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Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills One of most prominent mixed-use complexes 6 October, commercial and administrative units with an amazing view

of the most beautiful areas that include green spaces and aesthetic water formations

Location of Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills:

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills enjoys a purposefully located in the heart of the 6th of October,

near the Al-Jazirah Sports Club, in the midst of the most important commercial

and residential projects of Palm Hills in October.

It doesn’t matter where you are or how long it takes you to get to Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills

because it is always closer to you than you think;

Thanks to its proximity to the most basic styles in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, such as:

axle path.

And the ring road.

Oasis way as well.

Just as Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills surrounded by the most important businesses

that have been developed by Palm Hills within October,

it is one minute away from the Hale Town Medical Project.

It is also close to the main attractions in October 7 city, ten minutes away from Izakaya and The Smokery restaurants.

Just as it is close to most sports clubs such as the golf team, Al-Jazira sports band,

and many others, the site features are not applicable to Golf Central Mall.

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills area:

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills extends over a large parking area, estimated at about 7.5 acres.

Only 30% of this area was built, and the rest was allocated to services and facilities.

The layout of the project is one of its most winning elements,

as the units were divided into the shape of the letter u in succession 3 times,

which left spaces between the units that were allocated to the squares.

In a style behind 3 different areas of planning and spread around it the sales units by division,

restaurants, and cafes, and from the top overlooking the administrative units thanks to the open terraces.

Thus, Golf Central Mall, 6 October, will give you a unique business endeavor of its style,

whether within the unit or outside it, with a wonderful view from the terrace.

The spaces of the units of Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills

The project combines 73 commercial units.

And an astonishing 208 administrative units for petty doers and big companies.

Office spaces start from 75 m2 up to 242 m2.

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills services:

Private spaces for storage.

A number of basic bathrooms are available within the complex.

Underground garages.

Halls to transform clothes into garages.

A private outlet for all yards.

A number of luxury stores regarding areas.

The squares are available with different recreational activities, and excellent green spaces.

Security and guarding services at all times.

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills

Costs and Payment Systems:

The prices of Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills intended to excel,

especially in the presence of what it offers from a good location,

distinctive designs, and integrated services.

The price of the administrative unit within the project starts from 3,029.100 pounds.

These prices are very easy to interface with payment systems.

It takes a 10% down payment, then 5% up to three months,

and the rest in equal scheduled payments up to 6 years.

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills is the ideal direction that gives you effort

and entertainment at the same time in one of the most powerful locations you may wish for one day.

And all this amid a unique package of costs and easy payment systems offered to you by Palm Hills Real Estate Corporation,

which constantly offers wonderful projects in parallel with the highest costs.

Owning business and lost business:

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills provides an affirmation of its leadership in the real estate modernization sector,

whether on the scale of October or the Arab Republic of Egypt in general.

The Foundation established in 2005 AD, and it began its journey in the city on October 6,

which had the lion’s share of the number of its investments and projects,

in addition to numbered 29 projects until this moment.

Which stood on its feet Palm Hills Foundation throughout its improvement

towards 27 1,000,000 m 2 of land east and west of Cairo,

the capital of Egypt, and through the Red Sea and the coast in the north and Alexandria.

Palm Hills is one of the largest real estate modification agencies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and enjoys a huge cash mantle.

Especially since it is owned by one of the richest people in the world,

a man of action, Yassin Mansour, owner of the Mansour Group.

And whose money was estimated at about 2.3 billion dollars,

it is the most important agency for the largest international brands.

Such as General Motors, Michelin, McDonald’s, Kraft Food, etc.

Palm Hills Real Estate Projects:

Badya Palm Hills Compound, October.

Palm Hills also presented the modern Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Palm Hills Compound Alexandria.

And Palm Hills Compound October.

Golf Extension Project.

As I presented the Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Palm Hills, nearby Alamein

Halle Town Project.

Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills

It also presented Palm Valley Compound.

Just as the Golf Central Mall presented Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt.

Capital Gardens compound of the future.

Hacienda White also introduced the coast to the north.

Hacienda Bay North Coast

Woodville Compound October 6th.

Then the Crown October Compound.

Palm parks hills project

As well as the Palm Hills Kattameya project.

I also presented the Palm Hills Kattameya 2 project.

Westline Boulevard Mall

Information about Palm Hills Development:

The Palm Hills Development Corporation began its journey more than twenty years ago,

and the town of October 6 was the first stop for its investments.

After that huge expansion west of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, I ordered its compass towards east Cairo,

the capital of Egypt, with distinctive projects such as Palm Hills Katameya.

Then a number of successful projects fulfilled many wishes of the young generation,

such as The Village, Village Gate, Village Gardens, and Village Avenue.

And the Palm Parks and Casa projects, west of Cairo, the capital of Egypt,

then headed towards the tourism projects of Bahria Al-Ahmar.

And the coast to the north like Hacienda Bay, Hacienda White, etc.

To return again to parts in the east and west of Cairo, the capital of Egypt,

with Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills such as Palm Hills New Cairo and Capital Garden,

and the recent expansions of Palm Hills October and The Crown.

Badia Compound came on October 6 to confirm Palm Hills’ rank on southern Egypt real estate; due to its size.

And because it is completed according to a partnership between Palm Hills and the Egyptian government.

Reaching to the last tip of a finger, she stood on her feet with Palm Hills

as she headed towards the second capital of Egypt.

The Bride of the White Sea of ​​Alexandria with her latest project, Palm Hills Alexandria.

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Features of Golf Central Mall – Palm Hills
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains