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Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort


Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort ,

or as it is known as  Project Jura Ain El Sokhna or Jura Ain El Sokhna ,

is one of  New Jersey  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort :

The Jura Ain Sokhna resort is one of the best real estate projects that the New Jersey Real Estate Development Corporation has stood on its feet to implement in Ain Sokhna,

as it is considered the best option for those who love to live in silence and enjoy a decent life full of luxury and fun,

as Jura el galala is distinguished by the availability of services that are not possible.

Dispensing with it, in addition to the various other advantages that include location,

spaces and reasonable prices.

Information about Jura Ain El Sokhna :

New Jersey for Real Estate Development, the owner of the Green Avenue project in the Administrative Capital,

which accomplished the increase from success Furniture with adaptations and kitchen appliances,

with spaces starting from 75 m2, with distinctive payment systems.

Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort

Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort

units Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort :


Project Space: 10 acres

Chalets space starts from 75 m2 up to 220 m2.

Fully finished


Project Space: 10 acres

Villas space starts from 200 square meters

Fully finished


Project Space: 10 acres

The penthouse space starts from 200 square meters

Fully finished


Project Space: 10 acres

Its areas range from 160 square meters to 220 square meters

Fully finished

Jura Ain El Sokhna Location :

The project is characterized by its strategic location, as it remains close to the eastern desert,

and it is related to a number of axes that make the process of moving from it to any destination greatly smooth,

also the necessity of the site is evident in the following lines:

  • The resort is located on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea, just as it is located at the hand of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Suez, by a small distance, making it easy to reach from anywhere.
  • The distance from the Mövenpick Hotel is very modest.
  • It is about 550 square meters from the Mont Sada resort.
  • The distance that the customer travels from Jura Galala, Ain Sokhna, until he reaches the resort of Porto Sokhna, is only five kilometers.
  • It is only 31 km from Ain Sokhna outlets.
  • It is located behind the Emirates Gas Station, which is one of the most famous gas stations in Ain Sokhna.

Location Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort

Jura Ain El Sokhna services :

The owner of the Jura Ain Sokhna project has provided all the necessary and entertainment services in connection

with it to provide residents with a decent life within the resort, the most important of which are the following:

  • Great areas of landscapes and gardens give the residence a lot of charm and appeal.
  • There are waterfalls that flow in an attractive manner, as well as a group of artificial lakes that have been luxuriously designed.
  • All apartments enjoy direct view on the beachfront with crystal clear waters and sand.
  • A group of swimming pools that vary in size and design, to suit all ages and different tastes.
  • Covered swimming pools are available within the resort that have been designated for women solely with the aim of saving a class of favor and freedom.
  • A space dedicated to children not only includes various entertainment media and games,
  • and it has been provided with all means of peace and safety.
  • Perfectly paved and safe places for cycling in all its forms, in addition to the habit of jogging and walking.
  • Restaurants and cafes with a distinct view of the sea,
  • working with a number of professionals in the field of cooking,
  • in order to provide the finest dishes and drinks to customers.
  • An integrated commercial place with a group of stores that offer customers various products and goods with famous brands.
  • The commercial establishment that owns the Jura Al Jalalah resort has not neglected the security and guard services,
  • and this is evidenced by the deployment of security teams in all headquarters,
  • in addition to the surveillance cameras with recent technologies that cover the facts within the project and in the surrounding space.

The resort is equipped with electronic gates, which makes the residents feel safe and secure.

  • Parking garages for resort residents, only.
  • Jura Galala Ain Sokhna is not
  • without recreational services,
  • the most important of
  • which are a yacht marina, clubhouse,
  • and golf carts to move from
  • one location to a newer place
  • within the resort simply.
  • The five stars spa is equipped
  • with the finest class and standard,
  • and a gym is equipped
  • with all modern sports equipment.
  • There is a theater in the resort,
  • in addition to that, a cinema room,
  • with the aim of showing
  • the newest Arab and foreign cinematic works
  • and the pleasure of spending quality time
  • with friends and family members.
  • Within the resort,
  • there is a headquarters dedicated
  • to holding celebrations on various occasions.
  • An amusement park that
  • includes many different games
  • that are suitable for adults and children.
  • The possibility of joining the sea trips
  • that make visitors feel relaxed and enjoyable,
  • especially with the vision of coral reefs
  • and colorful fish.
  • A group of health clubs designated
  • for women and provided
  • with all necessary equipment.
  • Medical services are represented
  • by a number of clinics
  • in the various branches of specialization
  • that provide high-level hygiene
  • for the population.
  • Places for meditation and outdoor yoga,
  • as well as quiet spots that allow reading.
  • There are playgrounds with large areas,
  • in addition to sports clubs
  • that allow practicing various activities.

Area of ​​Jura Ain Sokhna:

The project area is estimated at about ten acres,

which allowed the owner company

to save service infrastructure, landscapes,

and beautiful green similarities in

various headquarters in

the Jura al-Jalalah area

by 80% of the whole place,

while the remaining 20% ​​of

the area used for residential buildings. .

The resort takes place

by the sea in a direct manner,

with a span of 180 square meters

and a bottom of two hundred square meters.

also The village was divided into two parts,

the largest part represented

by service real estate,

and the second part represented

in residential buildings.

The resort is represented in excellent designs,

so that each residential building

includes 2 elevators operating

with electricity,

in addition to 2 outlets.

Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort

Jura Ain El Sokhna units:

Units space in the Jura resort :

The residential buildings in

the project consist of a ground floor

in addition to six continuous upper floors,

and the apartments within the scope

of the Jura Al Jalalah project vary

between chalets, penthouses,

independent residential units,

villas, and duplexes

whose areas vary between 160 square meters

to 220 square meters,

as well as On it cabins located on the beachfront.

same remains of G + 6 first-row hotel housing units

from the sea, consisting of two sleeping rooms,

ranging in size from 75 square meters to one

and a half square meters,

which have fully equipped with luggage,

electrical appliances,

and wind conditioners.

Jura Ain El Sokhna Prices

Prices for the Jura El Galala project:

The prices of the apartments

within the range of

Jura Al Galala Resort are competitive

and are for everyone,

and this is a comparison

with the various advantages

that customers benefit from,

whether in terms of comprehensive services,

vital location, varying areas, and others.

Costs start from 2 million

and one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds,

knowing that the owning institution undertakes

to deliver units with complete finishes

and fittings, equipped with kitchen supplies,

wind conditioners, mattresses and furniture.

Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort

Payment methods in Jura Ain El Sokhna :

The owner organization provides

easy payment systems

and massive facilities for customers

who want to own a unit

in the range of Jura Ain Sokhna,

so that each customer can choose

the framework that best suits him,

and that is the following:

  • The payment of thirty% of
  • the contract provider from the total cost
  • of the unit desired to obtaine,
  • with the payment of an annual benefit
  • of 12% over thirty months,
  • and the delivery of the customer
  • takes place three checks
  • at the price of the advantages.
  • The customer pays 10% upon receiving the unit,
  • and pays a second payment
  • for the periodic maintenance
  • of the facilities at a cost of 10%,
  • and the remaining amount paid

in installments over a long period

of four and a half years.

  • The customer signs a contract

authorizing the lease of the unit concerned

with him after receiving,

  • just as he receives an annual product,
  • the cost of which varies between 10% to 15%.

Jura Ain Sokhna project

The owner company of Jura Ain El Sokhna :

Owner company and past business:

The New Jersey Foundation is

the real estate philanthropist

who stood on his feet

by performing the Jura Al Jalalah project,

its first launch within Ain Sokhna.

also The corporation enjoys

a wide experience of more than 10 years

in the field of real estate economics,

just as it has succeeded in

winning the confidence of

customers thanks to its cooperation

with senior engineers,

designers and consultants.

The commercial establishment possesses

a precedent for actions of

distinguished characteristics,

as it promoted the implementation

of many projects

outside the Arab Republic of Egypt,

in a group of major countries,

at the top of which is America.

It has also promoted the establishment

of huge projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

including the Green Avenue Compound

in the modern capital,

2 residential compounds in the city of El Shorouk

and New Cairo,

the application of sixty residential properties,

a project in New Heliopolis,

the performance of 25 housing units

with distinct specifications,

medical arrangement,

performance 3 commercial centers,

as well as a group of medical

and commercial projects.

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Jura Ain Sokhna project

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Features of Jura Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains