Administrative Tower

Administrative Tower from the future of civilized and intelligent life is not limited to the Arab Republic of Egypt, but it is in the world as a whole.

When we mention the iconic tower project, we are talking about the tallest tower in Africa with a length of 345 meters,

in addition to the second tallest tower in North Africa and the Gulf after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

And so someone will be one of the biggest urban businesses of the conversational age, the beacon of the dark continent.

Administrative Tower in the area of the central procedure in the Administrative Capital:

The effort is taking place over the area of the central procedure in the modern administrative capital,

which contains twenty towers with different uses, including residential, administrative, commercial, and services.

in addition to Administrative Tower area is about 1.71 1,000,000 square meters, that is, towards 195 acres,

with a total built-up place above the ground of 1.24 1,000,000 square meters,

in addition to below the land with 465 1,000 square meters.

The first phase of it is the “Eastern Central Practice Area”, with an area of ​​520 1,000 square meters.

About Administrative Tower :

Administrative Tower is one of the twenty towers that scheduled to be completed

within the wealth and business district of the Administrative Capital,

in addition to containing residential and hotel projects as well as private projects for major institutions.

The iconic tower will consist of 78 floors, designed to be in the style of a pharaonic obelisk,

in addition to the exterior style will be glass, and it expected

that the curtain will be removed from the iconic tower to appear in its final appearance on January 13, 2022 AD.

The iconic tower will include an integrated complex of various services

in addition to including a large number of administrative offices and headquarters in the most important parts of the nearby capital.

It will stand on its feet on an area of ​​approximately 240 1000 meters,

in addition to the total location of the tower will cross about 7.1 1,000,000 meters,

as it will represent a tourist and investment destination for the center The administrative capital.

Administrative Tower Growth Periods:

So far, 11 floors have built, which is 85 meters,

as all other concrete works supposed to be completed in the middle of this year.

in addition to Administrative Tower will consist of three different parts,

the beginning of which is an administrative property for Administrative Tower and the capital,

as it will house a modern arrangement for the Central Bank of Egypt, a central printing press,

in addition to a modern arrangement for the Egyptian Stock Exchange,

and the part that follows will include residential housing units, and the last part will include 6-star hotels.

Administrative Tower will be built with Chinese investments from Cisco Corporation, at a cost of $3 billion,

which is one of the largest engineering institutions in the world. Most of them are from Egyptian hands,

which is the methodology of modern urban communities,

in addition to under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing.

The strategy of Administrative Tower in the modern administrative capital:

All eyes are on Administrative Tower in the new administrative capital, as it will be the tallest building in Africa,

although in recent years there have been a group of contenders for the title of the tallest tower in Africa,

including the Leonardo Tower in Johannesburg, South Africa (227). meters),

in addition to the Tower of the Bank of Africa in the Moroccan capital Rabat (250 meters), but they are all experiences

that are not comparable to Administrative Tower in the nearby administrative capital,

which stands among the most important towers in the world,

and its design based on vehicles that reflect the well-established Egyptian past,

near the wish to the future, and here are a few facts about the outstanding setup of the tower:

The architectural setting of the iconic tower inspired by the ancient Egyptian form and Art Deco.

The simulation of the proportions and dimensions of Administrative Tower completed the formal preparation

and dimensions of the pharaonic obelisk, which represents one of the most Egyptian models on the whole planet,

and which considered being engineering perfection and structural stability.

The Nile watercourse was present in the planning by representing it in the channels

that connect the corners of the project to the land.

The front of Administrative Tower inspired by the setting of the lotus flower,

which symbolizes the ancient Egyptian civilization, just as it has an environmental concept.

The strategy includes Art Deco-inspired vents that rotate according to the tilt of the sun, reducing heat during the day.

China Sisk Corporation the real estate developer of the Capital Tower:

I feel proud of the Central Procedures Space project in the modern administrative capital,

said Jiji Chaoyi, president of China’s Cisco Corporation,

while signing agreements on several current projects to be implemented

within the practice area in the new capital, most notably the iconic tower.

Sisk or China State Construction Engineering Corporation is one of

the largest institutions in China for construction and development,

and also occupies the 21st place in the framework of the top fifty institutions in the world,

as it has a long history in the field of real estate modification,

which spreads its business in 100 countries and regions around the world, especially in Africa.

As for skyscrapers in China, Sisk lost the lion’s share of it, as Administrative Tower entrusted with ninety percent of these towers,

in addition to its contribution to the construction of the nuclear plant in China, airports, and gas lines.

Thus, as soon as the director of an institution at the CISC rate says that he feels proud

to work in the administrative capital,

we must also feel proud of the magnitude of this huge project called Administrative Tower.

The property and business district in the administrative capital:

The location of the wealth and business district is about 195 acres,

and the volume of investments is approximately 3.7 billion dollars,

which is approximately thirty percent of the total area of ​​the capital.

The property place is being built using the latest construction equipment in the world,

and with the smallest possible human intervention,

it will contain with it a great number of towers and skyscrapers, 7 of which are being implemented in progress.

The neighborhood is located in the center of the modern administrative capital,

between the two axes of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is in the north and in the south,

as it will include a number of residential businesses.

The most important compounds near the iconic tower:

Al Mobtagha City Edge Compound:

It is one of the businesses loyal to the Ministry of Housing.

City Edge owned by the New Urban Communities System and the Housing and Development Bank,

and it has named its project “The Desired” for its Administrative Tower in the modern capital.

Target Compound:

The compound is located within the R3 district, next to the wealth and business district,

as well as the European University and the Canadian University.

Just as it happens next to the main axes linking the soon-to-be capital to Cairo,

the capital of Egypt, which is the Mohammed bin Zayed axis in the south, and the new Al-Ahly Ring Road,

which is intended to link the capital with Suez and Ain Sukhna.

The Compound El Mobgheya combines a number of high-end villas only;

It built in the European style, and the owners of the facilities there will enjoy complete privacy,

there is enough space that separates each villa from the other,

as it designed not to be a meeting of each other.

The most important services in the compound:

Saving special spaces for families, especially for children, as there are large areas

that include the abundant amount of recreational efforts that they can practice under the eyes of their families.

Within the compound, there is a large clubhouse with various standards of luxury and comfort.

Create private spaces for cycling and running away from cart methods.

Commercial space within the compound includes various international brands.