Midtown Condo Better Home

Midtown Condo Better Home
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Midtown Condo Better Home is available with villas, residential units, offices and clinics and is

located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital at reasonable prices next to the

Presidential Palace,

It is next to the Green River, the Ministries Quarter, the Diplomatic Quarter, and the Diplomatic

Quarter, and all the services you are looking for are available in Midtown Condo.

There are all the shops and overlook the main streets, and the units also overlook green areas

and industrial lakes.

The compound overlooks the view, landscapes, and landscapes, and it established the most

famous real estate marketing institution in the compound.

Midtown condo better home:

If you are a fan of the picturesque natural view, looking for relaxation and tranquility, tired of

noise and pollution and want to live a quiet life,

You should choose the location of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the midtown

condo better home.

It is considered a piece of paradise on an Egyptian land with landscapes that relax the eyes and soul,

and a life that everyone dreams about.

All the services and benefits you are looking for are available, so you do not have to worry

and have no time to think, it could be that this is a possibility that will not be

repeated in your life.

In the midtown condo better home, there is sophistication, tranquility, stunning views,

and beauty of nature, with many spaces.

Modules available at reasonable prices with unparalleled comfort and privacy.

There are commercial destinations and an attractive and elegant design, whether for

residential or commercial.

Midtown Condo Better Home

Midtown condo better home project services and features:

The Midtown Condo Capital project provides all services and benefits to meet the demands

of life for all civilians,

Take the initiative to book that project since the first publication and promotion of the effort

on the ground.

Among the most important services of the midtown condo better home project are:

  • There are monitoring cameras for more peace.
  • Available electronic entrances for more peace for citizens.
  • There is wifi.
  • Lighting poles available.
  • There is protection and security 24 hours a day.
  • A garage is available for the project’s residents.
  • There is a private garage at the bottom of each building.
  • Available for leisure and entertainment.
  • There is a landscape.
  • Green spaces available.
  • There is a Track Track.
  • Track running is available.
  • There is a track of degrees.
  • Nurseries are available at midtown condo Better home.
  • There is a children’s play area surrounded by security cameras.
  • Opera is available.
  • There is a cinema.
  • A gym that includes recent devices is available.
  • There is a spa.
  • Swimming pools for women and men are available.
  • There is a jacuzzi.
  • Club House Available.
  • There are function rooms.
  • Huge mosque available.
  • There is a church.
  • Schools available.
  • There are universities.
  • Cafe available.
  • There is a restaurant.

Midtown condo better home project area:

The Midtown Condo Administrative Capital project consists of 54 buildings, each building

within that enormous edifice is formed of 7 upper floors.

And a basement and a ground floor, each floor consists of 6 apartments, 2 elevators, a garage

for the property, a private garden, and 24-hour security.

Apartments are fully finished and semi finished.

Starting from 120 meters to 375 meters for lovers of large spaces,

Commercial shops start from 110 meters in area and on the main streets within the project.

The midtown condo better home project was built on the largest residential area of ​​sixty

acres and in the most important location within the New Administrative Capital.

The project is close to all services and designed with an international look and at the hands of

specialists and engineers with experience in the real estate field.

It is located in a prominent strategic and geographical location, near the main streets of

the Administrative Capital.

In the New Administrative Capital, all services are available and the largest and most famous

central park in the world is available.

The Administrative Capital attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Midtown Condo Better Home

The executing organization of the midtown condo

better home project:

The choice of the location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital is a successful choice

made by an institution specialized in the field of real estate construction and construction.

Peter Construction and Building was chosen following the overwhelming success it has achieved

in a large number of projects that have won the admiration of all,

Better Home has achieved a high rate of sales in the real estate field, and it is an

international organization with the most famous engineers in the whole planet.

The strategy of the real estate project is distinct from its model, and the institution has been

established by distributing the area in a systematic manner, providing green spaces, recreational

and commercial services for civilians.

Twenty% of the total area is not for buildings, and the rest of the area for services, landscapes,

artificial lakes, large streets and green spaces.

Huge prices and discounts for midtown condo better home project:

The prices of apartments, shops and general spaces shall be to suit all forms of society,

and the residential units shall be in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

Available in midtown condo better home compound, payment with no down payment

and equal installments, to no avail

You can pay for the unit for the whole 5 years.

There is a payment of 5% of the cost of the housing unit full completion, half completion

and adaptation, and the rest of the price will be paid over a period of 6 years

It is available to pay ten% of the price of the housing unit, regardless of the area, wonderful

finish and half completion

Midtown Condo Better Home

in addition:-

There is payment of the rest of the price over 7 full years without interest and equal installments.

15% of the housing unit price is available for a full 8 years

In midtown condo better home compound, there is payment of the rest of the value, whether

the unit is fully finished or 1/2 finished.

It is available to pay twenty% of the housing unit cost and pay the rest of the value over

9 years in equal installments.

It exists without the advantages of a lux finishing or 1/2 finishing.

Midtown condo better home project numbers

You can inquire about the offers and discounts for all investors and other items by

continuing the Foundation’s web page.

Or by representatives of the investor service function during the whole day and throughout

the week, do not hesitate and call the numbers indicated as the result of the text,

Or leave us a comment at the conclusion of the link and we will contact you as soon

as it reaches us.

The midtown condo better home project is distinguished from its style in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital, a preparation that attracts attention and is unique,

Own an area that suits your circumstances and the number of people in your family,

Or if you are looking for economics and commerce, you can buy a store with every knife for

exaggerated sums of money.

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