Lavista Developments

Lavista Developments El Patio on top of the compounds with distinguished specifications whose application on the land of Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt,

Lavista Developments update for El Patio Compound:

El Patio Group is one of the most reassuring projects in Cairo, the recent capital of Egypt,

and it is performed by Lavista Developments.

The Foundation has chosen 5 terms to perform the El Patio project to satisfy all its customers, as follows:


also EL PATIO 2.


also EL PATIO 7.


Lavista Developments established in 1991, and it is one of the pioneering institutions

in the field of urban development and real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The commercial establishment is known for its establishment of more than

thirty projects distributed in various regions of the country, including:

El Patio.

La Vista Ain Sokhna.

in addition to La Vista coast to the north.

El Patio El Shorouk Town.

in addition to El Patio Zahraa in October.

La Vista marina knowledge.

in addition to La Vista Administrative Capital.

The location of Lavista Developments El Patio Compound, Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt

El Patio Compound 2

It takes place in the Egyptian capital, modern Cairo,

within the borders of the investors’ area, which is directly in the north,

19 square kilometers from the “Cairo Capital of Egypt-Suez” road.

Just as it is only 7 square kilometers away from the American University;

The equivalent of only ten minutes from the American University and the University of the Future.

Lavista Developments The El Patio Compound, the modern capital of Cairo, is in the middle of a large

number of different areas and recreational facilities, such as Point Ninety and Concorde Plaza.

unit shapes:

El Patio 3 Compound

Various units are available in “El Patio 1 – 2 – 3”, we find twin houses and villas.

Then comes El Patio 7 as the first compound of El Patio models that offers excellent residential units and villas.

As for the latest period under Lavista Developments, “El Patio Oro”,

it offers residential units, duplexes, penthouses, twin houses, and villas.

The spaces of the units in the El Patio group start from 110 square meters up to 280 square meters.

Prices of apartments in Lavista Developments El Patio Compound:

The price per square meter in El Patio Compound starts from 22000 EGP.

Payment systems

Payment systems are varied, and the commercial establishment has worked to

save the installment system by paying a ten percent advance of the unit price,

and paying the rest in scheduled installments of up to 7 years.

Until the delivery of the unit is canceled within 4 years from the date of the contract,

and the delivery of the units is fully completed.

The services of El Patio Compound:

The executing commercial establishment worked on planning the buildings

on 15% of the project amount to save large areas for gardens in front of the units.

Swimming pools within the compound.

commercial place.

International hotels and clubhouse.

Comprehensive monitoring systems.

Shopping mall.

Central gardens and green spaces in all areas of the compound.

Landscape, running and walking areas, and cycling.

Underground trolleys for residents.

Private parking for residents and residents of the compound.

Private spaces for visitors’ cars.

Social clubs.

health centers.

Parts designated for celebrations within the compound.

Security and guarding during 24 hours during the days of the week.

Each compound differs from the others in the degree of luxury it offers

and the social class it targets, but there remains a huge difference between living

in a house in the center of the town and owning a house in Lavista Developments compound.

Advantages of living in an apartment complex:

Small gated community:

Lavista Developments compound guarantees the dignity and security of its residents,

and prevents any type of unwanted interference from the outside world.


The types and quantities of Lavista Developments apartments within each compound vary,

so that everyone finds what suits him, whether from spaces, branches, and views, even to the number of halls.

Safety and security:

The most important thing that the resident seeks is calmness and tranquility,

and in the ordinary dwelling, there is no escaping from taking the necessary

precautions for the security of the dwelling from the inside;

Where no protection remains.

Therefore, unlike Lavista Developments compound;

The stairs feature is the most attractive feature to live in a compound;

Each compound has its own security, gates, and cameras.

Therefore, to ensure complete security and protection for you,

your family and your property, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Silence and Privacy:

The ordinary house in the dwelling is where you find stillness,

but silence and privacy you will only find in the compound.

The number of residents of the compound is limited,

and therefore you will not find it crowded, or filled with hustle, external noise, and problems.

But the open green spaces will find safe places to stroll in peace and comfort, unlike the center of town.

green areas:

Usually, every real estate institution is creative in saving huge green spaces,

which allows to refresh the wind and keep above it clean and fresh,

helping you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Just as artificial ponds, fountains, and swimming pools,

which are also present in most residential complexes at the present time,

give a generally beautiful and comfortable feeling during the year.


One of the main advantages of living in a compound is private parking spaces,

either in the open winds, or in closed premises with the number

of vehicles expected to be within the compound.

Which gives you the effort to find a safe place for your car repeatedly every day.


You may find transportation costs easy at the residence

in a residence in the center of the town, as all transportation is available.

Rather, living in a compound ensures that you have means of transportation that not crowded,

and have a limited number of credits.

A limited number of Lavista Developments compounds provide transportation for their residents to and from specific locations;

Which helps you to stay in direct contact with the town center.

Lavista Developments Services:

The purpose of Lavista Developments compound is to provide the people with luxury,

so that they do not have to go abroad in search of goods or services.

That is why most of the compounds cover the most important services needed for

any family, such as: “clubs, malls, shops, hospitals, schools … and others.”

Advance and Unity Planning:

Ordinary housing in the center of the town is with a random interior and exterior design,

so there is no strategy left for the available units.

Rather, the unity of the geometric appearance of the buildings, villas, and buildings is a complementary preference for living in Lavista Developments compound.

Where you will find that the increases are uniform,

and the surfaces are organized in a manner that suits the desired civilized appearance of the compound.

Real estate institutions scramble to apply an architectural style characterized by sophistication.

Recreational spots:

It varies from one compound to another according to the social class it targets to live in,

the average prices, the responsible institution, and its planning for the compound itself.

However, you will find housing in a compound that does not require you to search

for many places of entertainment for children close to your place of residence.

At a minimum, you will find a sports team and an open garden.

Marketing Headquarters:

In the center of the town, you will have to drive some distance to reach the

nearest mall where international commercial shops, clubs, gyms, restaurants, and cafes are available.

In the compound, you will find a large number of malls that contain a huge group of shops,

clubs, and restaurants, all just steps away from your living space in Lavista Developments compound.