Ezdan Mall – New Capital

Ezdan Mall – New Capital
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Ezdan Mall – New Capital is one of the most prestigious malls in the New Administrative Capital,

and this is because it was designed based on a number of new engineering strategies.

Ezdan Mall New Capital location:

The project will be within the Al-Dawan Town district in the heart of the New Administrative Capital,

and one of the most prestigious commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital,

The project is located near the most prominent landmarks of the New Administrative Capital,

such as the Green River, the Governmental District, the Wealth and Business District,

the Green River and residential neighborhoods.

Ezdan Mall - New Capital

Mall New Capital Space:

The project area is one of the largest areas of commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital,

The executing organization for that project allocated the largest section of the area to

the artificial lakes and green spaces,

Therefore, in order to acquire a residential unit that overlooks a luxurious and unique view,

so that all who reside in it feel comfortable, calm and enjoy the green spaces.

Features of Ezdan Mall New Capital:

This space contains great commercial complexes.

The space is one of the vital and unique places in which the most prominent

centers of the New Administrative Capital are located

This project is distinguished by its central location in the New Administrative Capital.

The special units were distributed for sale according to precise criteria.

If you are escaping from the noise and congestion of cities and are looking for peace

and quiet in a harmonious and quiet place,

And you want to find out about a residential unit with different areas and the costs of

the accident that you will find in the Ezdan Mall New Capital project.

Ezdan new capital by tai misr services:

Ezdan Mall New Capital offers a number of services that you cannot find in many

other projects, including:

  • There are green spaces for silence, rest and relaxation.
  • Industrial lakes available.
  • There are swimming pools for adults and children.
  • A private garage is available for cars dedicated to all buildings.
  • There is free high-speed internet services for entertainment.
  • Security and guarding available throughout the day and the hour.
  • There are the newest gyms that keep plenty of sports equipment.
  • Spa and gym available.
  • There are monitoring cameras to protect the compound from the inside and outside completely.
  • A children’s play area is available, as it includes all children’s games.

Ezdan Mall - New Capital

Payment and payment systems in ezdan new capital by tai misr:

The Foundation has offered a number of prices, which vary according to the different units,

and this is based on the area of ​​each housing unit.

The Corporation provided payment and payment facilities, so that the investor would pay

an amount of the company’s unit cost,

The rest of the cost is disbursed in annual scheduled payments without benefits,

until all fully finished apartments are delivered.

The commercial facility implementing the Ezdan New Capital project:

The Misr Taj Real Estate Investment Corporation will be the executing institution of the project.

It is considered one of the largest real estate investment institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

North Africa and the Gulf.

The company owns many modern projects in the New Administrative Capital and in other cities,

The Foundation gives the strongest investment offers in the Administrative Capital,

and this is based on its long experience in that field for many years.

Method and how to contact with Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation:

The Arab Crown Corporation for Investment and Real Estate Development has allocated

numbers for easy communication with the institution, and this is through the institution’s location,

It is possible to call the WhatsApp number, just as the commercial establishment has

allocated for the benefit of customers,

Which responds to all phone calls and answers customers during days and on various

days of the week.

Investors can follow the channel dedicated to the foundation on YouTube or continue

all the services and projects that the foundation provides.

Through a Facebook page to get an idea of ​​everything that is recent in the world of

economics and real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad.

The New Administrative Capital provides services to meet the needs of investors.

The strategy of that city was carried out with the latest modern engineering strategies

that impressed investors in it.

Features of the New Administrative Capital:

The New Administrative Capital is one of the most implemented projects in the Arab

Republic of Egypt by the Egyptian state administration.

It completely changed the concept of residential life in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

as the modern administrative capital is located on a place of 170 thousand acres.

As there remains the abundant amount of necessary services and accompaniments

that everyone who lives in it needs, and the most prominent services are:

  • The diplomatic district.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • Property and business district.
  • Al Massa Hotel.
  • Government district.
  • The green river.
  • Ground + 5 commercial only

Ezdan Mall - New Capital

Project services and facilities:

  • There is a kids space
  • Water fall filter available (2 meters increments)
  • There is a square electronic point
  • Spot water features available
  • There is a recreation space
  • Fountain available
  • There is the cordon
  • Main entrance duct available
  • There is a lower display
  • Great screen display available

Units space in Ezdan Mall New Capital:

Starting from 35 square meters 140 square meters

The meter’s value in Ezdan Mall of the New Capital:

The price per square meter in Ezdan Mall, New Capital, starts from 55,000 to 170,000 EGP

Payment system in Ezdan Mall New Capital:

5% is down payment in equal installments of up to ten years

Maintenance Tax: Ten%

Available garage: 100,000 pounds

Delivery: (4 years)

Exchange down payment: 50,000 EGP

If you want peace, comfort and relaxation, you must acquire a residential unit in Ezdan

Mall of the New Capital.

Do not miss the opportunity, you will find everything that fits the category of business

you want to create,

It is also a very great possibility to invest your money in one of the most beautiful

projects of the New Administrative Capital.

Other projects are also of interest (La Verde New Capital Compound

Iris Mall the administrative capital)


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