ATRIC Developments

ATRIC Developments With our experience in the real estate sector in Egypt since 1998, are one of the best real estate developers and major companies in Egypt.

To meet all the needs of Egyptian families,

the company’s success is due to its experience in the real estate field for more than 25 years,

It promises to complete fully to the fullest, best and highest level of quality, accuracy, and project perfection.

Atric uses the best building materials and committed to designing the most luxurious and luxurious interior design that features

With a distinctive exterior wall in harmony with the charming natural colors and shapes.

The most important works of ATRIC Developments:

It is the Divina Gardens El Shorouk project, Boardwalk Compound, the new capital,

Finally, the company’s latest projects are in the village of Boho Sokhna.

ATRIC Developments is a real estate and tourism investment company, \£6 billion in two projects in Ain Sokhna and the New Administrative Capital.

in addition to The investment cost of the New Administrative Capital project is about 4.5 billion pounds sterling

It covers an area of ​​54 acres.

According to the company’s board chairman, Engineer Ashraf Naguib,

ATRIC Developments investment in the Ain Sokhna project is worth 1.5 billion pounds and covers an area of ​​20 acres.

The company’s sales target for the last three months of this year is 500 million pounds

The target sales for the next year are 2.5 billion pounds.

It is known that ATRIC Developments is studying the development

of a new residential project in New Cairo with an area of ​​75,

With an investment of EGP 7 billion in the second quarter of 2022,

In addition to residential and tourist projects on the north. coast.

The chairman of the company’s board of directors confirmed this to “Economy Plus”.

The company has completed a £2 billion investment in the New Administrative Capital project

Completed 50% of project sales inventory.

The company plans to pump about 600 million pounds of water by the end of this year

To complete the construction of the administrative capital and the Ain Sukhna project.

Mohamed Khattab, head of the commercial department of Atric, said that in the first quarter of next year,

The company will launch a commercial project on

an area of ​​30,000 square meters in the New Administrative Capital.

ATRIC Developments History:

ATRIC Developments Evolution The company was founded in 1990.

In other words, it has more than 30 years of experience,

ATRIC Developments is one of the most important and largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company implemented many projects that focus on infrastructure and high quality,

In addition to modern designs that always make it unique.

ATRIC Developments executing the project display its latest project, which is the Boho Resort, Ain Sokhna, in its most beautiful form.

As a unique symbol for all the projects, it has undertaken.

It distributed throughout the village and the green spaces which represent a large part of the project.

In order to have some privacy and quiet, and make you feel comfortable, in the previous major projects,

Atric Properties owns the following:

Divina Gardens project in Al Shorouk.

There is also a Boardwalk compound in the New Administrative Capital.

And many of the works that characterize Al-Asriya Company,

including its latest work in Boho Resort in Ain Sokhna.

Introduction to ATRIC Developments project:

ATRIC Developments established in 1998 and developed a number of projects during this period,

Including the “Divina Gardens” project in El-Shorouk,

And the Boho project in Ain Sukhna,

in addition to the BoardWalk project in the Administrative Capital.

The “Board Walk” project located in the new administrative capital in the R7 area, on an area of ​​45 acres

in addition to With a total investment of 4 billion pounds, 1500 housing units, apartments, duplexes, and villas of different sizes.

The percentage of the project under construction reached 53%, and about 75% of the total units were sold in two phases,

in addition to The third phase of the project is about to open,

There is a commercial project nearby.

It implemented with a new and different concept,

and it is an independent project from the Boardwalk project with a construction area of ​​30 thousand square meters

It will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

The “Boho” project implemented in Sokhna,

and it located in the most prestigious place,

It is 250 meters long and has a total area of ​​20 acres.

And an investment of about 1.5 billion pounds sterling.

Total 300 different types of cabins, villas, and duplexes.

The project implementation rate reached 62%,

and the first phase of the project will be delivered in mid-2022.

In addition, the project includes hotels in line with the state’s tendency to focus on tourism,

Especially the famous beaches in Egypt.

250 million pounds and can live directly on the beach 100 hotel rooms.

Implementation of two projects in the Administrative Capital and Ain Sukhna, with investments of EGP 5.5 billion:

ATRIC Developments with a total investment of about EGP 7 billion

The company plans to start two projects in New Cairo and the North Coast in 2022,

In addition to completing the current construction works of the company.

Ashraf Naguib, Chairman of Engineer ATRIC Developments, said,

The company’s contract sales target for 2022 is 2.5 billion pounds,

The sales target for the next three months is about 500 million pounds.

It plans to pump 600 million pounds into construction work by the end of 2021.

He added that ATRIC Developments is implementing the “Board Walk” project in the new administrative capital

With an area of ​​45 acres in the R7 area, with a total investment of 4 billion pounds, including 1500 homes

Duplexes and villas of different sizes.

Construction percentage 53%, sold about 75%.

Among the total units in two phases, the third phase

A separate project from the “Board Walk” project in addition to the commercial projects in the project

With a building area of ​​30,000 square meters, it will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

ATRIC Developments is developing a project.

in addition to The “Boho Sokhna” project covers an area of ​​20 acres,

and the volume of its investments estimated at 1.5 billion pounds,

in addition to There are 300 different units of cabins, villas, and duplexes,

The project implementation rate is 62%, and the first phase will be delivered.

In the middle of 2022.

The project includes a hotel, and the total investment has reached

in principle to an agreement with a large British company

for the management and operation of the hotel project “Bohemia”,

Which will be announced after completion of the signing procedures.