Aqar Misr Development for real estate

Aqar Misr real estate Development considered one of the leading companies in the real estate market, able to implement many successful projects

Thus achieving great success in the real estate market, by adding new projects suitable for high taste owners.

About Aqar Misr Development for real estate:

Founded in 2018, Aqar Misr Development for real estate has achieved great success in housing

in addition to the construction sector in a short period of time.

Egypt and successful real estate projects already discussed in the real estate market to this day.

in addition to He also appointed senior architects and design engineers to implement outstanding real estate projects

And the establishment of unique residential complexes with great designs

and integrated service facilities to compete with the largest real estate company in Egypt.

The company characterized by honesty and credibility in dealing with the best prices and years of payment offers,

It is possible to receive the equipment on time for delivery.

The most important real estate development project for Aqar Misr Development for real estate:

Construction of multiple buildings in the Fifth Settlement and Heliopolis.

Construction of 30% of the tower in Assiut.

Building 25 villas in the Marassi project on the North Coast.

Entrance, fence, and landscaping construction of the Mivida project.

Construction of 23 buildings in the stone residential area.

Anakaji compound in the new administrative capital.

Aqar Misr Development for real estate History:

Aqar Misr Development for real estate established in 2018 by Eng. Maged Major, Chairman of the Board of Directors

It is a joint-stock company founded by a group of the best experts and Eng. Majed in the field of engineering, construction, and reconstruction,

It was originally a company with long-term contracting experience.

Engineer Maged Major exhibitied many projects in Upper Egypt, Cairo, and the North Coast for 25 years.

in addition to Other real estate companies.

With the help of a group of distinguished engineers,

Aqar Misr Development for real estate know for its meticulous designs. They have long-term experience.

Anakaji New Capital Compound Project:

The Anakaji New Capital Compound project the latest project built by Aqar Misr Development for real estate in the New Administrative Capital,

in addition to It is the company’s project that characterized by calm, serenity, and relaxation.

This project is designed in the simple Nubian style, which uses many bright colors,

in addition to It mixes wood and natural colors.

The project consists of 10 buildings, of which about 800 housing units, and 3 housing units on each floor,

in addition to two modern elevators in each building, and a private garage under the unit.

The space of the Anakaji Administrative Capital project:

The Anakaji Aqar Misr Development for real estate Compound project extends over an area of ​​20 acres,

in addition to It a huge project planned to be implemented in three phases.

The first phase has been completed and includes 322 housing units.

in addition to The percentage of buildings in the project is about 19% of the total value,

Green spaces constitute the largest proportion of them, 81%,

in addition, to reducing the population density inside the project.

Anakaji Compound Project Website:

Aqar Misr Development for real estate chose a unique and unique location in the center of the New Administrative Capital to build its latest projects,

in addition to Anakaji New Compound New Capital Compound Project.

The project is located in the most famous neighborhoods of the capital, which is the eighth residential neighborhood, R8, on plots 4-1.

in addition to The eighth district is characterized by its proximity to the most important and prestigious districts of the capital,

which are the government and diplomatic districts.

in addition to The two most important areas in the administrative capital.

It includes the opera house, the presidential residence, and some foreign embassies.

in addition to The project overlooks many aesthetic aspects of the Administrative Capital, such as the Green River

also two main streets, one 60 meters wide and the other 80 meters wide

in addition to The length of the project is 600 square meters and its width is about 160 meters.

Features of the Anakaji Administrative Capital Project:

What distinguishes this project is that it is located in the center of the Administrative Capital near the Convention Center.

in addition to Green River.

The City of Justice.

in addition to Medical City.

sports City.

in addition to Central Park.

Smart city.

in addition to International Airport.

Services of the Anakaji Administrative Capital Project:

The Anakaji project characterized by many important, important, and entertaining services,

Which makes its residents do not have to leave them.

in addition to Arcade Club House.

Al Mastaba Commercial Area.

in addition to Runway 1.2 km long dildo.

Basement garage in each building.

in addition to Huge market.

Automatic oven.

in addition to Restaurants and cafes.

Dry cleaning.

in addition to Landscape and an artificial lake.

Two entrances to the compound.

in addition to 2 elevators in each building

Residential Unit Area:

The residential unit in the Administrative Capital, Anakaji Compound, is the latest project from Aqar Misr Development for real estate

in addition to It consists of duplexes, penthouses, and apartments of different sizes to meet the needs of all customers.

The project area ranges from:

There is a one-room apartment with an area of ​​94 m to 106 m.

in addition to The usable apartment consists of two rooms with an area of ​​123, 124, and 130 m.

There are three-room apartments with an area of ​​165 m, 162, 208 m.

in addition to The usable apartment consists of four rooms with an area of ​​241, 275, 286, 311, and 319 m.

Prices and payment system:

The price of the residential units in the Anakaji Compound project is the best in the New Administrative Capital,

in addition to Aqar Misr Development for real estate provides a suitable payment system for all customers,

Because the price per square meter in the project starts from 10.240 EGP,

which, like other companies of this price, is very suitable.

Payment system:

Aqar Misr Development for real estate provides a variety of facilities and various payment systems to suit all customers.

in addition to It is worth noting that these units will deliver as semi-finished products,

The entire project is scheduled to be delivered in 2022.

in addition to There is a 10% down payment.

An additional 10% will be paid upon delivery.

in addition to The rest will be paid in installments for 10 years.

For reservations inside the unit, a down payment of 25,000 Egyptian pounds can be paid

In the event of cancellation of the reservation, the customer can refund the amount paid.

Aqar Misr Development for real estate marketing plan:

The CEO of Aqar Misr said that Aqar Misr Development for real estate has completed 25% of the total marketing of the project,

in addition to about 200 homes, and plans to sell 300 new homes this year,

With total sales of 600 million pounds in 2020.

The CEO said:

in addition to Aqar Misr Development for real estate has formulated a plan for the project, and the marketing plan will complete in the first quarter of 2020.

Sales target the Anakaji Administrative Capital project, with a value of EGP 2 billion,

in addition to He explained that the investment cost of the project is 1.4 billion pounds.

The engineering office designed for the project:

Aqar Misr signed a contract with Dar Al-Mimar Engineering Consulting Office to conduct the engineering design

in addition to supervise the implementation of the Anakaji project,

Aqar Misr Development for real estate plans to fully develop and deliver the project in 2022.

in addition to Terms of contracting with the administrative capital of the Urban Development Company.

The commercial shopping center in the Anakaji project:

Aqar Misr Development for real estate is preparing to sell a mall in the project,

and the shopping mall will be built on an area of ​​4,500 square meters

It will include a number of commercial and administrative activities,

In addition to that, it is also preparing hotel apartments of different sizes within the development of the hotel part.

The project was favored by the executive capital firm in the first half of 2020.

He stressed that the sales movement unparalleled in its popularity compared to other regions in the new regions and cities

Because of the diversity of projects and facilities provided by the company.

Aqar Misr Development for real estate displays and continues to present the latest architectural projects

Which fascinates everyone with its old and original features and modern touches.

The company aims to achieve contractual sales in all phases of the project by about 600 million pounds,

Preparing to sell a mall.