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Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort


Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort ,

or as it is known as  Project Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna or Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna ,

is one of  Master Group Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort :

Ibiza Chillout Sokhna is one of the largest and most modern residential projects in Ain Sokhna and many other tourist cities,

and with the beauty and sophistication of its various designs and the quality of its location,

it can be said that Ibiza Chillout Sokhna project is not purely a classic residential project except

that it promises to be an integrated entertainment service location.

It reflects the true meaning of a new, luxurious life.

Information About Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna :

Own your unit in a compound with very distinct specifications by a well-known establishment, “Master Group”,

which has an abundance of projects.

Master Group is one of the largest institutions specialized in modernizing first-class residences and resorts

The Master Group Foundation has built more than 10 projects in various regions

of the Arab Republic of Egypt in different headquarters

We want to see our projects flourish and our community expanding

The Foundation owns many projects in many places such as:

  • White Bay Ras Sidr
  • Aida North Coast
  • City Valley

Some works in the Ministry of Endowments

Advantages Of Ibiza Sokhna Resort:

In addition to the missed services, many other features remain in the Ibiza Chillout Sokhna range, including:

  • Providing various options to suit the different tastes and desires of customers, as the units vary between (hotel studios, villas,
  • and chalets with one, two or three rooms)
  • Receive units fully finished at the highest rate, so that the delivery will be within 3 years.
  • The Ibiza Resort project rises 3 meters above sea level,
  • and thus offers an amazing landscape surrounding it.

Ibiza Chillout Sokhna project Resort

Project Space: 27 acres

Starting from 50 square meters

Fully finished Chalets

Starting from 100 square meters

Fully finished


Starting from 200 square meters

Fully finished

Ibiza ChillOut Ain El Sokhna Location :

The first sign with the distinct specifications of the Ibiza Ain Sokhna resort project is that it is located on the road to Zafarana,

also 58 km near La Vista 5 project, one of the largest projects in the place.

The resort is surrounded by clear sea water, soft sand, refreshing environmental conditions,

and fresh air that renews energy and inspires silence and psychological comfort,

adding to the proficiency, originality, beauty and uniqueness of its location.

Location Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort.

Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Services :

Ibiza ChillOut Sokhna services : 

With the abundance of services available in the range of Ibiza ChillOut Sokhna Resort,

it can be said that it has made a quantum leap in residential projects,

as it collects all the things that come to the mind of the customer,

or even he may find benefits and services that he did not think of,

the goal that Master Group sought is to provide an available headquarters It has all the services

and has really been able to achieve it, because the resort consists of:

  • Cafes and restaurants, with an excellent view overlooking the sea, offer a variety of drinks and local dishes from other countries,
  • to ensure that everything that the resort residents lack, even in eating.
  • 5 swimming pools, distributed among the various units, are available for all resort residents of all ages.
  • Vast green spaces that remain in different parts of the Ibiza Chillout Resort Ain Sokhna, thus adding a beauty to the headquarters
  • and giving an amazing exterior view to the units.
  • Excellent water vehicles represented in the shade of popular artificial lakes throughout the resort.

Area Of Ibiza Chillout Resort Ain Sokhna:

The experience and creativity of the commercial establishment implementing the ibiza chillout sokhna project also appeared in the retail location of the resort,

which reaches 27 acres, as it is not covered with buildings and units only as few imagine,

but in contrast to that the smaller place was allocated to buildings,

as it occupies 20 % Is only from the total area, with the rest of the place divided by:

  • green areas
  • Landscapes
  • Sports games and activities
  • Integrated services area
  • Crystal Lagoon
  • As for the bottom area of Ibiza Chillout Ain Sokhna,
  • it is worth 400 meters, next to the front of the beach, which reaches a location of 300 meters,
  • and thus adds an increase in magnificence to the resort completely and its various units.

Advantages Of Ibiza Chillout:

  • Providing hotel services to all, suitable for the high-end classes targeted by the project in the necessary,
  • in addition to the presence of a 4 and 5-star hotel for customized visits.
  • A headquarters for sporting activities in all its forms, whether sports, training, or otherwise, which are basic embodiment services not for athletes,
  • but for all individuals who wish to protect and preserve body health and enjoy physical fitness.
  • A gymnasium with a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, to protect and preserve health and body fitness as well.
  • Commercial, medical and recreational units, as there remains a pharmacy, a supermarket, and a feeding area.
  • The largest shopping mall is by Zafarana, with an area of 4 thousand meters,
  • and this huge place allows the offering of many goods and commodities and also contains the variety of stores and brands offered within the mall.
  • Club House on the beach, you can go to it on the weekend or leisure time in order to rest
  • and calm and enjoy the excellent view of the beach and its sand and shiny waters.
  • The area of the Aqua Park (playground area), with an area of 3 acres, keeps various water and entertainment games
  • and is available for different age groups to spend some fun time.
  • A children’s entertainment area, equipped and equipped with different and fun games,
  • while securing it to the fullest to ensure the protection and preservation of the safety and safety of the boy during play.
  • Free parking garage, designed in a way to reduce the problem of congestion
  • and make it easier to leave and enter vehicles to and from the garage.
  • Security and guarding, completely throughout the day, to maintain the security and safety of all residents of the Ibiza resort units.

Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Ibiza ChillOut Ain El Sokhna Units :

Available units :

hotel studios

1 bedroom chalets

also 2 bedroom chalets

3 bedroom chalets


Receipt fully finished

Receipt is 3 years

A special competitor for the first hundred customers at a price of twenty% * of the total unit cost

Ibiza ChillOut Ain El Sokhna Prices  :

The diversity of ibiza chillout sokhna units between chalets and villas or apartments and a hotel, which led,

by extension, to the diversity of its costs and until the completion of the Master Group Foundation was keen to provide benefits that comfort its customers who want to have units within the resort, represented in:

Providing Prices With Distinct Specifications For The Variable Units:

The difference in value according to the pattern and location,

and then the customer can choose the unit that suits his monetary capabilities

The opportunity to reserve the unit by paying only 25 thousand pounds.

Competitive 20% of total unit cost for the first 100 customers

Payment Methods In Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna :

The desires of the customers differ. Perhaps the biggest goal for some is to find a unit in a location with distinct specifications,

and for others, its intended purpose is to buy a unit with parking costs and comfortable payment methods.

Whatever the customer’s desire, Master Group was keen to achieve it in the Ibiza Sokhna resort project, so it also provided payment facilities

and introduced simplified payment systems and methods that allow disposition of the payment scheduling,

as the customer can pay 5% down payment with installments of the rest of the amount up to ten years.

The Owner Of Ibiza ChillOut Ain El Sokhna :

Master Group Development is the commercial establishment that owns the Ibiza Chillout project in Ain Sokhna,

and it is one of the largest institutions in the real estate modernization sector and tourism business,

as it has achieved progress and vanguard, which helped it to attract a broad base of customers and investors.

All the past actions of a Master Group commercial establishment achieved great success,

and became a distinguished brand among other tourism projects, including those practices:

  • The City project, the administrative capital, near the era
  • also The City Valley, the administrative capital
  • The application of a large number of contracts in the Ministry of Endowments

It is the developer and marketer of one of Ras Sidr’s biggest projects, the White Bay project

It owns the most famous compound in the village of Aida, on the northern coast

Conforming the past procedures of a Master Group commercial establishment that participated in its fame in a larger manner

also helped win the confidence of customers and investors in it,

and this increased its eagerness to implement unique tourism projects in the sense of the word and distinct from its kind,

in order to communicate with Hassan’s illusion of its customers.

Note that the costs and spaces referred to in the text are for the largest half of 2019, and so they are subject to change,

and we take care to keep adjusting them always so that the customer is aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort



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Features of Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna Resort
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains