Agora Mall New Cairo

Prices start from 1,500,000 EGP
4 installment years
Down payment 20%
Delivery 2020
Spaces starting from 58 Sqm
Last updated 2023-02-05
project developerUrban Development
Agora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New Cairo
Agora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New CairoAgora Mall New Cairo
Details Agora Mall New Cairo
project nameAgora Mall New Cairo
project LocationNew Cairo
project unitsAdministrative Offices, Clinics, Shops and Medical Units.
Delivery date2020
Payment SystemsDown payment 20%, installments up to 4 years.
Finishing typeFull finishing
Spaces starting from58 Sqm
Prices starting from1,500,000
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Agora Mall New Cairo
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Project details

Agora Mall New Cairo, or as it is known as Agora Project New Cairo, is one of the Urban RealEstate Development Company, which will be explained below:

About Agora Mall New Cairo :

Agora project New Cairo is one of the best commercial complexes in New Cairo Agora Mall New Cairo provides the best services, facilities and entertainment activities

For visitors, it is also distinguished by its distinguished strategic location In the most important main streets

Close to New Cairo Club and the American University, As you will find in the complex

Shops carrying international brands, As well as specialized medical clinics And other important facilities that meet all your needs.

The owner of Agora New Cairo is Urban Real Estate Development

It is one of the leading real estate companies with a long history of success It has implemented many projects,

Including Agora Mall New Cairo and many more Commercial complexes, residential projects, hotels,

As well as administrative projects.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

The company developed for Mall Agora

Agora Mall is one of the most important commercial projects announced by an urban real estate development company in the last number, and its extensive experience in the field, is one of the most prominent real estate companies implemented a large number of successful projects.

Projects implemented by the company vary between business and administrative projects ranging from residential and hotel complexes.

A brief overview of the village of Ajiba City 2 New Alamein

Agora Mall Fifth Compound is the most prominent project launched in New Cairo, as it is full of exclusive services that one will can.

Agora Mall in New Cairo is an outstanding location that ensures success for investors. More about Agora Commercial Complex in the following lines, we review the features and benefits of this huge building.

Agora Mall New Cairo location :

Agora project New Cairo is located on the Nasr Expressway in New Cairo.

Near the most important compounds such as Galleria Moon Valley And Fountain Park

It is not far from Lake View Residence Compound, New Cairo And Mivida Compound,

And Agora New Cairo is close to the New Cairo Club The Platinum Club has many luxury complexes.

Area Agora Mall

The new Cairo Mall covers an area of ​​about 16284 square meters, a building consisting of a ground floor and a top floor, with a green area that operates a large part of the total area.

The mall features an administrative, clinics and offices, and all executed with different spaces starting from 58 square meters.

In addition…

Agora Mall New Cairo units

Agora Mall is designed with the fifth assembly by the executive company for this huge commercial tower with a unique interior design combining engineering creativity with modern and contemporary model.

The real estate developer divided into three floors, the first round, the first round, and the second floor above. The company provides various units in the project and establishes units suitable for commercial units, administrative offices or medical units to meet all the needs of tourists from shopping malls.

In addition to Agora Mall, which offers fifth assembly, unique administrative, commercial and medical units, you can also have the most luxurious residential units in the best compound in New Cairo.

The company has diversified the unit area of ​​the new Cairo Mall to suit all customers, and the price of a competitor-mall in these units. As for unit space, they are as follows: Unit space from 58 square meters and want to choose the space they want in his unit.

For instance…

Commercial Store

  • Starting from 58 square meters.

Administrative Office

  • Starting from 58 square meters.

Medical Clinic

  • Starting from 58 square meters.

In addition…

Services and benefits available in New Cairo

The exclusive service provided within Agora Mall gives him a unique figure, as the purpose of building this project is to provide all the basic elements that the customer needs and ensured to work in a convenient environment does not lack something, we offer you in this one and from the most important services we offer in a wonderful complex: –

  • Many shops offered to customers are all looking for from global brands.
  • Elegant gym offers its customers exceptional service at its international facilities.
  • The spa, sauna and jacuzzi are famous for providing the highest level of service to their customers. a
  • Mall is fully equipped with central air conditioning, ensuring the convenience of all customers.
  • Ladies can spend a good time and get an excellent service in hairdressing salons across the commercial center and are equipp with the latest and personal hygiene equipment.
  • A fully safe play area is provided for children and a variety of games are provided to them, ensuring an enjoyable and vital ambiance.
  • Restaurants and cafes within the mall offers different types of food and drinks to suit all different customer tastes.
  • In addition, The advanced fire protection system is distribut throughout the commercial center and in the case of a fire serves himself.

Agora Mall New Cairo

  • The mall is fully protected thanks to security guards throughout the day.
  • Mall includes many central banks and commercial banks to provide customers with high quality banking services.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies within the mall provide the best health care services.
  • Access to request and width through supermarkets.
  • Merchants can receive their customers and hold meetings in a dedicated lobby within the commercial center.
  • In Agora Mall New Cairo there are shops that carry international brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes are design with the finest decorations, Offer the most delicious and delicious food.
  • Entertainment places for children to spend a fun And sweet time inside Agora New Cairo.
  • Gym equipped with the latest equipment, a Jacuzzi, spa, and sauna.
  • Central air conditioning is distribut throughout Agora project New Cairo To maintain your comfort.
  • Agora New Cairo has a security system distributed throughout the complex.
  • In addition, There are firefighting systems distributed throughout Agora New Cairo.
  • Agora project New Cairo includes many international and central banks.
  • There is also health care to the fullest through medical clinics and pharmacies.
  • In Agora New Cairo there are special halls for meetings And special places to receive visitors.

In addition…

Units spaces and prices in Agora Mall New Cairo :

Agora New Cairo was executed on an area of ​​16,284 square meters And was designed On three floors (ground floor – first floor – and second floor),

The green spaces surrounding Agora Mall New Cairo occupy a private space The units vary between administrative offices and clinics.

The prices of the commercial units with a space of 256 meters Start from 16,640,000 EGP.

Units prices for 58 square meters in Agora project New Cairo Start from 2,177,137 EGP.

Units prices for 66 square meters Start from 2,479,517 EGP.

The unit prices for a space of 113 square meters Start from 9,701,574 EGP.

Units within Agora Commercial Complex prices

For instance…

The fifth assembly, a real estate developer in Agora Mall, offers units at great prices at a large number of customers.

These prices are varied depending on the type of unit and its total area as follows: –

  • The commercial units executed with an area of ​​256 square meters start from 16.64 million pounds.
  • The executing units with an area of ​​58 square meters start from 2,177.137 Egyptian pounds.
  • In addition, The unit price is 66 square meters and its price starts at 2.479.517 Egyptian pounds.
  • Unit price 113 square meters starts from 9701.574 Egyptian pounds.

Payment methods:

For instance…

  • You can pay a 20% down payment And install the rest of the amount in 4 years’ installments.
  • Or by paying 30% And installing the rest in installments for up to 5 years.

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Features of Agora Mall New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Agora Mall New Cairo Located?
New Cairo
Who is the Developer of the Agora Mall New Cairo?
Urban developments
What is the finishing type of Agora Mall New Cairo?
Full finishing
What is the Type of Units in Agora Mall New Cairo?
Administrative Offices, Clinics, Shops and Medical Units.
What are the Payment Systems in Agora Mall New Cairo?
Down payment 20%, installments up to 4 years.
What is the sales number?