Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound
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Midtown New Cairo Compound It is the right place for any family looking for a luxurious life full of luxury in a headquarters that mixes closeness to the Egyptian capital with its services.

Midtown New Cairo Compound :

It is the right place for any family looking for a luxurious life full

of luxury in a headquarters that mixes closeness

to the Egyptian capital with its services, facilities and

vitality, at the same time far away from the origins of echo,

pollution and noise. Acquiring residential units for sale in Midtown 5th Settlement

is the real opening to an amazing life that only the great deserve.

Information about Midtown New Cairo Compound :

Midtown Compound 5th Settlement is your

best destination towards a luxury home, and

in the best location in New Cairo with its high-end designs and

integrated services,

which will give you an exceptional life pursuit

amidst the green spaces equipped with the art of plant formations,

artificial lakes, and water fountains;

To complete the wonderful picture in front of you,

which you will find around you wherever you go within the scope

of the Midtown New Cairo project,

Better Home has been keen to create an integrated

residential complex with corners and the best prices,

and payment systems;

For more information on the details of the upcoming Midtown rally.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound location :

An easy life must be in a location close to all the methods and axes,

to facilitate going to it and returning from it.

Therefore, the institution that owns the project

has chosen a location with very distinct specifications

with a huge number of advantages,

the most important of which are the following:

You will find it opposite Gate 4 of the American University Building.

It can be reached from the compound

to the vital space of the Golden Square in just a few minutes.

The 90th Street is the most famous street of the 5th Settlement,

its location next to the Midtown Compound, the Fifth Settlement,

and then you will find yourself in a few minutes near the largest malls,

shops, cafes,

restaurants and other services present in that active street.

The project’s location is distinct on Bahaa Abdel Nasser Street

You will find large, mission projects close to the midtown site,

the Fifth Settlement,

including the Future University,

The Spot Project, Concorde Plaza,

and also the Flower Team.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

You can reach in just a quarter of an hour from

Midtown Compound to Cairo Festival Mall.

You can reach Al Rehab City in just ten minutes

, and to come up with the Downtown area,

you require approximately the same time stage.

The German University is about 8 km away from the Midtown site,

while the Lake View Compound is located just 7 km away from the site.

Essential and

luxurious residential projects that you will find next to midtown compound new cairo,

most notably Palm Hills Compound,

Katameya Gardens Project,

Grand Residence Compound and Madinaty Project.

The modern administrative capital is the most important

of the modern Egyptian projects that can be reached in a hurry within a few minutes.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown compound space:

The massive location makes the possibility possible due to the presence of abundant services, so this project was built on a place of about 17 acres, or about 75,000 square meters.

The eyes of the people will only fall on everything that is beautiful and healthy, as the green spaces occupies about 57,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 75% of the total place of Midtown New Cairo Compound, as there remain beautiful formations of flowers, trees and plants derived from the layouts of the gardens of the ancient Roman palaces, This gives all units the most beautiful view, and provides psychological tranquility and relaxation for the nerves.

The midtown compound combines about 43 residential buildings only, each property consists of a ground floor with three repeating floors, as for the area of ​​the units, they are different in a clear way, and this gives everyone the freedom to choose and obtain the unit, as it remains residential housing units and duplexes, and luxury penthouses.

Residential units for sale Midtown 5th Settlement start from 1.5 square meters and reach about 250 square meters, just as you will find residential units attached to the garden whose space starts from 65 meters and reaches about 240 square meters.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

There are also midtown housing units in the 5th settlement, with areas varying between one and a half square meters and amounting to about three hundred square meters.

With regard to the internal distribution of residential units for sale in the Compound Midtown 5th Settlement, the housing with an area of ​​1.5 square meters consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three reception, living and kitchen rooms.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound services:

Luxury, comfort, recreation and luxury resort life you will find in this compound, which combines a bouquet of high-end services, so as follows:

Wide green spaces covering a large part of the location of the Midtown compound to give the units a stunning view.

Crystal artificial lakes and water fountains add to the compound a lot of charm and romance.

Stay in Midtown in New Cairo Club House offers luxurious entertainment services.

Swimming pools are distributed in the Midtown Compound, the 5th settlement, in a balanced manner to serve all buildings and provide luxury for all ages.

Safe courses for walking, walking and cycling are provided.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Great gym and wellness staff are kept to the highest standard.

There is a huge commercial place that makes shopping an amazing pleasure, especially as it has a huge shopping mall that offers the most famous international brands.

Medical services are available in the compound as there are clinics and health units equipped with the latest medical devices.

Security and guard services operate 24 hours a day without holidays or breaks.

An agreement has been made with specialized institutions that manage and maintain funds.

There are huge restaurants and cafes and lounges that offer the most delicious snacks and snacks.

Vehicle parking spaces are available to avoid congestion.

There are buildings licensed for commercial and administrative purposes.

Dedicated places for children’s fun games.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

There are many sports and social clubs.

New and advanced surveillance cameras work during the day in various locations in the compound.

The engineering strategies of the midtown new cairo compound are luxurious in style,

and the facades of the buildings are made of reflective glass to provide a luxurious exterior appearance and

privacy for the whole family.

The glass for the facades was chosen from the green color to create harmony and

harmony between the green spaces and the buildings,

to see in front of you a beautiful painting.

The buildings within the scope of the project remain advanced and

immediate elevators.

Each property has a secure garage designated to receive residents’ vehicles.

The buildings were completed to the highest rate using the optimum raw materials of wood and marble.

Midtown New Cairo Compound units :

Midtown New Cairo Compound Compound includes 43 properties consisting of a ground floor + 3 upper floors, with a different group of isolated residential units,

duplexes, and penthouses; With different areas.

You will find the areas of residential units start from 185 m2 up to 250 m2,

including residential units attached to the garden,

and we find that the garden spaces start from sixty m2 up to 240 m2.

Each property within the Midtown project,

the 5th settlement, combines elevators and garages,

as the buildings feature marble facades, wood of the best shapes,

and green glass panels;

To blend in with the surrounding parks.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound prices :

Better Home Real Estate, the owner of the Midtown project,

cares about the comfort of customers,

so it implements its projects with the highest standards of sophistication and excellence,

at the same time we offer prices with distinguished specifications to match the services and

amenities it provides to its customers. Cairo,

which is 12,500 EGP, and

the cost available for installment is 16,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Midtown New Cairo Compound:

The company provided various payment systems,

starting with a 50% payment, then paying the amount in scheduled installments for two years.

Other payment systems are also available as follows:

A 10% down payment, then the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to four years.

The 20% down payment is written off, and the rest of the amount is paid over 5 years.

Just as the customer pays 5% of the total unit cost for maintenance, and installments are paid every 3 months.

Knowing that the units of Midtown Egypt are ready for instant delivery,

which is an advantage that you do not find in other projects, as you can have the apartment in your unit without waiting to enjoy all the privileges of the compound.

Midtown New Cairo Compound

The company that owns Midtown New Cairo Compound:

Better Home Company, owner of the project:

A huge project such as Midtown Compound must be within the framework of the list of practices of a great institution such as Bear Home Real Estate,

which has a huge experience in the field of facilities,

which it started in 1998 and

includes with it three huge institutions specialized in real estate development.

The Foundation has actually promoted Bselman

with about 9 commercial businesses in abundant locations within the Arab Republic of Egypt,

especially the Sixth of October City, New Cairo,

the modern administrative capital and the town of Minya.

 The most important projects presented by the company include:

Midtown Sky Mall in the new administrative capital.

And Midtown Condo Mall project in the new administrative capital.

Midtown Solo Mall, New Capital.

Cairo Business Plaza project in the new administrative capital.

Highland Park project in 6th of October City.

Cairo Business Gate Administrative Mall in New Cairo.

Cairo Business Plaza Administrative Mall in New Cairo.

And Cairo Business Bay project in New Cairo City.

Cairo Medical Center Mall on the 6th of October

Midtown New Cairo Compound

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