Mall Ezdan New Capital

Mall Ezdan New Capital
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Mall Ezdan New Capital, is calculated from the new projects in the New Administrative Capital,

as the modern engineering strategies suit all investor tastes.

Ezdan Mall New Capital location:

Ezdan, the Administrative Capital, is located within the boundaries of the Al-Dawan Town District and is

in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

It is one of the most commercial places in the Administrative Capital,

The project is next to a group of more features of the New Administrative Capital, such as:

The wealth and business district, the government district, the wealth and business district,

the Green River, and the residential neighborhoods.

Mall Ezdan New Capital

Ezdan Mall New Capital Space:

The project was built on a huge place, and the executing institution made sure to have

the largest area for green spaces and artificial lakes.

So that everyone who owns a unit gets a measure of peace, tranquility and beauty,

and less space for commercial and administrative apartments.

Mall Ezdan New Capital

Ezdan Mall New Capital services:

Ezdan Mall New Capital is distinguished by a set of services that made it one of

the most distinguished malls in the Administrative Capital, and among these features:

  • There is a swimming pool of various sizes to suit all ages.
  • Available green spaces that radiate fun, tranquility, psychological comfort and relaxation.
  • There are artificial lakes.
  • in addition, There are sports fields and gyms that contain the latest sports.
  • There are restaurants and cafes that provide the highest rate of hotel services.
  • Monitoring cameras are available to protect the compound from inside and outside.
  • There is free high speed internet services.
  • in addition, There are 2 elevators available in each building.
  • There is a private garage for every building.
  • Children’s play area is available.

Features of Ezdan Mall New Capital:

Ezdan Mall in the New Capital enjoys a set of features, namely:

  • Ezdan Mall New Capital is distinguished by its central location in the Administrative Capital.
  • This space is one of the unique areas available in the main centers in the New Administrative Capital.
  • This space was divided according to precise standards, as buildings dedicated to

administrative and commercial buildings and apartments were distributed.

  • This place contains great commercial complexes.

If you are looking for silence and comfort, you should search carefully for a suitable

and calm place in order to acquire a unit of whatever type.

With a variety of spaces and minimal costs, you will find all of that with us

in Ezdan Mall, New Capital.

Payment and payment systems in Ezdan New Capital:

The Foundation provided investors in Ezdan Mall, the new capital, a number of prices to

suit everyone’s tastes, and was keen to provide facilities in payment and payment.

An amount of the company’s housing unit cost is paid until the remainder of

the amount is spent in equal annual installments, and therefore without interest.

The project is located in the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in

the New Administrative Capital to contain the many facilities and services,

and the project was established with the new systems.

The executing institution of the Ezdan Administrative Capital project:

The project was established by the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation,

as it is one of the largest real estate economy institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

North Africa and the Gulf.

The company owns a large number of new projects in the New Administrative Capital,

and the institution has allocated each area for a specific type of activity,

The Corporation provided the strongest economic opportunities in the new administrative capital,

and this is based on its tremendous experience in contracting and its good

reputation among institutions,

As the institution has a great and long history in that field.

Contact with Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation:

You can contact the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation and this

is through the establishment numbers that can be obtained above from the company’s location,

The establishment provides you with a special number on WhatsApp, and it is possible to

contact the commercial establishment by visiting the company’s government page on Facebook,

Or see the institution’s YouTube channel to get an idea of ​​all that the commercial

establishment offers of distinct apartments in that distinguished project.

The Foundation provided a service job for investors, which responds to all inquiries and

communications of customers throughout the day and during the days of the week.

The New Administrative Capital:

The modern administrative capital is one of the mega projects that the Egyptian state

administration has established in order to support and develop Egyptian investment,

The new administrative capital is located between the Greater Cairo region and the Suez

Canal region, as well as next to the Ring Road and Cairo Suez Road.

The new administrative capital, Mohammed bin Zayed, who is in the north, the conference center,

the exhibition city, the residential neighborhood, the government district, the sports town,

and the medical town combine.

The modern administrative capital  establish at about 6 billion pounds,

as the Urban Communities Organization and the National Service Employment

Projects Organization contributed to its establishment.

Mall Ezdan New Capital

Features of the New Administrative Capital:

The modern administrative capital is one of the most modern cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

As it promoted the transformation of the concept devoted t the present residential

life in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is located on a place of 170 thousand acres,

It has a huge central park of 8 square kilometers, green spaces, gardens and places of institutions.

The New Administrative Capital will be next to all the most vital neighborhoods,

and 13 residential towns will  establish in it, as all of them will have all services.

Services of the New Administrative Capital:

There are many important services available in the New Administrative Capital to

meet the needs of investors, including:

  • The first phase  established on a location of 7 acres.
  • There is the Green River, which  consider one of the largest green axes in

the modern administrative capital.

  • All services related to public safety are available.
  • There are many places of worship such as mosques and churches.
  • All units shall  fully finish.
  • The Foundation offers a number of offers and payment systems so that

each customer distinguishes what suits him in terms of location and price.

If you are looking for peace, comfort and relaxation in one of the most prestigious projects

of the modern administrative capital, then you are in the right place,

All that is required of you is to contact Ezdan, the Administrative Capital,

The temperate atmosphere and the facilities and services he needs are all that live in that huge project.

Project services and facilities:

  • There is a kids space
  • Water fall filter available (2m amount)
  • There is a square electronic point
  • Spotted water fountains available
  • There is a recreation space
  • Fountain available
  • There is the hoop
  • Main entrance corridor available
  • There is less screen popping
  • Huge dash screen available

Units space in Ezdan Mall, New Capital:

The spaces start from 35 square meters to 140 square meters

Meter value:

Available from 55,000 to 170,000 EGP

Payment measures:

5% in advance of scheduled payments of up to ten years

Repair Tax: Ten%

Envelope for trolleys: 100,000 pounds

Delivery: (4 years)

Exchange down payment: 50,000 EGP

Ezdan Mall New Capital  consider one of the distinguished malls in the New Administrative Capital.

Take advantage of the possibility and do not leave it until you obtain a real unit

for you, whether it is for housing or investment in the Administrative Capital,

as it is still and away from the noise and congestion of cities.

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