Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project
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Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project is presented to you by the Saudi Egyptian Foundation

for Development, which is its newest integrated residential construction projects, which,

as usual, are managed wisely and carefully

Everyone is dazzled by the ingenuity of choosing the distinctive location and being the finest

residential urban designs in luxury, sophistication, and aesthetic masterful touches.

There are many advantages of the Blue Vert New Capital project, some of which contain

residential units, villas, various areas and facilities in payment methods.

It is not a residential town only, but you will find it an integrated town with all the services

and features that you aspire to, and this is to complete the angles of this anticipated economic project,

All of this confirms the power of investment thinking and economic acumen in the use of

resources in the best reconstruction market and the largest beneficial owner.

The location and advantages of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

It is located in the R7 area at the intersection of the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis with

the E8 neighborhood and is near the IL Bosco Compound.

The Saudi Egyptian Foundation is the rational benefit that makes it carefully choose

a unique location for the purpose of living in the New Capital Compound Blue Vert.

To meet and achieve prosperity in the amount of its investments and its high cost added

to its successes in the field of reconstruction.

It is located on a strategic location to include axial lines, as the regional ring road connects

the project to the west, and the Suez Road connects it to the south,

It is near Ain Sokhna Road, linking it from inside the Red Sea Governorate, in addition

to the Middle Ring Road.

Next to the cathedral is the birth of Christ, and also close to the Al-Masa Hotel,

the Administrative Capital.

Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Space and advantages of the Blue Vert New Capital project

The Blue Vert New Capital project is located on an area of ​​seventy acres, and this is

a large area to add an increase in the variety of options in the units’ spaces

The residential units in the project acquire forty% of the project cost, and the residential

villas cover sixty% of the total project area.

The offered spaces in the Blue Vert New Capital compound vary so that every investor can

find what he wishes in the project space to establish his project

Available ground floor areas vary from 150 square meters to 190 square meters.

There are other upper floors, with an area ranging from 140 square meters to 200 square meters.

Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Advantages of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation provided all the features and provided all

the distinguished services of its model.

This is due to its keenness to satisfy its investigators of the unique and distinct residential

excellence and urban simplicity.

Here are a number of features, including:

  • There are commercial services
  • Restaurants are available on a range of taste.
  • There are shops that distribute food, drinks and general supplies.
  • Pharmacies available 24 hours.
  • There are construction services
  • Finishing is available at the highest rate of creativity and distinction.
  • There are contrast areas between small, medium, and large.
  • Unique views are available.
  • Entertainment services available
  • Gym available.
  • There are swimming pools for all age groups.
  • Available gardens and spaces of green cover refreshing the environment.
  • There areas dedicate to children’s play and activities.
  • Sales services available
  • There are reasonable prices for small owners and those with middle incomes.
  • A choice of various payment systems is available.
  • There are payment facilities.

The owner organization and the missed projects:

The Saudi Egyptian Development Corporation is the executor of that real estate development edifice,

and its name associate with the name of the most reliable commercial, economic and

real estate projects since 1957 AD.

It established by the joint Saudi-Egyptian bilateral cooperation between the Egyptian

Ministry of Housing and provided the advantages of the Blue Vert project, the administrative capital,

Which will be a major partner in the urban lands on the one hand and to pay capital expenditures

by the Saudi Ministry of Monetary on the other hand.

The Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Development has a large portfolio of high-end designs and

mega projects.

And they possess the competencies to manage projects intentionally in the professionalism and

effort was made in an effective manner they deserve, so they had precedence in the world

of establishments,

In which the two user states share the head of the wealth so that the horizontal expansion

will be in all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

And the establishment of nearly fifty urban projects, with financial assets estimated at $ 318 million.

Missed projects of the Foundation:

  • Founded Saudi Compound.
  • Established Compound Zahrat Al Obour.
  • Founded Lake Dream compound.
  • Established Damietta Resort Compound.
  • Founded Durrat Assiut Compound.
  • Established Alexandria Residences Compound.
  • Founded the advantages of the Blue Vert project, the administrative capital

Features of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Prices of Blue Vert New Capital:

Knowing well about the offered prices is the Saudi Egyptian Foundation, which is one of

the main reasons for the sales and investor attractiveness.

The second one of the important reasons for the features of the Blue Vert New Capital project

is the speed of completion and delivery of units. This is why the year 2022 AD has been

set as the date for the project to be completely delivered.

Payment systems:

The Foundation provided the advantages of the Blue Vert New Capital project, and made

two payment offers:

There is one cash payment.

Available quantities, to be paid over periods of time:

The first down payment is ten% and it includes each of the 5% downpayment for the

unit that was owned.

There is a 5% payment for maintenance, back up and car parking.

Then the rest of the specified amounts pay after 3 months from the start of the contract,

and the down payment is paid.

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