Sari Real Estate Development

Sari Real Estate Development Founded Mall Ains New Capital It represented in hotel towers with unique designs largely on the elegant German

form to express the majesty and refined taste in planning.

Place and types of units within Ainz Towers, Sari Real Estate Development:

The Eins Tower New Capital project designed in the German architectural style

in addition to is considered a civilized transfer in the field of real estate development,

as the external facades of the units in the mall have a panoramic view

of the natural similarities, which allows for pleasant and calm weather conditions.

in addition to The area of ​​Ainz Towers, the modern administrative capital, reaches 4137 square meters,

a compound of a ground floor and ten consecutive upper floors with varying areas suitable for everyone,

and the floors distributed as follows:

The ground floor and the 1st floor and a mixture of commercial units represented in commercial stores, restaurants, and cafes.

in addition to The second floor combines the necessary services, entertainment, and different activities.

The 3rd floor up to the 10th floor combines hotel units with high-end designs to complete it.

in addition to The location of the units varies within the scope of Ainz Tower Sari Real Estate Development

as it starts from forty square meters.

Prices and payment systems for Ainz Tower Sari Real Estate Development, the nearby administrative capital:

IG Tower Real Estate Development Corporation has designed the Inz Towers Sari Real Estate Development

with a distinctive design of its style to compete with the largest commercial businesses present in the area,

in addition to it allowed prices that are not satisfied with the competition and are calculated

at low prices compared to the services and advantages that were provided in the project.

in addition to It should be noted that the unit prices vary according to the place, location, and location.

The costs range in Eins Sari Real Estate Development, starting from 25,000 EGP up to 32,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems, they varied to suit all classes, as follows:

Payment of ten percent in advance upon contracting, and ten percent upon receipt,

in addition to the remaining amount in installments in equal scheduled payments for a period of up to 7 years.

Twenty percent is paid in advance upon contracting, and ten percent upon receipt,

in addition to the rest of the amount is paid in installments in equal scheduled payments for a period of up to 9 years.

Disbursement of 30% in advance upon contracting, and 10% upon receipt,

in addition to the rest of the amount, is paid in equal scheduled installments for a period of up to ten years.

Receive the units in full termination of the highest degree and standard.

in addition to Book this moment at the hands of our New Start website.

The location of Ainz Tower Mall, Sari Real Estate Development:

There is no doubt that the site embodies a major axis and a factor that brought the project,

if it was in a vital location that helped in the promotion of trade, as opposed to if it was in a non-vital location,

in addition to Sari Real Estate Development chose the location of its project

with a conscious mastermind within a vital area in the modern capital.

in addition to Ainz Tower Mall, Sari Real Estate Development, located within the Downtown area

in the center of the modern administrative capital,

and the place located next to important landmarks such as the central park and the Green River.

in addition to We shed light on the important residential neighborhoods in size, the ministries district, and the banks,

which are important real estates that make the project the focus of everyone’s eyes.

We also find the elected council, and the presidential palace next to the project,

in addition to the mall overlooks four main axes, including the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

Take advantage of the possibility and hurry to book in advance. ten%.

Sari Real Estate Development, Ainz Tower:

Sari Real Estate Development is a German corporation that managed to attract

in addition to the eyes of many customers in a short period of time by performing distinguished

commercial investment businesses in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

in addition to which made a difference in the field of facilities,

which made it the first pioneer institution in the testimony of millions of customers.

Sari Real Estate Development, the real estate developer, focused on the Eins Tower New Capital project,

designing projects on the western architectural appearance,

in addition to interested in different categories of customers by saving apartments,

and commercial within the commercial business with different areas.

In addition to the administrative units, which contain many services and activities. heterotrophic.

From another aspect, no less necessary, we find the institution’s use of the finest raw materials,

accuracy in the implementation and delivery of units in the specified age,

in addition to a complete completion of the highest degree and standard with the assistance

of a club of the most skilled executive engineers with long experience in the field.

in addition to the presence of responsive payment systems in the business makes it easy

for customers to reserve units appropriate to their needs in a responsive way of payment,

in addition to this was evident in the Inez Tower project, the modern administrative capital,

as the institution provided commercial units, hotel units,

in addition to that, administrative units, creative settings on different spaces with payment systems.

Comfortable with a 10% down payment and installments for a period of ten years.

Features of Ainz Tower Mall Sari Real Estate Development:

One of the most important features of the Innes Tower Sari Real Estate Development is the strategic location.

Its presence in the Downtown location, in particular, contributed to the investigation

of the commercial popularity of the project, especially in the presence of the Wealth and Business District,

in addition to the Embassies District, which supported the investors’ demand for the space.

It is the first major commercial mall designed on the German appearance

in addition to is not similar to other businesses in the splendor and sophistication of the new and preparation,

and the commercial units overlook the harmonious green spaces to give a creative view that incites peace.

The commercial establishment interested in designing different units within the mall,

In addition to :

the most important of which is the commercial units on the ground floor, and the largest floor.

You can book your commercial store with only a 10% down payment

and installments for a period of ten years.

in addition to another brighter side, we find administrative units and hotel units designed in the last form to suit different tastes.

The Innes Tower Mall project in the modern administrative capital combines

various means of entertainment and comfort for customers from cinemas

in addition to various recreational activities. The improved institution also keen

to allocate a place for children’s entertainment with the highest degree

in addition to standard of peace to save the necessary defense for them and spend the most beautiful periods.

A high-speed Internet remains within the mall in all units

so that the personalities can spend their needs at the hand of the Internet and entertainment.

The units are equipped with warning systems at the highest rate to prevent fires

and reduce sudden catastrophes, which result in heavy damage.

One of the features of Ainz Tower Mall Sari Real Estate Development is the presence

of a security approach throughout the day from monitoring cameras,

and security personnel to save the highest levels of defense.

Ainz Tower, Sari Real Estate Development:

There are many commercial shops left to save the best forms of products

to support commercial activity in its various forms to satisfy all tastes in Ainz Tower Mall, Sari Real Estate Development.

A space dedicated to restaurants and cafes,

services at the best rate to save the most delicious food.

Gyms contain all forms of new sports equipment with the presence of experienced trainers in fitness

and the habit of performing sports in all its forms.

Equipped rooms at the latest rate for VIP visitors and for holding meetings and discussions.

It combines the Mall of the Lines Tower, Sari Real Estate Development,

swimming pools of different types and spaces to suit adults and children.

A children’s entertainment area that includes various fun activities and games for children.

Electric elevators, with regular cleaning services throughout the day and a professional club.

Dedicated gates to hotel units, and dedicated entrances to commercial and administrative units.

It combines Ainz Tower Mall, the nearby administrative capital,

with a repair headquarters that operates 24 hours for instant transmission with

any malfunction that results within the units,

with the presence of technicians specialized in repair practices.