el batal group developments

el batal group developments the pioneering real estate modification agency in the Egyptian and Canadian place of buying and selling,

disclosed its contribution to the launch of a group of apartments

in its projects on October 6 and the 5th assembly.

el batal group developments:

Engineer Emad Doss, CEO and Managing Director of el batal group developments,

said in private statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm,

The units that are subject to the campaign contain savings to save real estate expenses

for six hundred housing units in the “Rock Eden” project in the city of October 6,

Four hundred housing units in the “Rock Vera” project in the 5th settlement,

with areas ranging between 160 and 175 square meters,

This is based on the Egyptian Monetary Bank campaign with returns of 3% and 8% for a period of up to thirty years.

Doss stressed that all units meet the highest requirements of the Egyptian Monetary Bank,

in terms of their tendency to live and connect the infrastructure to them,

stressing that the institution has followed the highest standards of proficiency,

originality and high taste in completing the units.

He added that the provision of real estate expenses has changed,

helping institutions to save a rate of liquidity that they use to pay the expenses of their economic plans.

At the same time, it gives the customer the possibility of acquiring a housing unit

that meets his aspirations and dreams with long-term payment periods and simplified interest.

el batal group developments have a long experience in real estate modernization,

which has been unfolding since 1978 now.

Its projects are considered one of the prominent signs

throughout the east of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and Sheraton Residences.

Doss indicated that the commercial establishment has concluded the construction of these businesses and has begun the delivery periods.

The Corporation is planning to deliver 1,000 housing units in the three projects

before the end of the current year,

until the completion of the delivery of six hundred supplementary units during the greater half of next year.

el batal group developments Investments:

Eng. Emad Doss, CEO and Managing Director of el batal group developments Trading Facility

And about el batal group developments penetration of the administrative capital market

with an administrative project that considered the most distinguished and unique in the town,

Doss stated: “We have extensive experience in commercial

and administrative business in international stores,

As we implemented more than five commercial centers in Canada during the period from 2010 to 2014,

What helped us learn about international endeavors

and get to know the latest ideas and designs for non-residential businesses,

Let’s go back to the Egyptian place of buying and selling with the idea of ​​”Rock Capital 1

in addition to :

One of the most important administrative businesses in the Administrative Capital,

which will reflect a summary of our experiences in foreign buying and selling places.

He explained that the project dedicated to administrative activities in an area of ​​22,000 square meters.

With a total investment of EGP 2 billion, the property consists of one floor above the other under the ground.

And a ground floor, and seven consecutive upper floors, with a total number of units of 370 units.

The CEO and Managing Director of el batal group developments stressed that “Rock Capital 1”

A project that bears the shape of the face of excellence and uniqueness from other administrative projects,

The most prominent of these reasons is the distinguished strategic location in the wealthy neighborhood,

in front of the presidential palace immediately.

As well as the new arrangement of the Central Bank of Egypt, the stock exchange and the wealth market,

Secondly, the huge area of ​​the project, as the construction area reaches one hundred thousand square meters.

Approximately 9,000 square meters are flat on the single floor.

which will be able to accommodate nine hundred employees on each floor,

Pointing out that this area allowed him to put views outside the bowl to serve the space workers,

Providing an integrated work atmosphere that contributes to upgrading the employees’

productivity and getting accustomed to performing their work in a proper manner.

A cafeteria that can accommodate more than 250 people on different floors has been provided,

an Olympic “track” for running, and a sports gym in an area of ​​3,000 square meters.

Information about el batal group developments:

He noted that the project bears the symbol “Have a great working day”

and that the commercial establishment will not hesitate to provide the necessary opinions to reach that goal.

And about the structural measure of the project, the engineer Imad Doss, a

The commercial establishment is always keen to seek the assistance of major institutions specialized in all other practices

Among them is the international architect, Hazel Wong of the famous architectural firm WSW Architects, to design the property,

In addition to Cracknell for landscape design,

and the consulting office of Ted Jacob Engineering Group in design and structural work,

And the ECG office is in the role of general advisory,

pointing out that the excavation and construction work has actually begun,

and from the center, the project will be delivered by the end of 2023.

He stressed that the institution had put forward “Rock Capital 1” during the last period,

with sales expected to take place, four hundred 1,000,000 pounds.

The project targets large and foreign institutions that operate

in the place of buying and selling local or regional institutions

which seeks to open its headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt with large areas,

He stressed that the commercial establishment affects its various projects

by performing some of the construction before the project is put forward

The bulk of the sale, especially as it has sufficient liquidity for this

and possesses sufficient experience and credibility to implement and complete all its projects.

in addition to :

Certainly, the presence of construction and the movement of actions

at the project by el batal group developments site confirms the credibility

of the commercial establishment with customers on the one hand,

On the other hand, the project is prohibited from exposure to any shocks

or exceptional conditions that may lead to a breach of its critical study.

Regarding the future business measures,

Doss stated that in the framework of its studied expansion strategy, under the auspices of:

It manages to implement a residential project in the Administrative Capital

with an average area of ​​between forty-fifty acres.

As you trade-off more than one plot of land at this moment,

As it managed at a later time to perform its first tourism projects in the Ain Sukhna area,

Noting that it has become a natural extension of an area east of Cairo, the capital of Egypt,

Likewise, it receives visits throughout the year,

which makes it one of the economically functional areas.