misr alhurra Real Estate Development

misr alhurra Real Estate Development has established Discovery Mall, the modern administrative capital, in the best location within the boundaries of MU 23,

Simple information about misr alhurra Real Estate Development Discovery Mall:

The Axis of Hope commercial area with distinguished specifications has been chosen

by misr alhurra Real Estate Development to present its first business in the capital.

It is the Discovery Mall in the Administrative Capital, a mixed-use complex

that enjoys an immediate view of the Axis of Hope on the one hand,

and the gateway to the residential neighborhoods R2, R3 on the other side,

With the appearance that combines high traffic on the project,

in addition to the impressive preparation, and advanced services that the owners of the procedures need,

and motivate them for further successes.

Location of misr alhurra Real Estate Development Discovery Mall:

Discovery Mall, the nearby administrative capital, enjoys the best location within MU 23,

specifically on the Axis of Hope, one of the main outlets of the administrative capital.

It is the axis linking between the Suez Canal in the north,

and the Ain Sukhna Road in the south, as the mall enjoys a corner on two streets,

including on the Al-Amal axis showing 94 m, and a street with an explanation of 26 m.

It takes place at the exit of neighborhood R2 in the direction of neighborhood R3,

which will make it serve approximately fifty 1,000 housing units, containing about 350 1,000 residents.

In addition to that, the great numbers of personalities passing through the Axis of Hope,

which counts the main artery of the capital, from the town of Badr,

Al-Shorouk, Al-Obour, Al-Mustaqbal, Madinaty, and the Egyptian capital Cairo.

in addition to :

Just as it is only about 150 m away from the Bin Zayed axis in the north, and the Green River.

Another advantage of the site is that it is very close to the central parks.

In addition to its proximity to the location of the central practices that contain

with it the skyscrapers, and the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa.

The mall also distinguished by its proximity to the sports town,

and the most prominent universities in the capital,

such as the European University and the Canadian University.

It also approaches the town of knowledge and the town of discernment.

The mall is minutes away from the royal and business district, which is adjacent to the government district,

which will include the various ministerial headquarters and the original authorities.

It is also close to the central monorail station, next to a large number of distinctive projects in the same place,

including Zaha Park Mall, the Administrative Capital, Marvel Mall, the Administrative Capital,

and River Green New Administrative Capital.

Area of misr alhurra Real Estate Development mall:

Strategy Dialogue and the dazzling is one of the most advantages of the Discovery Mall,

which is loose on a place of 4,415 square meters,

and it was built on the equivalent of only thirty percent.

And the rest for services, and the wonderful plaza area,

especially that misr alhurra Real Estate Development mall takes the appearance

of a U, so in order to give it intuitive views of the various units,

and provide lighting both at night and during the day.

Thus, the units enjoy panoramic views, and thus no rear units remain,

as it agreed and a contract was signed with a marketing interest for the mall

among its business (return sales, and renting units at any time).

The mall consists of 3 times + ground floor + 8 consecutive floors.

The basement is in the full place of the land of 4.415 m2,

and the three basement floors are designated for garages.

The floors are from the ground to the second,

dedicated to the commercial units of misr alhurra Real Estate Development,

which will include the best and most famous brands.

As for the floors from 3 to 6, they allocated to medical units,

whether clinics or medical centers in various fields of specialization.

With regard to the 7th and 8th floors, they allocated to administrative units,

whether offices or headquarters of institutions with various activities.

Knowing that the areas of the medical and administrative units start from 47 square meters.

The clinics and medical centers have also strategicd with anti-bacterial paints.

misr alhurra Real Estate Development Discovery Mall services:

6 elevators, including an elevator for medical services.

All floors remain (waiting quarters, general information, touch screens to stand

above the headquarters of the units, repair rooms, bathrooms, and emergency stairs).

Also, the largest food court area in the capital remains, on an area of ​​4.380 square meters,

with a dancing fountain, in addition to the landscaping.

On the side in front of the mall remains the largest advertising screen,

and a public notice; To serve the owners of the mall.

Integrated security services, represented in security, guarding, and security

Electronic entrances at the mall outlets, and monitoring cameras within

and outside misr alhurra Real Estate Development mall.

Also, central air conditioning, central shower, and intercom services are available.

Fire warning mode, self-extinguishing system.

On the way to reducing the use of the repair deposit;

Fifty percent of the property’s energy use has made in the form of solar panels.

Just as escalators were saved in the commercial floors of misr alhurra Real Estate Development mall;

To facilitate the shopping process, and reduce pressure on the use of elevators.

Features of misr alhurra Real Estate Development Discovery Mall:

A set of distinct specifications of services for unit owners, such as HOTLINE and WEBSITE.

Just as the benefit of ultra-fast WiFi remains;

To serve the mall owners and patrons alike.

There is also a seminar room, a room for receiving senior visitors,

in addition to a room equipped for celebrations and birthdays.

And a children’s entertainment area.

Just as the owner institution provides the opportunity to provide and make available different spaces;

For medical centers in various branches of specialization.

Automatic payment machine, and various banking services.

The largest health resort (spa and gym) is available in an area of ​​1400 m2.

Bowling headquarters consists of 2 halls in the basement, ground, and first.

As it was agreed and signed a contract with Cafe Takeaway for medical and administrative roles.

In the second round, Magic Planet remains.

Interior and exterior finish Ultra Super Lux.

On the three gates of the mall, signs remain illuminated,

as is a newspaper for the activities of the units in misr alhurra Real Estate Development mall.

Likewise, there are television screens on the doors of the units for advertisements assigned to them.

Arranging x-rays, a pharmacy, and an analysis lab (in an exchange method).

Just as care spaces are available, warehouse services are available to customers,

backup generators, and water tanks; Prepare for any emergency.

Integrated Smart System layout.

and a service function was provided for the rubbish department,

according to the requirements and standards of the Ministry of Health.

Procedure room in the building.

There is also space for restaurants, cafés, and mini-markets.

Pricing and payment systems:

A very special list of prices, with payment facilities, up to ten years,

knowing that misr alhurra Real Estate Development Discovery Mall will be delivered over two years.

Knowing that the costs recorded in the following lines (according to the payment system) are as follows:

The cost of a square meter of administrative units starts from 32.500 pounds.

As for the cost of a square meter of medical units, it starts from 35 1000 pounds.

With regard to commercial units, you will find the value of a meter starts from

fifty thousand pounds; for the second round.

Introductions start from 5%, and installments up to ten years.

Knowing that the medical and administrative units will be delivered as Super Lux,

while the commercial units will be delivered red bricks, with central air conditioning cables.