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Last updated 2021-11-13
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Katameya Coast Village North Coast


Katameya Coast Village North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Katameya Coast North Coast or Katameya Coast North Coast  , is one of  Starlight Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Katameya Coast North Coast:

Katameya Coast embodies the North Coast of the most beautiful villages in the North Coast, as it remains in a unique location and has many services and features that made it one of the most worthy tourist resorts in the North Coast.

The North Coast is one of the most mega projects in the North Coast, just as it is one of the newest projects promoted by the Foundation.

The Katameya Coast North Coast project is counted from the major projects that have been established in the northern coast, just as it is one of the new investment projects, and the village is distinguished by being completely overlooking the sea, which gives the possibility to enjoy the white sand and water front, just as the project is characterized by privacy and tranquility as it includes A number of services and accompaniments that provide all methods of comfort and luxury.

Features of Katameya Coast North Coast:

The village has a tremendous set of features that made it reach its peak and also help it enjoy a high position, including:

Its presence in the northern coast, which is one of the most prestigious and luxurious tourist areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is characterized by the purity and cleanliness of its beaches.

The central ambient atmosphere during the year.

The pattern of life is not the same at all from any other location, as it is possible to spend a unique summer vacation.

All units overlook the sea at once, giving peace to all visitors.

It ends the distribution of the village to a compound building, and for all compounds, a large number of services remain.

Katameya Coast Village North Coast

Katameya Coast Village North Coast

Units Katameya Coast Village North Coast


Chalets start from 100 square meters.

Fully finished

Standalone Villas

Standalone villas start from 300 square meters.

Fully finished

Twin House

Twin House space starts from 275 square meters.

Fully finished


Condos space starts from 175 square meters to 215 square meters.

Fully finished

Lux Villas

Lux villas start from 535 square meters to 606 square meters.

Fully finished

Katameya Coast North Coast Location

The village of Kattameya Coast is located in the North Coast at the 208 km of Sabil Alexandria Matrouh, so it is at Ras al-Hikma and before the city of Marsa Matrouh, about 82 km, and this is next to the village of Hacienda Bay and the village of Cesar, and the resort was divided into units and green spaces, and this is to ensure the psychological calm of all family personalities.

Just as the village is built on the bottom of 1,400 meters and this shows 550 meters, and the village is built completely on the appearance of terraces and the nearest row to the sea at a distance of 200 meters, until you see the sea from all areas of the village.

Location Katameya Coast Village North Coast

Katameya Coast North Coast services

  • The village provides a number of public services and facilities that all guests need, and among the most prominent services of the village are:
  • A huge shopping mall that includes a number of the biggest international trends and the largest brands.
  • A chain of restaurants and cafes, as it finishes providing the most delicious foodstuffs.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes for adults and children.
  • Swimming pools for women.
  • 5-star hotel.
  • Dog house.
  • Security and guarding services throughout the day.
  • Monitoring cameras to protect the village from the inside and outside.
  • Private garage for vehicles.
  • Industrial lakes.
  • Nickel units.
  • hospital.
  • Commercial area.
  • This village is located in the most planned locations on the northern coast, as its distinctive location made it one of the most important villages for the presence of guests, and this is because it enjoys sophistication, tranquility and safety for all invited.

Katameya Coast North Coast project

Designing the village of Katameya Coast North Coast

This village was designed according to the newest designs so that you can live in a unit designed on the dazzling appearance, as each unit of the village has a luxurious and comfortable view, so in order to live an ideal life with full services that meet all the needs of the project, with us you will get a housing unit, especially in the middle of the view excellent.

Kattameya Coast North Coast is distinguished by the diversity of units, as it maintains an abundance of chalets, duplexes, penthouses, cabanas, condos and independent villas, and the owner of the project provides all units with a complete finish.

Katameya Coast North Coast prices

Be the first to own a unique unit in Katameya that belongs to the largest and most prestigious real estate economy institutions and booked in the first stage, so after choosing the unit the position, completes the disbursement of 10% for nothing other than the unit price and to finish by installments of the rest of the unit cost over 5 years, just as the costs start from 4 Two hundred thousand million Egyptian pounds, as for villas prices start from 9,000,000 million pounds.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The owner of the village of Katameya Coast North Coast

The village of Kattameya Coast North Coast created by one of the largest real estate economics institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as the institution has enormous experience in the field of installations, just as the institution has a number of huge projects in the field of establishments of all kinds.

The strategy of the village done with a modern thought that fits into the modern era, just as it aspires to revise the rate of living in the future, and this is in order to meet all the needs and requirements of life in the village so that the characters can enjoy it.

The village of Katameya Coast North Coast is one of the most luxurious and beautiful tourist villages that overlook the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast, as the distribution of units to apartments such as villas, chalets, residential units and studios canceled out, just as the village embodies a luxurious investment potential for personalities who invest their money, just as it is a facility to bring tourism in the Republic. Arab Egypt, and providing integrated services to this village is one of the places that happen to you to spend the most beautiful time in it.

Katameya Coast North Coast project

Katameya Coast Village North Coast

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Features of Katameya Coast Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains