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Cairo Capital Group for a real estate development

Cairo Capital Developments for Real Estate Development The Cairo Corporation for Real Estate Development was established next to Capital for Real Estate Development, the owner of the Lake West project on October 6, 2016. It has proven its worth and gained its reputation in the Egyptian real estate market in a short time.

It is currently classified as one of the most powerful and leading real estate development companies in Egypt.

Also, Capital Real Estate Development Company is supervising the implementation of many different urban projects in the most prestigious areas, such as:

  • Primavera project in 6th of October City.
  • Hvar Pyramids Hill on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Lake West Sheikh Zayed project and other projects.
  • Cairo Capital Group for a real estate development
  • Cairo Capital Group for a real estate development

Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

Step into the relaxed, eclectic Lake West community of contemporary elegance, every detail has been meticulously design and surrounded by views of the lakes as well as the vast landscaped areas that reflect joy, serenity, and privacy throughout.

It is built on 23 acres, and it consists of 104 villas, townhouses, twin houses, as well as standalone villas, and also large independent villas.

All permits and approvals have been completed as a safe, guard, ed, and well-equipped residential complex.

Cairo Capital Developments

The location of the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project lake west

Lake West Sheikh Zayed compound also located in Sheikh Zayed City, lake west, at the entrance to Zayed 3 on Dahshur Link Road, in front of Beverly Hills.

As it is the Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound, the first project in the Green Belt area, on the most important October, Zayed, and Dahshur road.

In addition to the presence of many important areas near Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound, as follows:

The most prominent locations near Lake Wes

For instance…

  • The Lake West Sheikh Zayed project is close to Dreamland, and the famous Dream Park amusement park.
  • It is also located close to the Mall of Egypt and the Media Production City.
  • Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound is also close to Wadi Degla Club, Shooting Club, and Banks Complex.
  • Lake West Sheikh Zayed compound, close to Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square.

Cairo Capital Developments

Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound units

For instance…

Standalone Villa

  • The space of the standalone villa starts from 493 up to 546 square meters.
  • The space of the independent villa garden is from 334 meters to 385 meters.
  • Finishing in Lake West Zayed Compound: semi-finished

Twin House

  • Twin houses space starts from 370 up to 1 meter.
  • In addition, Twin house garden space starts from 223 m² up to 325 m².
  • 6 rooms – 5 bathrooms – reception – 2 kitchen – garden


  • Townhouses space starts from 265 m² up to 285 m².
  • The townhouse garden space starts from 115 up to 303 square meters.
  • 6 rooms – 5 bathrooms – reception – 2 kitchen – garden

Cairo Capital Group for a real estate development

Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound Services

CARE Corporation, next to Capital for Urban Development in the Lake West Sheikh Zayed project, has provided many vital and recreational benefits and services, which will achieve the aspirations of all categories of customers and meet all their needs.

Also, besides distinctive designs and a strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, lake west. Learn about the most prominent of them:

  • The Lake West project built on a large area, and the green spaces and artificial lakes reached 70% of the area.
  • The institution has provided many walking and cycling paths and swimming pools to suit different groups.
  • And also next to entertainment areas designed specifically for children.
  • It also includes many areas and sports fields, such as tennis and squash courts.
  • In addition, there a health club equipped to the highest level, with a sauna and a spa.
  • The project includes a luxury commercial space that contains a huge shopping center next to the artificial lake.
  • In addition, there is a complex of banks and service companies, as well as famous restaurants and cafes.
  • A security team working around the clock completed, as well as surveillance cameras throughout the project and electronic gates.
  • There is also a private car park for residents.
  • In addition, All residential units, service, and recreational facilities equipped with air-conditioning, in addition to a high-speed internet service.
  • Lake West project, Lake West Sheikh Zayed compound, lake west, Lake West Sheikh Zayed project, lake west.
  • Social building gathering places – gym – spa.
  • Design a circular road inside the project and the heart.
  • jogging tracks.
  • Full BBQ and party area
  • In addition, Club House
  • Clinics Complex

Cairo Capital Group for a real estate development

Prices and payment systems in Lake West Sheikh Zayed compound lake west

  • Cairo has offered competitive prices besides Capital Real Estate Development, in comparison between what Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound offers, a project of advantages for its residents, and the financial value that the client pays.
  • It should be noted that the units are being delivered semi-finished from the inside, “conch, sockets and utility connections”.
  • And complete finishing from the outside of the facades, green spaces, and road paving.
  • In addition, The date of receiving the units is after two and a half years from the date of contracting.

Cairo Capital Developments

Payment systems in Lake West Sheikh Zayed compound lake west

  • Down payment starts from 0% and installments up to 7 years.
  • Sheikh Zayed City considered one of the high-end cities, and the city follows its division of the Giza Governorate.
  • Sheikh Zayed City occupies more than 10,000 acres near the 10th district and the Pyramids Plateau in Giza.
  • It is one of the newly established residential cities in the mid-nineties, with the aim of re-populating desert patches with residential and commercial projects.
  • Sheikh Zayed is 35 minutes from the city on the 6th of October, 40 minutes from Giza Governorate, 50 minutes from Cairo Governorate, and 50 minutes from Cairo International Airport in 70 minutes.
  • In addition, Sheikh Zayed City is also close to important roads, such as the Ring Road, Cairo-Alexander Desert Road, and the 26th of July Corridor for easy access and access.

The most important are Sheikh Zayed residential areas and average prices.

The overall score for Sheikh Zayed City on the Masharef real estate website is 9.6; This confirms that the standards of life and living are well suited to the desires and dreams of the users and that they want to live in an inclusive city that meets all their spiritual and material needs.

According to Masharef Real Estate statistics, Sheikh Zayed City is divided into a group of residential areas, where the demand for buying and owning residential units has increased to 100%, and their price has increased by more than 50%.

Cairo Capital Developments

The most expensive and cheapest residential areas in Sheikh Zayed City

Fourth District

  • It is considered one of the most expensive areas in Sheikh Zayed, and the average price per square meter is 13,250 EGP.
  • It is known as a community in which families, individuals, and businesses live.

Green Revolution District

  • The Green Revolution is considered the most important residential area in Sheikh Zayed.
  • It is a plot of land divided into an agricultural area, and construction is only allowed for a certain percentage of the land area.
  • It has luxury villas and palaces that extend to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Highway.
  • The average price per square meter is 11,300 EGP.
  • Twelfth, Fourteenth, Seventh, and Eighth Districts.
  • In addition, The average price per square meter ranges from 7.100 to 7.950 pounds.
  • The cheapest neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed City (the eleventh district) are residential areas on the future axis with good service;
  • It contains medical centers, hospitals, and schools.
  • The average price per square meter is 4.550 EGP.