Egy master Real Estate Development

Egy master Real Estate Development is a collective company specializing in construction projects is one of the biggest names in the real estate industry.

Preparatory work for Egy master Real Estate Development:

In 2015, Egy master Real Estate Development embarked on a successful journey in Egypt,

The most important project was the village of Paradise “Matrouh”.

city ​​valley project,

The city complex, the administrative capital,

White Bay Ras Sidr Village “South Sinai”.

Ras Sidr village in the Red Sea Valley.

Aida village in the North Coast “Kilo 74”.

Asgard Mall, the administrative capital

Aventura Mall New Capital by Egy master Real Estate Development.

Except for the work of Feda Misr, the Capital Hotel.

An urban shopping center project located on the axis of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Three campuses in Nuweiba.

Information about Aventura Mall:

It is a residential complex located on R7 on an area of ​​63 acres by Egy master Real Estate Development,

including 57 villas and 51 buildings, with investments of 4 billion pounds.

It is a 15,000 square meter shopping mall and “Aventura Mall” consisting of 287 units,

The project is located near the Al-Massa Hotel and the Exhibition City, about 5 minutes from the Green River,

It features an artificial lake, a swimming pool, and running and cycling tracks.

Aventura Mall by Egy master Real Estate Development.

Aventura Mall website:

A difficult equation that all companies want to achieve when choosing a project site,

Egy master Real Estate Development succeeded in it because it is an ideal place to combine highways and residential areas.

Aventura Mall is the link between the regional ring road and all the governorates and regions of Egypt,

and the seventh residential area in the center of the capital.

It has become one of the most important commercial shopping centers in the new administrative capital of Egypt,

Close to Armonia Walk Mall, New Capital, Pyramids Mall, New Capital, and many other shopping centers.

The importance of the presence of Aventura Mall, the administrative capital R7, is that it includes a large number of residents of the highest social group,

So all units in the shopping center have a large customer base

It can carry out various commercial activities in the seventh residential district

The most important areas of Egypt include a large number of the most luxurious residential areas designed

and implemented by real estate investment companies.

Specifically, Aventura Mall is located opposite the club and entertainment district,

It overlooks the main street of 80 meters wide, and there is also the main square,

Aventura Egy master Real Estate Development Mall,

Advantages of investing in the seventh residential area:

The seventh residential area established on an area of ​​1500 acres,

with all the components that help provide a smooth and easy life.

In addition to the huge infrastructure network,

They also provide integrated service areas be its potable water, sewage, or natural gas networks.

Providing electricity and fiber stations as well as schools, banks, hospitals, clubs,

Aventura Mall by Egy master Real Estate Development.

restaurants, hotels, and everything you may need.

The Seventh Residential District is the first residential project

in the New Administrative Capital and is close to important roads.

Where to go from different places, these roads include Cairo – Ain Sukhna Road,

Suez Road and the Regional Ring Road.

The seventh residential district is located in a special area in the capital

because it is close to the Green River and characterized by its natural beauty.

You can also find the government district next to it,

including the headquarters of many government ministries,

It is also close to the presidential palace.

On the right side of the site is the diplomatic area,

Including the headquarters of the various embassies.

The exhibition venue is located on the left side of the seventh residential district.

We found that the location of the residential area is unique, near the New Administrative Capital Airport,

It is very suitable for everyone who loves to travel by plane.

With the advantages of saving time and energy, it is easy to reach the capitals of all countries of the world,

It also has easy access to the cathedral, the new opera house, the medical city, the medical city, and the congress center.

The area of the administrative capital Aventura Mall:

15,000 square meters were designated for the construction of a shopping center.

The total area is fully exploited to ensure optimal use of the space,

as the construction area is 15 thousand pounds.

Egy master Real Estate Development chose an iconic design for the Aventura Mall, based on Spanish architecture,

With its beauty, elegance, spirit, and civilized scent.

The building is divided into 4 parts, a total of 6 modern electric elevators

and 3 entrances and exits to prevent congestion and regulate entry.

The Aventura Mall building is located on the first floor and there are two other floors.

Each floor houses many commercial units of different sizes and designs.

And the appearance is different, so the company does its best to satisfy all tastes,

So that each client can choose the unit that suits the type, activity, and nature of his project

Which makes it one of the best commercial malls in the Administrative Capital.

Aventura Mall by Egy master Real Estate Development.

It offers a variety of spaces at the best prices.

The space of the commercial units on the ground floor starts from 18 square meters.

The space of the commercial units on the first and second floors ranges from 14 square meters to 44 square meters.

About the Seventh Residential District:

The seventh residential area

That you did not know is the seventh district R7

One of the most prestigious residential areas

Also In the new Administrative Capital

It covers an area of ​​1500 acres

And is divided into 33 plots of land.

The community includes a group

Of the most important residential areas

Also In the capital,

It is in addition to a group of commercial

In addition to service facilities.

Many of the capital’s main landmarks are

In addition to the seventh residential district,

The most famous of them is the government district,

In addition to ministries and agencies,

Also The presidential palace

In addition to the diplomatic district.

The seventh district is also close

also the medical city, the railway station

And the convention center

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque,

The Nativity Cathedral and the Opera House

Also The city of arts and culture

In addition to the green river.

Also, It can also overlook many main roads,

The most attractive of which are.

Also, There is Egy master Real Estate Development

In the seventh residential district.

The eye-catching area is the regional ring road,

In addition to This connects Suez Road on one side

And Ain Sokhna Road on the other side.

The seventh residential area has a series

In addition to integrated services,

The most famous of which is education services

Most notably international schools,

In addition to British universities

And Swedish universities.

In addition to Except for a huge mall,

This is being implemented

By the well-known Al-Futtaim Group,

Which are evaluated according

In addition to international standards.

Do not miss this opportunity

Also to book your unit

by Egy master Real Estate Development.