North Coast

North Coast Egypt

North Coast of Egypt is one of the northern regions of Egypt, and the beaches of the coast of Egypt are characterized by golden sand and blue water,

and the coast is of great importance in terms of uniqueness.

The privileged location and charming atmosphere make it the preferred tourist destination for social elites and many groups.

Look for privacy and luxury.

Map of the villages of the North Coast of Egypt

The northern coast is an important area, here is a plain full of herbs, as you can see in the Salloum plateau at an altitude of 400 meters.

The North Coast has a mild climate and pleasant summer weather, and everyone wants to spend a fun and relaxing vacation there.

This is a detailed map of the North Coast from Cairo to the North Coast :

In the past, you had to go from El Alamein Road to Marina 1, 90 kilometers away,

and then drive along the Alexandria/Matrouh coastal road for about 3 and a half hours.

The old coastal road used to extend from Cairo to the entrance to El Alamein via the Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road,

with a total length of approximately 240 km. But with the Army Road, which connects the new coast and the city of Cairo,

the journey to the coast to Egypt took no more than an hour and a half.

The new Fouka Road extends directly from Cairo in Juhayna Square in the city on 6 October to the new coast,

with a total length of approximately 140 km. It has 4 exits, the first is 130 km, the second is 170 km, and the third is in Matrouh.

This road is equipped with a number of services so that passengers can enjoy the round trip in a short period of time without fatigue and hardship,

and you can travel easily during short vacations, and the day trip is easy.

For instance..

The location on the north coast is characterized by the presence of many lakes, such as:

  • Lake Burullus.
  • Idku Lake.
  • Also, Lake Manzala.
  • Lake Mariout.

Guide to the villages of the North Coast, Egypt

On the northern coast of Egypt, there are many tourist villages that are characteriz by green spaces, soft sandy beaches,

charming beaches, and clear waters. Housing options vary from apartments, cabins, villas, and palaces,

and prices vary to suit everyone’s needs. There are many distinguished and famous restaurants and many interesting places on the northern coast of Egypt,

and there are many tourist villages on the Alexandria-Matro Desert Road, here is the name of the village located on the northern coast of Egypt:

For instance…

  • Golden Beach Village is located at kilo 25.
  • Marina Village is located from kilometer 94 to kilometer 111 in El Alamein area and has 7 gates at different prices.
  • Porto Marina Coast is located at km 105.
  • Golf Porto Marina is located at the 110th kilometer in front of Marina Gate 7.
  • Hacienda Bay is located at kilo 124.
  • Stella Village is located at kilo 124 in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Marassi Resort is located at kilo 129 El Alamein Road in Sidi Kerir.
  • La Vista Village is located at kilo 170.
  • In addition, Casablanca Resort is located at kilo 46.
  • The air defense village of Tibaroz of the armed forces is located at kilo 60.
  • Palm Beach Al Sahel is located at km 68.
  • The village of Marseille is located at km 69.
  • In addition, Casabianca Resort is located at the 70th kilometer.
  • The village of Marseilia Beach is located at km 75, 73, 71 and 124 on El Alamein Road in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • The village of Cairo University is located at km 73
  • White Sand Resort Al Sahel located at the 75th kilometer
  • The village of Dimora is located at the 75th kilometer.
  • In addition, Green Beach Village is located at kilo 89.
  • Coral Hills is located in Kilo 183 at El-Dabaa Department.
  • Gaya Village is located at km 188.
  • Jefaira Al Sahel Village is located at km 191.5.
  • Mina 5 Resort is located in Kilo 201 in Ras El Hekma Bay.
  • The village of La Sirena is located at km 306.
  • In addition Naya Bay North Coast

Characteristics of the resorts and villages of the North Coast

For instance…

  • It has many recreation areas, such as many aqua parks, and many other entertainment areas, such as jacuzzi, gyms and spas.
  • The presence of many commercial services such as many malls, luxury stores, sports and social clubs.
  • There are many indispensable services, such as many well-equipped medical centers, ambulance stations and pharmacies.
  • Except for the presence of many security men guarding the tourist villages on the northern coast.
  • In addition, There are many safety and protection measures in the children’s play area, and there are also several swimming pools for children and adults.
  • There are also many places where ladies can swim, and there are several covered swimming pools for more privacy.
  • One of the most important features of the villages located on the northern coast of Egypt is the presence of a large marina such as the pier in the North Coast village, which is one of the largest marinas.
  •  The villages on the northern coast of Egypt, especially the beaches on the new northern coast, have paved properties suitable for swimming in addition to the clear blue waters.
  • North Coast Egypt
  • In addition, The North Coast Villages of Egypt includes many different luxury residential units, including cabins, cabins, villas, penthouses, and double rooms, all varying in size and ultra-luxury finishes.
  •  In the villages of the North Coast there are many cafes, luxury restaurants, and distinguished tourist hotels.

North Coast Egypt

  • Some villages on the coast have some additional features, such as huge crystal lagoons and landscapes.
  • The coastal villages and resorts are distinguished by their vast green spaces that blend in with the scenic beauty and wonderful ambiance of the new North Coast region.
  • In some of the coastal villages of Egypt there are many schools and many international schools and universities that provide educational services to the people of the villages of the North Coast throughout the year.
  • Therefore, the village on the north coast has become the ideal housing that everyone dreams of having become just a summer destination.
  • Although the North Coast villages enjoy all these services and advantages, the unit prices in these villages are very suitable for anyone looking for summer units and high-end housing.
  •  One of the advantages of the new coastal village is that you can buy your summer apartment with the lowest down payment, and you can pay and pay in installments.

Old North Coast

The old coast is the pristine coast that extends from kilo 21 to kilo 103 on the Alexandre-Matrouh highway,

The area was called because it was the first area of ​​the northern coast where the first tourist village and the old coast were established.

The region is divided into two regions, Marina and Marcia, and the most important feature of

the Old Coast region is that it is very close to Luo County,

It is only an hour and a half from Luo County. The city of Cairo, the old coast, is very close to Alexandria,

a quarter of an hour away from it.

In addition to coastal ruins, the ancient northern city of Borg El Arab, Borg El Arab Airport,

and many other areas where services can be provided. is provided.

New North Coast

The new coast extends from 103 kilometers to the city of Marsa Matrouh,

The area was named the New Coast because it has recently become one of the important tourist and investment destinations,

which has attracted many investors to build many tourist villages, resorts and hotels there.

What distinguishes the new coast is its proximity to Marsa Matrouh, where you can listen and visit many archaeological areas in Marsa Matrouh,

Including museums and pharaonic antiquities. The new coastal area is divided into two areas, namely Sidi Abdel Rahman and Ras El Hekma Bay.

It is close to many important archaeological sites and services.

The difference between the new north coast and the old coast

For instance…

The northwestern coast of Egypt is divided into two parts, the old coast and the new coast extending from kilo 21 to the village of Marina.

The difference between the two areas is that the difference between the old coast and the new coast lies in only one feature,

which is its proximity to many cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, but most of the tourist villages are built on the old north.

Al Sahel is traditional in style, and these villages lack many of the services and benefits provided by the new Al Sahel Village.

One of the disadvantages of the old coast is that its beaches are unsuitable for swimming and unpaved.