Location of La Verde New Capital

Location of La Verde New Capital
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Location of La Verde New Capital, is one of the major real estate projects that

has won the admiration of many investors

And La Verde compound, the administrative capital, is one of the projects of La Verde Egypt,

which consider one of the major companies that has a huge status among

real estate companies.

The project build on an area of ​​35 acres, but most of that area has been

allocated to provide green spaces and entertainment.

Location of La Verde New Capital Compound:

The location of La Verde, the administrative capital, is located in the area of ​​R8,

which is considered one of the charming areas,

in addition Which  locate in the heart of the Administrative Capital, next to the Embassies District,

which contains embassies and diplomatic bags, so it is considered one of the best areas of the capital.

It is also located next to the Cultural City, a few minutes away from

the Green River and one of the largest green parks around the world.

Which will  create by separating a water line from the Nile River with a line of

desalination water belonging to the Red Sea.

The compound will be near the ministries neighborhood, to which many ministries

will  transfer in the coming period, near the administrative capital’s helipad,

Consequently, La Verde Compound will be in the most strategic vital area in the capital.

Location of La Verde New Capital

Spaces and location of La Verde compound, the administrative capital:

The spaces vary within the La Verde compound, the administrative capital,

and the residential units’ spaces start from 130 meters to 255 meters,

The duplexes’ space starts from two hundred meters up to 270 meters.

As for the penthouse residential units, their spaces start from 295 meters to 365 meters.

With that, dear investor, you can choose the housing unit that suits the number

of your family and with your needs and financial capabilities.

Features and location of La Verde New Capital:

La Verde New Administrative Capital is one of the most distinctive projects,

which is characterized by the following:

  • A shopping mall is available on a large area that contains all international shops.
  • There are swimming pools for adults and children.
  • The location of La Verde, the administrative capital, contains an international administrative property.
  • There are international nurseries in order to ensure a distinguished educational rate for children.
  • in addition, There is a social club on a huge area that combines various international entertainment.
  • There are international industrial lakes.
  • Track for running, walking and cycling.
  • The compound has special areas for hiking.
  • All buildings in the compound have an attractive view of the green spaces.
  • The presence of internal garages for various apartments.
  • An international health club that includes a sauna, spa, gym and jacuzzi
  • Security and guard service is available all the time.
  • Existence of places dedicated to the purpose of social celebrations and barbecues.
  • An international commercial space is available that contains all the shops within

it in order to provide you with all the services you lack.

  • A huge area has been designated for international restaurants and cafes.

Design and location of La Verde compound, the administrative capital:

The Laverde project, which  conceive in a circular project, conceive.

To  accomplish between sublime, sophistication and time, and this is in

the traditional form with the aim of being distinct and unique from the rest of the projects.

Rather, the real estate developer has keen to put a modern touch in

the designs in order to suit everyone’s tastes, the compound is being built on an

area of ​​35 acres.

The percentage of buildings and machinery within the project, and the project exceeds forty%

It has dedicate to green spaces, artificial lakes and landscapes.

Stunning views of the La Verde Administrative Capital project.

It  consider an ideal choice, as the project provides all the features and entertainment

you dream of,

The spread of green spaces with all the views of the charming views of the Green

River is considered one of the largest parks in the world.

Also, the real estate developer has provided you with attractive views of the green spaces

in order to give you the social comfort that cooperated on recreation and relaxation.

Location of La Verde New Capital

Payment systems and location of La Verde compound:

Housing The real estate developer provided the La Verde Capital compound with

payment systems,

Moon to start from within the investor from the middle of the installment systems

provided by the real estate developer, the following:

Advance payment system 15% exchange advance of the project price, and e.

The second part of the project, which has been paid 15% as a reservation deposit,

and then completes the payment of 5% after six months, in installments over 6 years.

The third owner is to pay 15% of the unit value, then complete the 5% payment after

6 months, then 5% after a year, and install the unit price over 7 years.

the prices

As for housing in the Heliopolis project, it sought to reach all investors

Scattered copies of the family to the housing unit.

Entertainment provided by the real estate developer.

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