X Development Real Estate Company

is one of the successful companies in the Egyptian real estate market. Developer X has a glorious name and a long history in the field of real estate investment and development and has always been committed to creating a new type of comprehensive living community that provides residents with comfortable facilities, a new, quiet and luxurious way of life. Developer X has launched some famous successful residential, commercial, sales, commercial and entertainment projects, for example; Ourika Sheikh Zayed, Moussa Street – New Cairo, Meydan Museum – Fifth Settlement, Chris Compound – Sharm El Sheikh, Katameya Office Park – New Cairo.

X Development Company, one of the largest and most important Egyptian companies in this field, the history of the company goes back more than 20 years.

During this period, it presented many successes among many Egyptian real estate companies, offering its customers the most luxurious and finest real estate projects

It is keen to choose the best sites to establish its projects, and it always uses the largest specialized companies

It is interest in providing the best services and facilities to its clients through its successful projects.

Developer X

Ourika Compound Sheikh Zayed

The main distinguishing factor in Ourika is its exclusivity being smaller than a normal gated community within 6th of October.

Built with your needs in mind, focusing on a balance between modernity and old-world appeal.

Developer X

The location of Ourika Compound Sheikh Zayed

The site of the Ourika Sheikh Zayed project enjoys its presence in the middle of many different vital areas It is unique and different from others

It gives you the opportunity to live in a full-service residential complex

It provides you and your family with a life full of fun and relaxation among the beautiful landscapes

away from the hustle and bustle of the capital,

Investing in the Ourika Sheikh Zayed project is a unique opportunity for everyone, as it is located in a prime location

Ourika is located on Dahshur Link Road, only 10-15 minutes away from the main 6th of October landmarks.

5 minutes from the Cairo-Alexandria desert road

2 minutes from Mall of Arabia

Minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor

Developer X

Units of Ourika Compound Sheikh Zayed

For instance…


It starts from 260 square meters to 631 square meters

twin house

It starts from 260 square meters to 631 square meters

In addition, detached villa

It starts from 260 square meters to 631 square meters

Developer X

Services available in Ourika Compound Sheikh Zayed

The Ourika Sheikh Zayed project offers many distinguished services, which cannot all be combined in one compound where:

  • Club house designed to the highest standard and spa
  • Caring for women and self-care, where a beauty center is available for women.
  • There are green spaces in the compound represent by gardens
  • It is characterized by the landscaping located throughout the compound.
  • A supermarket that provides all the needs of the residents of the compound, making it easy for them.
  • In addition, There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the best and most delicious food and drinks.
  • A 24-hour pharmacy with all medical supplies.
  • Medical and veterinary clinics are available to provide all types of medical care to the residents of the compound.
  • A nursery for the children of the compound, in addition to a children’s area “Kids Area,” provides the highest levels of protection and safety for children.
  • There is an integrated mosque in the compound.
  • In addition, The project provides 200 green areas scattered throughout the project and the surrounding area.
  • It offers jogging, walking and cycling trails, as well as horse riding.
  • Shops and a large mall in a commercial area that provides all purposes for shopping lovers.
  • Provides security services at the highest level.
  • Ug surveillance cameras that cover all parts of the compound.
  • In addition, In addition to a guard group that operates 24 hours.

Developer X

Bianchi ilios Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast

It is one of the most beautiful tourist villages implement in the most beautiful location at the state level on the northern coast,

at a rate of great investments from the developer company Excel, in order to compete strongly with the tourist villages in the Arab region in general,

and in fact the village has become the largest option for spending an irresistible summer vacation and enjoying the waters of the North Mediterranean The blue,

the clear sky, the cool atmosphere, the golden sands decorated with the designs of modern buildings,

with the availability of other recreational services at a high value of excellence.

Bianchi ilios Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast location

This village has a distinctive location that was one of the most important priorities that

the developer searched for to become a solid point of bringing buyers and investors towards the project. For this reason,

the modernized institution chose a luxurious site with an immediate view of the sea within the borders of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the north coast,

on the way to Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh.

The location of the resort is characterized by its proximity to many essential directions, such as the airport of El Alamein city,

which is a very short distance from the village, just as the location of the village is far from the town of Marsa Matrouh,

a time stage that does not exceed an hour, and the estimated distance between the project and Cairo is no more than 265 km.

The project takes place alongside several other tourist attractions that could be a complementary entertainment station for the invited and unit buyers in the village,

such as the Museum of the Second International Battle, which is only ten minutes away from the village.

Developer X

Bianchi ilios Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast services

For instance…

  • The village of Bianchi ilios on the North Coast provides all forms of daily necessary services and entertainment that the residents require throughout their life in the village to meet and achieve the maximum possible amount of enjoyment and recreation, in addition to the general infrastructure and so that there is no excuse to leave the village of Hacienda North Coast to spend any needs throughout the vacation phase.
  • It contains with it a massive hospital with all the branches of specialization and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
  • Restaurants and cafes for many and many tastes are distinguished by their impressive interior designs.
  • Five-star luxury hotels are spread all over the place.
  • Security and guarding services include all village units, open and service areas.
  • In addition, A mosque and a church for religious rituals.
  • It includes water bodies with distinct designs, swimming pools of various sizes for adults and children, in addition to private and indoor swimming pools for women.

Developer X

Bianchi ilios Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast units

For instance…

The company executing the project was keen on diversifying the spaces of the different units to meet the other needs of customers of different tastes.

The village’s strategy is distinct and different, and the organization implementing

the project sought to show it in a way that attracts all customers to buy the units inside,

so it relied on the attractive exterior, so it chose the European strategy in combination with the East to combine modernity and sophistication.

Payment methods in Bianchi ilios Sidi Abd Elrahman North Coast

For instance…

Expander has developed an amazing company that has been distinguished in an organizational position that is able to meet

the general disabilities of clients with the spaces that the large number of personalities are looking for,

as the institution stood on its feet by saving a group of varying spaces, whether for small families or large families with the longest stage of installments and

easy payment systems.

Developer X