Development Doja For Real Estate

Development Doja For Real Estate is a real estate marketing and development company in the Egyptian market that owns land in New Cairo and new Capital,

Development Doja For Real Estate Investments:

Islam Khater, sales manager at Development Doja For Real Estate revealed

The launch of the company’s third project in the new administrative capital

with an area of ​​3000 square meters and a construction area of ​​30% of the total.

The commercial area and medical activities in the new administrative capital.

He pointed out that the company is marketing the project according to the market mechanism.

And their desire to get a return on investment in this unit.

It is a commercial, administrative, and medical mall consisting of 10 floors, including 7 floors

It includes administrative offices, medical clinics, and 3 floors.

Floors for commercial use as well as garages.

He explained that the second project “X” is the work of the medical administration,

It is located in the central area of ​​the new administrative capital, at a height of 9 floors above the ground,

It houses units of different sizes, including spaces that start from the area.

Starting from 30 m, the loading rate the lowest compared to competing projects.

He stressed that Development Doja For Real Estate in the new administrative capital

in addition to It is mainly based on the investment and the national importance that the project enjoys,

Plus the capital has been constantly gaining customer buying trends since its launch,

It is full of expectations for the project.

Capital purchases in the future increase in demand.

He pointed out that with the start of the transfer of government workers

to the government administrative capital region in the first half of next year,

Where life in the capital is gradually being completed and it needs services and entertainment,

Commercial and administrative projects in the capital will be invested in units.

Multiple activities, where customers achieve high and continuous returns.

Development Doja For Real Estate projects:

Aurora is the first and largest administrative and medical commercial project in the entire administrative capital

It is affiliated with Development Doja For Real Estate,

a company that invests and operates in the Administrative Capital and in the field of real estate marketing.

Focusing on the permanent and continuous development of real estate marketing services,

and provide customers with the best services at a relatively low cost.

Experience and dedication enable Development Doja For Real Estate to change circumstances

in addition to market through rapid product diversification and exquisite mastery.

Aurora Executive Capital Development Doja For Real Estate History:

Since 2011, Development Doja For Real Estate has been cooperating with the largest developers in this field and owns:

Mansoura and Delta towers, Andalusian apartments and villas, Jasmine, Lotus, and Bait Al Watan.

The infrastructure of the administrative capital is built on international standards and successfully combines all ideal standards

in addition to Required by any big city and the availability of all needs such as:

International airports, 2000 educational institutions, parks, artificial lakes, and central parks.

The project is located in the most important and noble commercial area in the capital,

between the residential areas R2 and R3 of plot C5,

Specifically, MU 23 is on the Hope axis.

The project covers an area of ​​1.5 acres and 6000 square meters

in addition to is only 5 minutes drive from the Fifth Colony, New Cairo, and Suez Road,

It is located on the main axis of the Suez Road in the Green River area near the area.

Therefore, the central business district, the smart village,

and the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed considered the downtown area of ​​the capital

Because it contains only commercial malls.

Aurora Administrative Capital Project Development Doja For Real Estate,

The building area is 30% of the total area, the number of floors is 2 underground,

in addition to two floors with the ground, and 9 floors with a fully decorated roof.

Architectural consultant and project architect:

the famous Raef Fahmy

His works include the design of the Waterway project,

the Fifth Settlement, Arkan Plaza Sheikh Zayed, and Skyline Architecture, Mimar Al Morshedy.

He has a different vision because he believes in the basics of architecture,

But he insists on thinking freely in design and encourages new ideas outside the box

Because he believes in doing different things.

Aurora Mall Information:

The Aurora New Administrative Capital project is one of the integrated complexes

It includes many commercial, recreational, medical, and administrative units.

This is a shopping center for everyone because Aurora Mall stores provide all the needs and supplies.

The design of the shopping center project also provides convenience to everyone in a unique way.

Its exterior design with glass curtain wall, which making it unique and luxurious.

There is also a very large green area around the mall, tall trees, and swimming pools

And very charming, beautiful and wonderful flowers.

Development Doja For Real Estate also provides units for the project, ultra-luxury decorations,

There are many spaces available, customers should choose the one that suits them,

Most importantly, the company will not forget to provide medical clinics to provide customers

To avoid wasting time leaving the area in which they live and moving in order to investigate further away,

Development Doja For Real Estate did not neglect the protection of the area,

A well-trained and skilled ranger and the ranger was appointed to protect and guard the area 24 hours a day.

So that people can do it.

Doga Real Estate Development provides many internal and external doors in the mall to help people easily enter and exit the mall,

In addition to the availability of the garage until congestion between people,

preventing problems and quarrels between customers.

The Doja project is also equipped with a fully equipped gymnasium and gymnasium

For men and women, jacuzzi and sauna for men and women.

Aurora Administrative Capital Services:

Medical business management.

A comprehensive and well-trained security team is available to protect the mall and protect customers in the mall,

And by using several cameras to monitor the mall and take pictures of everything that happens inside and outside the mall.

In addition, when the power is out, the solar equipment located in the mall will work.

And because Development Doja For Real Estate can upset women with children,

The company allocates a children’s place where mothers can let their children play,

And they can shop as they like because this place is equipped with a camera to monitor what is happening.

Everything happens indoors, let mothers rest assured that their children are left in this place.

It is worth noting that the shopping center has a high-speed Internet connection, registration via Wi-Fi,

browsing as desired,

It also provides elevators for the disabled and people with special needs to facilitate their movement and natural elevators.

People get up and down, and there are also electric elevators that can be climbed without climbing ordinary stairs.

Garage Gym and Spa Service Center Dealer Full Maintenance

Complete interior and exterior renovation Fire protection system Restaurants

and cafes 3 different gates and 4 clinic elevators