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La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna


La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna ,

or as it is known as  Project La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna or La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna  ,

is one of  La Vista Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

La Vista Topaz also la vista gardens

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna :

It is the best projects of La Vista Real Estate Development, that project has an amazing and upscale design,

distinguished by its distinguished geographical location, as soon as you see the architectural planning of the resort,

you will be surprised by its splendor, as it postpones an architectural trend in the utmost splendor, La Vista Topaz Sokhna means peace and safety,

and includes chalets for a purpose Al Hassan in terms of general architectural planning, as the chalet area starts from 110 meters up to one and a half square meters,

the resort also enjoys stunning landscapes, and wide open spaces.

Information About La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna :

La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna is located in , 140 km from Cairo, and offers  and chalets.

Topaz is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

La Vista Topaz is considered one of the most prestigious resorts in Ain Sokhna.

The facade of La Vista Real Estate Development is like its sister residential communities.

Topaz is proud of the lush green landscapes,

and the vast open spaces. And security and reform throughout the year,

as well as commercial and entertainment areas, swimming pools, medical services, and more.

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna



Project Space: 150 acres

It starts from 110 m2 up to 170 m2.

Super Lux finishing

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna Location :

The real estate outlet was keen to choose a site with very distinct specifications in order to create that project at a distance of 140 kilometers from Cairo,

which you can reach easily and easily, and the resort gives you green spaces,

clean air and a comfortable quiet life that you are looking for.

The project is located at a distance of ninety kilometers from the Suez Road, 25 kilometers from the resort of Porto Sokhna,

and a distance of no more than 15 kilometers from the path of sovereignty.

also then it can reach the project simply and easily for a period of not more than ninety minutes from the center of Cairo.

Location La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna Services :

Topaz resort services. La Vista Topaz by La Vista : 

The project gives you the various basic services and entertainment that you are looking for for an ideal life,

and among the services that the project provides you with the following:

  • The spread of green spaces in all areas of the resort in order to save the healthy life for which you are looking for.
  • also The presence of a large number of distinguished and equipped hotels to the highest degree and standard.
  • The presence of an abundance of internationally designed swimming pools with the aim of making you swim at any time.
  • Providing many international restaurants and cafes that allow you all the local and international drinks and foods you are looking for.
  • The spread of different sports fields for the different sports that they practice, such as the sport of the round witch, football, basketball, volleyball and other stadiums that have been designed in an international manner.
  • also The presence of an international health sports team combines all new equipment,
  • which gives you an ideal healthy life.

The Real Estate Updater Has Ensured Your Comfort For This And Has Arranged For You A Gym And Spa.

  • We have not forgotten the children, so the resort offers you an integrated entertainment space for children.
  • The function of the security and guard service is working at all times in order to provide a lot of safety for the guests.
  • The project is being built on a huge area of 150 acres,
  • and most of the place has been allocated for the purpose of green spaces.
  • The presence of an integrated commercial space that allows you all the services you search for.
  • Diversity in chalet spaces, therefore, with the aim to suit large and small families,
  • with many payment systems installed in order to suit the needs of all customers.

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna Units :

Apartments in La Vista Topaz Sokhna Village:

The apartments consist of chalets, each chalet has a different area according to the person and his family’s desire. You can choose chalets with an area of 140 square meters and their cost starts from 3,500,000 EGP.

Or buy chalets with spaces higher or smaller than that, as there are chalets of 110 square meters.

All chalets overlook green spaces and have all the services that a person and family require.

La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna Prices :

Units Prices:

  • Chalets with an area of 110 square meters, and its price starts from 2,200,000 EGP.
  • Chalets with an area of 125 square meters, and its price starts from 2,400,000 EGP.
  • The chalets with an area of 140 square meters and its price starts from 3,200,000 EGP.
  • Chalets with an area of 120 square meters, and its price starts from 2,500,000 EGP.
  • The chalets with an area of 165 square meters and its price starts from 2,750,000 EGP.
  • The chalets with a space of 170 square meters, with a value that starts from 3,500,000 EGP.

La Vista Topaz project

Payment Methods At La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna :

Payment systems in La Vista Topaz Sokhna:

If you dream of living in Sokhna, then the dream can become reality from this moment,

as she can reserve and pay a slight price of the amount as the down payment of the unit,

then until now you pay the rest of the unit price in scheduled payments, there is a lull in payment of up to six years.

By booking, paying and receiving your unit, as the receipt is instantaneous completion of Super Lux, at the highest degree and standard,

as you are in a complete resort that meets all you want, so do not let the possibility miss you to live in a place that reduces your value.

Payment is 25% in advance and the total amount is paid in installments up to 5 years,

or 10% in advance and 10% so far for 3 months and installments up to 7 years.

La Vista Topaz project

The Company That Owns La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna :

Real Estate Executor Of The Project:

La Vista Real Estate Development is the real estate outlet,

in addition to that a large number of other commercial businesses stood on their feet for the establishment and development of the institution,

the establishment was formed in 1971, and from the date of its establishment until that moment the Foundation has implemented abundant projects,

its year is very pompous, as it was designed on The hands of the finest engineers, with experience in the field of engineering and real estate design,

and with the incentive of their quality at work, they compete with the largest real estate modernization institutions,

and the most prominent procedures of the La Vista Foundation are the following:

  • El Patio 6 October.
  • La Vista Gardens, Ain Sokhna.
  • La Vista Ray Sokhna.
  • El Patio Casa El Shorouk town.
  • La Vista Bay East North Coast.
  • El Patio Oro, New Cairo.
  • La Vista Ras El Hikma North Coast.
  • El Patio Zahraa 6th of October.
  • Cascada North Coast.
  • El Patio 5 East El Shorouk Compound.
  • El Patio Prime El Shorouk Compound.

Note that the prices and spaces referred to in the topic are for the greater half of the year 2019,

and therefore they are subject to change, and we take care to maintain their development all the time

so that the customer becomes aware of the changes in the place of real estate buying and selling.

La Vista Topaz project



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Features of La Vista Topaz Ain El Sokhna
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains