jeval Mall new capital

Prices start from 1,280,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 25%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 23 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-31
jeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capital
jeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capital
Details jeval Mall new capital
project namejeval Mall new capital
project Locationnew capital
project unitsAdministrative - commercial - hotel
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems25% dp - up rest to 7 years
Finishing typecore & shell
Spaces starting from23 sqm
Prices starting from1,280,000
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plan of jeval Mall new capital
jeval Mall new capital
map of jeval Mall new capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

The distinguished investment project jeval Mall new capital was launched by Wealth Real Estate Investment Company, which is a mall with many commercial, administrative, and hotel activities, in the most strategic location of the Administrative Capital, in the axis parallel to the western axis in Downtown, which will become the largest comprehensive commercial and investment area. We will review in detail all the services, features, and prices of Geval Mall. Completely competitive complex and installment plans.

jeval Mall new capital

One of the most famous projects in the capital, which Wealth Company worked on to be a full-service reservoir and provides more than one feature for customers within it so that you can get what you want easily. If you want to start your project, whether commercial or administrative, or own a hotel unit with distinguished hotel management, then the password is Geval Mall, New Capital, because it is one of the important malls that deals in terms of location, area, units, and services as well as the services provided in it.

jeval Mall new capital

jeval Mall new capital

jeval Mall project location

The company developing the jeval Mall new capital project was keen when working on choosing the project location because it adds more to it
It is an important feature. The presence of various advantages and the ability to enjoy a good working atmosphere allow clients to practice
They work comfortably, and they are advantages sought by the owners of companies, clinics, and also shops.

jeval Mall new capital is located specifically in the heart of Downtown, an area designated by the state for many projects
Commercial, so it has a huge amount of important features that certainly positively affect the projects undertaken
In which.

In addition, there are many important and pivotal areas, as well as a number of basic roads that surround the area from several sides. This allows the client to have greater chances of success and increase the number of visitors to Geval in general, and this will benefit the units in the place.

Here are some examples of nearby places:

  • jeval Mall new capital it near the data center in the capital.
  • It also directly overlooks the city’s central park.
  • The Ministries District and the Government District, in addition to several residential neighborhoods located close to jeval.
  • As for the monorail station and Misr Mosque, they are not a long distance from the mall.
  • It is located in front of the pharmaceutical companies area in the new capital.
  • I am talking about the projects near the place, as they are many and different, including Apex Business Coplex and also Eudora Mall, the Administrative Capital.
  • The integration taking place in the project makes it the focus of attention of many clients with their various activities, and this contributes greatly to getting what you want easily.
jeval Mall new capital

jeval Mall new capital

Design of jeval Mall new capital

Wealth Company cooperated with the best engineering and architectural consultants to implementjeval Mall new capitalBusiness Complex Mall project. To provide the most important value to its customers, it cooperated with the well-known ACE for the engineering design of the project. It chose DSC International to implement distinguished international architectural designs. It also cooperated with Jadwa GADWA for investment and business development. The project has become distinguished in the capital of the future.

jeval Mall new capital was built with a height of 3 basement floors for the garage, a ground floor and 12 floors, with an internal division that stimulates increased work productivity thanks to privacy and separation between the different activities of the Gival Mall, the Administrative Administrative Capital, whether commercial, administrative or hotel, taking into account the application of international standards in modern designs and construction alike. While providing large areas for landscaping, the mall was divided internally as follows:

  • Allocating 3 basement floors to the garage.
  • The ground and first floors are allocated for Gival Business Complex commercial units and shops.
  • 7 floors have been allocated for administrative units and offices in Geval Complex Mall from the second floor to the ninth floor
  • The rest of the floors, from the ninth to the twelfth, are the hotel units of the Gival Complex Mall.

Project space

jeval Mall new capital was built on an area of 2,455 square meters, which is enough space to accommodate its various investment activities, ranging from commercial, administrative, and hotel, while providing a huge diversity of unit spaces, where you can own your investment unit in Geval Mall, with areas starting from 31 square metres.

The project provides all the services and facilities that you will need as a unit owner, or that your visitors may need on both the basic and recreational side, and the company did not forget to provide the best view for all the units with the charming landscape that covers the huge area of the project, and the division of the unit areas is as follows:

  • Commercial units on the ground floor in Gival Business Complex Mall from 31 m2 up to 67 m2.
  • jeval Mall new capital Start your commercial investment with the first floor of Gival commercial units, with areas starting from 31 square meters.
  • Own your administrative unit with areas starting from 31 m2 and up to 78 m2, fully finished and with air conditioning.
  • Various spaces were provided, starting from 59 m2 and up to 71 m2, for hotel units, from the ninth floor to the 12th floor, fully finished and furnished, under international hotel management and operation.
jeval Mall new capital

jeval Mall new capital

Prices and payment systems

Being located within the New Capital is considered one of the things that has been added to the Gival Mall, the Administrative Capital, because it enjoys all the capabilities that the site offers it and other details that interest customers and help them to be a truly distinguished place.

The developer company has worked to provide excellent price offers in Geval Mall and is working to ensure that the place has many distinguished things, including the prices, which are as follows:

  • Commercial units in Geval Mall start from 129 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative and hotel units in Geval start from 22 thousand Egyptian pounds

Payment systems in jeval Mall the Administrative Capital

There are many advantages in jeval Mall new capital including the various payment systems that allowed you to obtain your integrated unit in a distinctive and easy manner. These systems are as follows:

First system

  • In installments of the full amount over 5 full years without down payment.
  • The customer can also pay 10% down payment of the unit value and pay the rest over 5 years.
  • You can start your investment by paying 15% down payment for the unit and paying the rest of the amount over 6 years.

the second

  • A client must pay 15% of the unit price and pay the rest of the amount over 6 years.
  • You can also pay a down payment of 25% of the unit value and pay the rest of the amount over 7 years.
  • The customer can pay 25% of the unit value and pay the rest over 8 years.

the third

  • 35% of the unit value is paid in installments after receipt, and the rest of the amount is paid over 7 years.
    He pays 45% of the unit value, pays the first installment upon receipt, and pays the rest of the amount over 8 years.

the fourth

  • 35% of the unit value and the rest of the amount in installments over 9 years.
  • A 40% down payment is paid for the unit and the remaining amount is paid over 12 full years.

There are also many discounts provided by the company developing the place, including launch discounts, which are as follows:

You can get a discount starting from 10% up to 15%, and there is also a 5% discount on the payment system you choose.

jeval Mall has many important things that are in the customer’s interest in one way or another.

jeval Mall new capital

jeval Mall new capital

The real estate developer of jeval Mall new capital

Wealth Real Estate development is one of the companies that has been working in the field of real estate development for a number of years. It was established in 2002 and its goal from the beginning was to provide customers with many distinguished projects that satisfy the customer and increase mutual trust between them.

The company was keen to ensure that the beautiful person gets everything he desires, so it cooperated with several important companies over the years of its experience in order to provide distinguished architectural works that contain many details that are of great interest to the client.

Some of the work carried out by Wealth Real Estate:

  • Rixos Resort Compound in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
  • Residential projects with Fund R in the industrial area.
  • 3 hotel apartment towers in Dubai.
  • Nour Mubarak University in Kazakhstan.
  • A social residential compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Medical residential compound.
  • Residential compound in October.
  • Extension of Al-Safwa Hospital in October.
  • A residential compound in October Gardens.

“Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep clients informed of the real estate market.” 

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers: 01270970000

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Features of jeval Mall new capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of jeval Mall new capitaljeval Mall new capital
new capital
Who is the real estate developer of jeval Mall new capital
Wealth Real Estate Development Company.
How many apartments are available for sale in jeval Mall new capital
20 units
What is the sales number of jeval Mall new capital
What type of units are there in jeval Mall new capital
Administrative - commercial - hotel