MidTown condo – price

MidTown condo – price
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MidTown condo – price is characterized by a unique and very privileged location in the New

Administrative Capital in the seventh district R7 between the exhibition grounds,

And it is next to the embassies neighborhood, which will include all the embassies located in

the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is located near the Al Massa Hotel in addition to its proximity to the Green River

the largest mosque in the New Administrative Capital and the Cathedral.

It is facing the seminar room and is located next to Il Bosco New Capital

It is located near the main major roads in the capital, such as the Regional Ring Road

and Bin Zayed South Corridor.

The owner of the midtown condo project price:

The midtown condo price is one of the most important constructions of Better Home Real Estate.

It is one of the most important real estate development institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

North Africa and the Gulf.

The institution has a history of more than 13 years in the real estate market and it was

established in 1997.

The Foundation owns more than 56 projects within and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Better Home established the midtown condo price, and it is a very large company in

the field of real estate economics.

It has a history of more than 13 years in the field of establishments, as the company was

established in 1997.

The company has established more than 56 projects within and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and it is a large company,

And it has a large number of important projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as:

  • Founded Midtown opposite the American University in 5th Settlement
  • Cairo Business Plaza established the 5th settlement
  • in addition, Cairo Business Bay established the 5th settlement
  • Cairo Business Gate established the 5th settlement
  • Highland Park Compound 5th Settlement
  • Highland Park Compound built 6th of October
  • Founded Cairo Medical Center 6th of October
  • Cityscape Mall 6th of October
  • I founded the midtown condo price
  • Cityscape Mall El Menia has been established
  • Mega Mall founded 6th of October
  • The midtown condo price project is the latest commercial project of Better Home Real Estate.
  • It was founded after the great success of the projects Mid Town New Capital and Midtown Solo,

the New Administrative Capital.

MidTown condo – price

Midtown condo price:

  • The midtown condo price compound is characterized by a group of entertainment and important

services that guarantee you a high and distinguished living rate, including:

  • There are a number of restaurants with international designs to serve delicious foods from

various countries of the world

  • There are cafes present in every location in the compound to spend the most beautiful

periods and enjoy the most beautiful drinks

  • There is a shopping mall that composes the most famous international brands to suit all tastes
  • A number of swimming pools are available in graded sizes to suit adults and juniors

distributed in every headquarters in the village so that each unit is close to a swimming pool.

  • There is an indoor swimming pool to provide privacy for the ladies
  • Small size swimming pools are available for children
  • There is a mosque for the custom of performing all religious rituals
  • Central shower available
  • There is a children’s amusement park and a Kids Area so that your children spend the happiest

times in the compound

  • There is an international school that gives your children the most worthy degree and

educational standard because it allows modern international courses offered by a number

of the most worthy teachers

  • There are vast green spaces and natural views distributed in all areas of the village to add

to you an atmosphere of fun and tranquility.

  • Available commercial space with all services available isolated from the residential space
  • There is a Club House.

There are also services in the midtown condo price:

  • A number of artificial lakes are available.
  • There are medical facilities equipped at the highest rate with the latest medical devices and
  • a number of doctors in all branches of specialization to serve all the people of the compound

for 24 hours.

  • Wide streets are available decorated with the most beautiful natural similarities so that

you can enjoy your wandering throughout these streets.

  • There is a sports club for practicing various sports such as football, basketball and volleyball
  • A social club is available to save a quiet and beautiful time to spend with your friends and family
  • There are different sports fields for practicing all sports at any time
  • in addition, There is a gym that combines a number of the latest sports equipment and the finest coaches.
  • There are designated cycling areas
  • A track dedicated to running and sports is available for those who love at the forefront of

their day with health and activity

  • There is a spa to escape to at any time of your daily worries and stress
  • There are various clinics, branches of specialization, with a number of the finest doctors to serve

the people of the compound 24 hours

  • There is a security and protection system equipped with the latest monitoring supplies and cameras

to save peace for you and all your family’s personalities during time

  • An architectural setting with distinct specifications of the units is available, mixing new and original
  • There are different spaces, Vio, and the location within the village, with a unique location,

in the space R7.

MidTown condo – price

Payment and payment systems:

The midtown condo price is located on an area of ​​sixty acres.

The compound is distinguished by a distinguished modern design that includes originality

and distinction, as the owner of the project uses the best real estate strategy institutions.

The compound consists of residential units only twenty% of the compound space represented

in constructions and buildings,

As for the rest of the compound space, services such as swimming pools, industrial lakes,

clubs and clinics.

Spaces midtown condo price:

The compound consists of various units of spaces, views, prices, and location within the compound.

The compound consists of residential units, villas, administrative units, and commercial stores,

and the compound consists of the buildings of each building consisting of a ground floor and

seven floors.

The residential unit areas are 120 square meters

Available area of ​​170 square meters

There are 250 square meters

The units feature a distinct architectural design that combines modernity and originality.

MidTown condo – price

Midtown condo price:

Better Home Real Estate, the owner of the midtown condo price project, has established a number

of payment and payment systems,

To suit all financial capabilities of investors.

Ten% downpayment and the rest of the amount are available in equal installments over 7 years.

The midtown condo units will be delivered in 2022.

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