Joya Compound
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Joya Compound is in a privileged location in the Administrative Capital in the 8th district

within the borders of the R8 area and on an area of ​​about 33 acres.

It consists of residential units, duplexes, villas and studios.

Location of Joya Compound:

The compound will be in the 8th residential district of the R 8 region,

specifically in plot No. B 2, which is one of the vital locations in the Administrative Capital.

The compound enjoys a view of the tourist walkway and the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

It is next to the largest garden in the eighth residential area.

The street is characterized by a view of four main streets seventy meters wide.

It is next to the central park and flower club.

Design of Joya Compound:

The Joya Compound is the last project of Taj Misr in the New Administrative Capital.

The compound has become the first destination for all those looking for a luxury

residential life away from the hustle and bustle in a safe location where the necessary

features and services are available.

De Goia compound was designed with the most luxurious international engineering and

construction strategies.

The Dejoya project contains different apartments of various sizes to suit all opinions, desires and tastes.

Joya Compound

Joya Compound services and features:

  • There is a luxurious clubhouse that mixes a gym, spa, jacuzzi and a swimming pool for women.
  • in Addition, There are commercial areas that contain many shops.
  • There are 24-hour security and guarding services.
  • Sports clubs are available that contain halls for all games.
  • There is a great, very well maintained aquarium.
  • An entertainment place dedicated to children’s games is available in the highest peace.
  • There is environmentally friendly solar energy.
  • Swimming pools are available in many different sizes and types to suit adults and children.
  • There are green spaces and artificial lakes that make a painting of similar nature.
  • Trails for walking, jogging and cycling are available.
  • There is a garage for vehicles in all buildings.
  • Service roof is available and provide a service function to eliminate residues in a safe and healthy way.

The spaces of the Compound de Goia:

Joya Compound will be on an area of ​​about 33 acres to provide the largest amount of

facilities and services that attract residents.

The units in the De Joya project consist of studios, residential units, duplexes, and villas of various sizes.

Studio units are available to start from seventy square meters to eighty square meters.

The residential units’ space ranges between 85 square meters and two hundred square meters.

Villa spaces are available starting from 310 square meters to 410 square meters.

There are duplex villas ranging in size from 310 square meters to 410 square meters.

Excellent residential units are available in areas ranging from seventy square meters to 410 square meters.

Prices of de Goia, the administrative capital:

The price per meter in Joya Compound is:

Prices are available in the compound from 800,000 EGP.

There is a meter value that starts from 8,500 to 11,000 EGP.

Available value of the isolated villas 3,760,000 EGP.

The executing establishment of the Compound de Goia project:

Dejoya New Capital project is implemented by Taj Misr Corporation, which is one of the largest

real estate institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is one of the Egyptian international institutions for construction.

It cooperated in establishing the compound with the “Space” establishment, for engineer

Medhat Dorra, the largest engineering consultancy firm.

And an Eicc commercial facility for Eng. Mustafa Khalil, the largest contracting institution.

The foundation was established in 2006 and presented many mega projects, most notably:

A social club was established for the employees of the Central Bank in the Egyptian capital, New Cairo.

Founded the Compound Diyar General Intelligence in New Cairo.

She created the Greens project for the Hassan Dora Foundation.

The American School was founded in Sheikh Zayed.

Joya Compound

Payment and installment systems:

Available in installments over 7 years without downpayment and without interest.

There is a customer payment of 5% in advance with the rest in installments over 8 years.

Ten% downpayment is available with the rest of the amount being paid in equal installments

for a period of 9 years without interest.

There is a payment of 8% for maintenance.

Club House is available for studio units 50,000 EGP.

For apartments, 65,000 pounds

And the garage is 100,000 EGP.

Why invest in Dy Compound in the Administrative Capital?

Dejoya New Capital is a luxurious residential project in the most distinctive locations of

the modern capital.

The compound established on a huge area and combines a unique bouquet of

facilities and important services that all residents need.

Taj Misr Establishment provides excellent prices per meter in this excellent compound

with simplified payment systems.

The compound de Goia, the administrative capital of Taj Egypt, is distinguished by

providing the cheapest value per meter in the administrative capital.

The 8th district of the Administrative Capital  characteriz by the presence of many services

and a unique strategic location.

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