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Compound The Curve New Capital, the Administrative Capital, is without a doubt the future of the ideal

and smart housing in Egypt, and by buying a residential unit inside it; You buy the future at today’s


The Curve, the New Administrative Capital, is an innovative real estate product capable of competition.

The Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company launched the compound,

The compound will restore the splendor of old buildings, giving them a new spirit, through units with

double heights, and around them with services, including:

Commercial, administrative, cultural, and sports, and the company has used one of the largest

consulting offices in the United States of America; To develop project designs.

The Curve Compound location

The location of the «The Curve» project within the New Administrative Capital is distinguished by the

presence of all the privileges of the vital location, and the Corner Stone Company chose a distinct plot of

land i6

The compound is located in the eighth residential neighborhood R8, directly in front of the Green River,

and this plot of land has a distinctive corner, on two of the main streets,

Each of them is about 60 m wide and is located in the middle of the services area within

the eighth district, near it are parks, a central, a library, a hotel, etc.

Compound The Curve

The importance of the location of The Curve New Capital

The project is about 2 km from the Mohammed Bin Zayed South Axis and about 7 km from the

Mohammed Bin Zayed North Axis.

And it is near the regional ring road 11 km and it is 20.5 km from Ain Sokhna / Cairo.

It is 21 km from the Al-Amal axis, 25 km from the Central Ring Road, and 51 km

from the Cairo / Suez road.

The compound is located near the New Capital Airport, the diplomatic quarter, the Cathedral, the

exhibition grounds, and the government district.

And the location of The Curve Compound gives you the New Administrative Capital, it will always make

you the closest, from all roads, and major places.

Services and spaces in the Curve compound:

The compound is the title of luxury and sophistication, with international designs, and excellent hotel

finishes for the buildings, and the company was keen to make the largest proportion of the space for


Only about 18% of the project area, which is about 13 acres, is allocated as a building block,

and the rest is allocated to services, landscapes, etc.

The Curve Compound services

  • There is an integrated commercial area, located on the front of the project.
  • It contains a high level social building that includes:

(BBQ places, library, children’s area, kitchen, gathering places, and entertainment activities such as

billiards, chess, etc., and a cinema).

  • There is an ultra modern landscape, permeating the spaces between the buildings in The Curve


  • It contains swimming pools, beautiful formations of plants, and wonderful trees.
  • There is a garden with modern sculptures and art pieces.
  • The project contains a clubhouse; Owners can enjoy their time while living a healthy life.
  • There is a clubhouse that includes a gym, a mixed-use playground area, an indoor and outdoor heated

pool, and a yoga room.

Compound The Curve

The areas of apartments within the Curve

The Curve New Administrative Capital offers more than one type of unit, which varies between

apartments and penthouses, and the compound contains 15 residential buildings.

Each building consists of a ground floor + 7 repeated floors, and the apartments vary between duplexes

on the ground floor, and units in the sixth and seventh floors.

The designs for the buildings were brought in from New York City, and he cooperated with engineer

Yasser El-Beltagy, who is the largest engineering consultant in Egypt to design The Curve Compound.

The compound focused on some important points, such as double heights, large terraces,

The apartments vary between one bedroom, up to 4 bedrooms, with spaces ranging from 76 square

meters, and duplexes, starting from 280 square meters, including the Garden.

And within each building, a social space that can be found on the second, third, or fourth floors, is

available TREE LOUNGE

You can sit for coffee, read a book, or meet with friends, as this space is available

to the residents of the building.

GROUND FLOOR LOUNGE is available in the entrances of buildings, with fine finishes, and double heights.

All units of The Curve compound, equipped with double heights, like old houses, with a breathtaking

panoramic view of the green spaces.

Compound The Curve

Prices and payment systems in The Curve:

The prices of The Curve New Capital are the best prices available within that model city, and the

company that owns the project wanted to outperform its competitors.

The company launched a project of a luxurious level, in parallel with the best prices and the general

scheme of the project, create 4 styles or areas linked together;

The compound has green areas, swimming pools, etc. in the regions (Cassia, Bonsia, Lantana, Cactus).

Units prices inside Bonsia start from 1,107,000 EGP.

The units prices inside the Cassia start from 1,305,000 EGP.

The unit prices inside Cactus in The Curve start from 1,174,500 EGP.

Units will be delivered “flexi finish” with 75% finishing; To allow you to put the finishing touches related

to décor, lighting, and flooring.

And providing easy payment and installment systems to choose the most suitable for your budget.

Installment systems for the Curve Corner Stone compound

No down payment system, equal installments up to 5 years, with a 5% discount.

Payment system of 5% in advance, 5% after 3 months, and equal installments up to 7 years.

A offer is available for a limited time, paying 5% in advance, then 5% after 3 months,

then 5% after a year, then 10% after two years, then equal installments.

The owning company and previous business

Corner Stone Company launched The Curve project, as its first launch in the New Administrative Capital,

and it wants to reserve a seat at the adults’ table in real estate development.

The company’s capital will be 600 million pounds, and its strong financial position is a major reason for

urban expansion in the Egyptian market in the coming period.

The company has set up a group of projects in urban and coastal cities and owns the Corner Stone

Company to Eng. Ashraf Boulos,

He has more than 30 years of experience in the construction market and real estate development, and

he started his career with his father, the most important figures in the field of development in the

seventies and eighties.

They built villas, compounds, towers, and administrative buildings. Engineer Ashraf moved to Cyprus

and developed several projects for engineer Naguib Sawiris.

And after the end of the mega project in Cyprus; He decided to set up his own company, which was

based on new ideas and unique designs.

Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by its full commitment to delivery

dates, to the specifications written in the contracts, to the utmost accuracy and credibility.

Corner Stone Company has an expansion strategy that is based on several mechanisms, the most

prominent of which is relying on both local and global expertise.

In the real estate investment sector, such as contracting, building materials, concrete, and decoration.

The Corner Stone Company started its journey in the New Administrative Capital, and is the locomotive

of development in Egypt, and there will be huge projects such as Ain Sokhna and New Alamein.

Why chose Corner Stone the administrative capital?

Egypt decided, through the new administrative capital, to turn it into a smart, civilized architectural icon

in all its details.

It is expected that it will accommodate from 18 million to 40 million people by 2050.

The new administrative capital was built to face the steady population increase and to be a smart city,

with a global infrastructure, capable of accommodating all social classes.

It is considered a full-service city, most of its area has been allocated to green spaces and picnic areas. In

order to avoid the faults of the old capital and there is the largest green river in the world,

The Corner Stone Company contributed to this global achievement, with a project no less splendid than

the city, which is The Curve Compound, the new administrative capital.

The project is characterized by a strong location, a wonderful design, and a reasonable price, as it is one

of the distinguished residential projects, which are unique in all its details.

It offers another level of luxury, and sophistication seldom found in another residential project in the


Compound The Curve

in addition to :-

We advise you, as a customer, of the need to take advantage of the opening prices of the project,

especially as it is a promising investment opportunity from a company the size of Corner Stone


Do not let this opportunity miss you, dear customer, and hurry to book one of the apartments for sale in

The Curve, the New Administrative Capital.

The city of the future that it is smart to reserve a place inside now, especially that with great

success and great demand for it;

Later on, this will result in a significant increase in unit prices.

Now, contact us, and inquire through us on all the details of The Curve New Capital project, and the

payment systems of its units.


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