coastal Resort if you are a beginner investor and you are investigating the possibility of investing your money and doubling it,

and that project is calculated with accuracy and proper approach from the finest projects that can work on top of it,

and many hope to be economical with it, and it will show you the finest methods of doing the matter completely.

coastal Resort project plan:

Tourism is one of the best things that reflects the image of any country abroad and attracts the economy to it.

The Kingdom has started in its modern orientations to support tourism and tourism investment in all its forms,

and therefore in line with the 2030 vision that is beneficial to improve this vital sector.

One of the most important tourist projects is coastal Resort livelihood,

which counts the best profitable trade, and works to receive tourists and work on their comfort,

and provide them with the best services, and exploiting this to return with interest and profits for the investor,

and it is possible that coastal Resort established is an agricultural tourist resort, we will learn about All details:

Project opinion:

coastal Resort relies on the combination of accommodation support in a unique way

and the pleasure of setting out between green spaces and natural agricultural commodities that inspire peace,

comfort and tranquility in the soul.

This is a category of resorts for those who love agriculture and who can learn a limited number of agricultural initiatives

in addition to saving an examination of farming methods and access to Methods of raising birds

and sheep in integrated natural weather that can attract a large number of tourists,

close to being a comprehensive coastal Resort and one of the finest successful small businesses for young people.

coastal Resort requirements:

First, you must make sure that you own the adequate capital for the project,

and you must know that such businesses cost millions of riyals, and this wealth is divided into several items,

including the value of creation and expenditures,

and you must be familiar with the annual revenues, which include:

The changing prices are:

Calculating the price of renting land with an area of ​​not less than 2500 square meters within a medium-priced area.

Calculating the price of the infrastructure, including water, electricity, fuel, and other things.

You will have to determine the wages of workers whose number varies from 18 to 20.

And don’t forget about administrative expenses, advertising, and public notice for your project.

Challenge annual consumption volumes.

Building repair expenses once a year and the renovations that you may make.

The fixed prices are:

The value of the buildings that determine the style of the hotel,

at least you will have three hotel rooms, a restaurant and a cafeteria,

and you can economy and launch agricultural commodity stores.

Preparing halls for workers working in the agricultural land, and shops for snacks.

The luggage designated for these shops, the main building, and the products that will be sold in them.

You will also need a 1/2 carriage vehicle within the site area and a complete security system

to protect the headquarters and be equipped with the latest cameras for surveillance.

Economical prices:

The moderate economic price of an agricultural tourist resort project amounts to 2.5 1,000,000 riyals,

according to what the project’s measure and technical study indicate completely.

The annual operating value of the project is 3.1 million riyals, and includes wages,

marketing commissions, raw materials, repair, rent, and administrative expenses.

Expected benefits of coastal Resort:

In the case of the effort with 75% of the project’s capacity for a whole year,

the revenues may reach 1,000,000 and 500 1000 riyals,

and after determining the administrative expenses and wages,

the spending of the specified parts and do not forget,

including zakat, repair prices, and rents,

so that the net profit after the fine of all prices is 18 1000 In the mode of continuity,

until the operating ratio reaches one hundred percent during the sixth year of the project, based on studies,

for example, the net annual revenue will rise to two million riyals, bringing the net profit,

until now, fine for all costs, to 454 1,000 riyals, which is A very huge amount.

coastal Resort project price:

The price of such coastal Resort varies from one investor to another.

The investor who owns the land is not the same as the one who does not own it,

and the required price will double,

unless you are thinking of investing your money in creating a beach tourist resort for example.

You can start your project price from five hundred thousand riyals and more

because you will do Two sections, one for men and the other for women.

And calculating the value of the construction of chalets may reach 150-1000 Saudi riyals because it is an individual role,

but this price is without luggage.

Rely on the layout of a chalet from an engineering office so that it has been designed

according to your requirements and the money that you will put into the project.

Requirements for choosing a site for a coastal Resort:

The general design of the tourist resorts is not similar to the strategy for any type of housing,

so we must take into account the feeling of freedom, psychological comfort, picturesque nature,

and methods of coordinating the site in general.

coastal Resort requires choosing a site that is significantly supported by the nature around it.

Choosing a site with visual insight that is comfortable to the eye

and significantly saving business expenses for acquiring a prime location.

First, get to know the surrounding atmosphere of the place so that it does not affect your project.

That coastal Resort includes the basic infrastructure of water, electricity, and others.

The opportunity to simply access the space and its proximity to the vital areas.

Preparation in general for the location of a small coastal Resort:

coastal Resort is necessary to put the general design of the project

so that the general perception of the project fully reflects the hotel or tourist village of all its phases.

The general systems that should be followed in the strategy of the general location of coastal Resort:

Caution and scrutiny to make the environmental conditions distinctive tourism,

and to exploit the general nature of the area for the benefit of the project.

coastal Resort should be compatible with the tourist areas in the area and support them.

For sea beaches, one should be reserved for women and one for men.

The general preparation must be consistent with the international parameters, rules, and regulations,

as well as the parameters and rules issued by the Ministry of Tourism in this regard.

The architectural strategy of coastal Resort:

Attention should be paid to harnessing the area for the project. If the project is a tourist resort,

it must be the largest part of the resort overlooking the water, and taking care of the wind reaching the back of the project.

When using plants and trees in the external coordination of the space,

it must not obstruct the view of the view over which the resort property overlooks,

and it is better to acquire perennial trees with a distinctive appearance.

Give project ideas a custom setting that matches the environmental conditions of the resort and reflects the spirit of the city.

coastal Resort requires emphasizing that the general strategy is distinct and not imitated in order to maintain innovation

and because that superiority is what will make you more worthy in the place of buying and selling tourism

because any tourist is looking for excellence and strangeness in designs.

Also work on saving full toilets, one for men and one for women. And he managed to place the benefit of the beach.

coastal Resort requires the provision of a solar warehouse,

as well as a warehouse for sea chairs and a warehouse for water sports equipment.