LaSirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna :

The price of the chalet in Ain Sokhna Beach Resort varies according to the area of the chalet, the roof or garden of the chalet, the number of bedrooms,

and many other services provided by the chalet.
also The prices of wooden houses in the Marina Wadi Degla resort usually start at 150,000 pounds, which is a reasonable price compared to many other tourist villages.

With the exception of payment services of up to seven years or more, there is no need to increase interest over the original amount of the booth.

LaSirena Mini Egypt project

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in this article are the prices of the first half of 2019,

so they may change, and we hope to keep updating them so that customers can understand the changes in the real estate market.

Payment Methods In LaSirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna :

Payment system for La Serena Mini Egypt, Ain Sokhna:

La Serena Group has committed to diversifying the payment system of Serena Mini Egypt to suit all clients and investors, as follows:

10% down payment, remaining 5 years in installments. 15% down payment and the remaining 6 years installments.

also 20% down payment and the remaining 7 years installments.

in addition to 25% down payment and the remaining 8 years installments.

LaSirena Mini Egypt project

The Company That Owns LaSirena Mini Egypt, Ain Sokhna, Is The Owner Of Mini Egypt Ain El Sokhna :

The company that developed the La Serena Mini Egypt project is La Serena Group,

and it is one of the most important companies that creates innovative real estate projects from design and natural development.

Among the most important previous projects are as follows: –

  • La Sirena Sharm El Sheikh.
  • La Sirena Palm Beach.
  • North coast of La Sirena.
  • Eyes of La Sirena Moussa.
  • La Sirena Zaafaraniya.

About Ain Sokhna:

Ain Sokhna In the past few years, Ain Sokhna has gone through many changes because it is one of the most important areas for people from different countries of the world,

and at the same time it is one of the places where people live. Because of the weather there and the different places in which it is located,

it is visited frequently every year, in addition, due to the diversity of landscapes in Ain Sokhna,

many different natural areas make up the uniqueness of Ain Sokhna.

Because of the monuments it contains, so we always see that tourism in Sohna is completely different from any other country in Cairo.

LaSirena Mini Egypt project

Location Of Ain Sokhna On The Map:

Ain Sokhna is located near the city of Suez, in the middle of the city of Suez, about 55 kilometers from Cairo,

and very close to the Red Sea, allowing people to cross a new road. He will reach Sokhna Land,

where you can easily reach this road by bus or transportation, this road is not boring, but it is full of fun,

because when you cross the Sokhna highway, you will see many different views, so you can reach it immediately,

this is after shortening the distance. The trip from Cairo to Ain Sokhna,

in addition to the wide road, makes it easy to walk comfortably on it without worrying about the road.

LaSirena Mini Egypt project

The Best Beaches In Ain Sokhna:

As we all know the beaches of Ain Sokhna are charming beaches that are crowded by everyone because of their natural landscapes.

We see bright blue eyes, clean beaches, white sand, and the beach is part of the extension of the city.

The distance from Suez to Zafarana is about 100 kilometers.

You can also enjoy many recreational and recreational games.

These recreational games are placed on the beach and do many different underwater exercises

and are easy to take memorial photos.

Wonderful tourist attractions and many people visit because of the beaches,

and from These parameters:

Pearl Beach, located on the Suez Road in particular, 24 kilometers away, and it is open 24 hours a day,

and easy to access, so it contains private seating and entertainment places.

In addition to providing the best entertainment games for children,

Sadat Beach can also provide them with free seating at any time.

LaSirena Mini Egypt Ain Sokhna

Flower Beach is a popular beach in Ain Sokhna, you can sit and rent a chalet because of its many advantages,

but the personal entrance fee is £ 100, which is all you have to meet.

Compost Beach is one of the important beaches, as it has many recreational places,

and it can be accessed for a small fee of EGP 50 only, and it ranges from seven in the morning until eight in the evening.

also LaSirena Mini Egypt project

LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village



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Features of LaSirena Mini Egypt Sokhna Village
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains