medical tower Available with full services, combining a large number of medical units from clinics in various fields of specialization

There remains a large number of medical malls, including the MCC Medical Capital Mall

MCC medical tower website:

the medical tower takes place in the best locations within the modern administrative capital,

as it takes place within the place of MU 23, this place is distinguished by

its location in the middle of residential neighborhoods,

which guarantees the victory of any project that is established within it.

the medical tower located between the second residential space R2, and the third residential space R3.

Just as medical tower takes place on the most basic methods within the capital, it takes place on the Al-Amal axis,

in addition to the fact that it takes place next to the Bin Zayed axis in the north.

One of the most prominent features of the project site is that it takes place

immediately in front of one of the most modern capital landmarks,

as it takes place in front of the iconic tower, which is considered the tallest tower in Africa.

Which adds to the necessity of the mall’s location.

Just as the mall is located near the most prominent commercial malls in the capital,

it also overlooks the longest park on the planet, the Green River Park.

As it happens in close proximity to various important buildings and constructions.

The location of the mall is also characterized by the fact

that it located in close proximity to most international universities such as the Canadian University,

the German University, in addition to the University of Sina.

It also happens next to a group of the most international schools.

the medical tower also takes place next to the most important cities within the new administrative capital,

including the smart town, the sports town, and the knowledge town.

Preparation of MCC medical tower:

MCC medical tower is an integrated medical complex,

designed to include all medical units from clinics and medical centers.

In addition to the availability of a limited number of commercial units.

Just as the mall consists of my ground, in addition to 7 floors.

It extends over a place of 3500 square meters.

Only about 30% of the total project space was allocated to buildings.

Also, about seventy percent of the project place was allocated to green spaces and general services.

Just as that project prepared to combine two floors designated for commercial units,

just as it combines two floors designated for medical tourism.

The rest of the mall floors allocated to the rest of the medical units in various spaces.

It combines about 186 medical clinics, in addition to the availability of radiology centers,

and analysis laboratories.

It also combines areas dedicated to waiting for patients and a pharmacy.

MCC medical tower Services:

the medical tower offers a number of services that make it distinct from the rest of the business,

as it mixes between VIP headquarters, in addition to the opportunity to book online via a website.

It also combines between the mall a hotel to provide various services at the highest level,

as it mixes between a gym, a spa, and a jacozi.

the medical tower also includes areas designated for smoking tobacco,

as well as saving skilled cards and special elevators for doctors and patients.

Also, a two-story garage was provided,

in addition to the presence of a combat approach and a fire alarm.

The mall is also equipped with Wi-Fi services,

in addition to a central shower within all units.

It also completes the delivery of the various units within the mall with Super Lux finishes,

in addition to the adaptations.

Just as medical tower gives different forms of clinics, it mixes clinics with a private reception desk.

Just as it combines duplex clinics.

In addition to the availability of special outlets for doctors and patients,

the medical tower also provided special rooms for meetings.

The IT System Data has also been provided, as it includes a call center service function

and reception support. The mall also provides sterilization and disinfection services.

The mall also has the advantage of providing it with private housekeeping for nurses,

just as the mall provides medical software.

Units spaces within the Medical Capital project:

MCC Medical Capital Mall combines the plentiful amount of medical units

and allows varying spaces to be commensurate with the whole.

The spaces within the mall starts from 23 meters to eighty square meters. So for medical clinics.

The areas of the medical tower in the mall range from 160 square meters to 1,400 square meters.

Also, the shapes of clinics within the mall are not similar:

It includes clinics with 2 rooms.

In addition to It also includes duplex clinics.

It also includes clinics equipped with a private reception desk.

medical tower also consists of 4 clinics connected to a common reception desk.

Unit prices within the mall and payment systems:

medical tower provide the highest quality medical services of its kind within the nearby capital,

as well as very realistic prices as a result of the various unique services it provides.

The prices of medical units in medical tower within the mall starts from 33,000 pounds per square meter.

It is the best cost per meter in the nearby capital.

It also provides unique payment systems starting from only a 10% down payment,

with the opportunity to pay the rest of the unit’s amount in installments up to 7 years.

The Owning Corporation of MCC Mall New Capital:

The owner of the MCC Medical Capital Mall is the Capital Construction Corporation.

It is one of the leading institutions in this field.

Its investments average about 2 billion Egyptian pounds.

Just as it was merged with the Master Builder Group MBG group of institutions.

It became one of its companies.

As the Capital Construction Corporation was established in 2007,

and medical tower has stood on its feet with many businesses throughout these years

in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The past actions of the Capital Construction Corporation:

The commercial establishment stood on its feet with many unique businesses, including:

The Gate Compound.

Al Serafi Mall, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheraton Haram Hotel.

medical tower

Abdul Aziz University buildings in Jeddah.

Perla in October Gardens.

North African and Gulf hotel chain.

Palestine Hotel.

Rise up the performance of a group of buildings on the axis of October.

Mega Mall.

A mini compound within Dream City.

Al-Faqih amusement park in Saudi Arabia.

Hotel His Highness Prince Faybal Bin Sulaiman.

Just as she stood on her feet by performing thirty housing projects.

Flowers Resort in Egypt.

Plenty of projects in the Dreamland area.