Compounds in New Cairo

Compounds in New Cairo Its height is about 350 meters, and the climate is mild throughout the year, summer and winter, next to the Ring Road

and it is located east of Greater Cairo.

About Compounds in New Cairo:

This city is about 15 kilometers from Madi, and about 5 kilometers from Nasr City;

Because it is a city belonging to the community administration in the new city.

It is also one of the largest new cities with an estimated area of ​​70.58 million mu.

It is also known as a third-generation city.

According to Ministerial Resolution No. 499 of 2016, its area is 15.948 million mu. of newly added lands.

It became a total of 85,580,000 acres, and also includes five residential communities,

the most important of which are Colony Fifth,

adjacent to Colony I, Colony III, Southern Extension, and Eastern Extension.

It is also located east of the Ring Road, east of Cairo,

Compounds in New Cairo at a distance between Katameya – Ain Sukhna Road

and Cairo-Suez Desert Road to provide all services.

Among them, the residential area is 43876.37 acres,

the service area is 5911 acres, the tourist area is 3180 acres, the industrial area is 1265.9 acres,

and the commercial area is 5670.59 acres.

Compounds in New Cairo

What are the most important sectors in Compounds in New Cairo?

housing sector:

It is worth noting that the current population of New Cairo is about 2 million,

including permanent residents, and we found that the number of expatriates is about one million, including foreigners.

The number of residential lands about 48,910 lands divided into buildings, families,

and villas, and it includes the total number of lands of the residential project and urban units.

And about 406,838 housing units in Compounds in New Cairo are as follows:

84,552 housing units delivered by the authorities, 28,826 housing units from external parties,

and 293,460 housing units by the private sector, with a total of 330 communities.

The number of social housing units is about 2064 units that fully implemented,

about 2064 (units), and the number of housing units in Dar Misr is about 31,080 units.

However, the first phase is still under implementation, as the number of units reached 13,296 units,

with an implementation rate of 80%,

while the second phase is still under implementation,

with a number of 9,024 units, with an implementation rate of nearly 70%. Moreover,

Services sector :

The third phase is still under implementation,

which is the so-called paradise, where the number of units reached about 8760 units. ,

The details are as follows:

33 educational buildings in Compounds in New Cairo.

12 hospitals and health units.

Four mosques.

10 social buildings, social units, and nurseries.

There are 14 security services, 7 youth centers,

a five-a-side pitch, and three directions in Compounds in New Cairo.

There are 12 commercial buildings, 7 bakeries, and 5 administrative buildings.

Six exchanges and ten public service buildings.

This is not 728 service buildings implemented by the private sector,

and there are 4290 cemeteries.

Public Utilities and Infrastructure Sector:

Drinking water, because the length of the implemented water supply network is 2,307,829 km,

and the total lengths of the implemented irrigation network in Compounds in New Cairo.

About 705 kilometers.

What is currently happening is as follows:

the city supported by a purification plant in Opel,

since the city of New Cairo specializes in handling approximately 450,000 cubic meters per day,

this is done through three water cranes, which are 3-4-5 cranes located on the ring road.

In addition to a station with a capacity of 30,000 m 3

and a station with a capacity of 25,000 m 3 / day through Rafi’ Abu Oweikel,

there is also a station with a capacity of 500 km 3.

Compounds in New Cairo

Water is also absorbed through three transmission lines:

There is a double line with diameters of 1200 and 1400 mm, from 3 to 5 lifts,

and a length of 15 km.

Similarly, a 1000 mm line with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per day from 2 elevators to 3,

and an 800 mm line with a capacity of 80,000 cubic meters per day from 3 elevators to 4 elevators.

Some projects are being implemented to increase the city’s share:

an expanded water purification plant is still under construction,

with a total production capacity of nearly 2 million cubic meters per day,

and the production capacity of purification equipment in the first assembly is still increasing.

From 15,000 m3/day to 30,000 m3/day).

Drainage The total lengths of the implemented sewage pipe network is 1381.23 km

sewage treatment plant:

There is a special treatment plant with a processing capacity of 1.25 million cubic meters per day

The first phase of Ain Sukhna Road in Pianmuwu commissioned,

the traffic capacity is 250 thousand cubic meters per day.

A special treatment plant of 100,000 m 3 / day was also implemented,

located on the Katameya – Ain Sukhna road,

and part of the operation was as follows:

A treatment plant operated by Hassan Allam,

with a capacity of 80,000 m 3 / day.

The treatment plant implemented by Hassan Allam,

which has a manufacturing capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day.

In addition, on the old Katameya-Ain-Sukhna road,

a treatment plant with a processing capacity of 5,000 cubic meters per day was

installed to irrigate the entire green belt both on Katameya Road and in forests at a distance of 350 acres south of the road.

road. In addition, a treatment plant with a treatment capacity of 2,000 cubic

meters per day established on a loop to absorb sewage from the West Golf area, which is used for greenbelt irrigation.

This is to the west of Huancheng Road,

in addition, a special sewage elevator with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters per

day set up to drain the water and transport it to the rock tunnel.

Irrigation pipelines for treated water also implemented in the city and part of the extension area,

and the treated water pipeline network is still under construction

and is intended to irrigate the remaining extension areas in Compounds in New Cairo.

In addition, the sewage emergency solution carried out by widening because it is a direct command,

the remaining cranes still introduced, in addition to the parcel line,

as well as the expansion of the network of the main and main slopes of the ramps.

The total investments in the city are 37.3 billion pounds, including:

1- The housing sector, with an investment amount of 12.4 billion pounds.

2- Public utility sector with investments of EGP 24.1 billion in Compounds in New Cairo.

3- The agricultural sector, with investments of 125.5 million pounds.

4- The service industry, with investments of 510.1 million pounds.

How are the most important neighborhoods arranged in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo?

The Lotus Neighborhood: There is the Southern Lotus Neighborhood and the Northern Lotus District.

It was named after the lotus and considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the Fifth Colony.

We found that the main form of this block is green spaces and landscaping,

and there are vast recreational areas, which account for 30% of the total area of ​​the block,

and 70% divided into residential areas.

Like the luxury hotels, this area completely implemented all the infrastructure,

and it is worth mentioning that this neighborhood.

For example Platinum Club, Wadi Degla Club, Al-Ahly Club, etc.

Carnation District:

Near Wadi Degla and Platinum Club, and the most important areas of the villa in the center,

opposite the northern 90th Street, near Al Rehab City in Compounds in New Cairo.

From the Mountain View Compound,

most of the units in this block can overlook the Tamr Henna area, the green spaces, and 90th Street,

and this block has many advantages as a place for housing and investment.

Compounds in New Cairo

Andalus District:

Linked to the Katamia Sand Dunes complex in the north and Emaar Mivida project in the south,

it is located in the most luxurious residential area and the center of the 5th district.

About 90 minutes drive from Ain Sukhna, this block extends all the way to 90th Street,

with a capacity of only 30 people per square kilometer in Compounds in New Cairo,

and the density is very low, which makes it keen to invest in this distinctive block.

Sphinx District:

The block is bordered to the west by the Petrified Forest Reserve,

a nature reserve with an area designated for families only,

there are a few floors and all units are close to the Narcissus area.

There are also villas, Fatima Al-Shabatli Mosque,

and the presence of a nature reserve in Compounds in New Cairo,

which is considered one of the most important investment areas now and in the future.

North and South Investors Area:

The northern investor’s area clearly located, it located south of the Future University,

the northern 90th Street, north of Al-Rehab city, and the Banafsig area is west of the complex in Compounds in New Cairo.

There are many compounds on the eastern side, the most famous of which is Maxim Compound,

and all the residential units in the community located on the first and third floors.

The compound located in the South College community, which has many advantages.

It is located in the south of the North 90th Street, north of the Police Academy,

and the Yasmine neighborhood located in the east on The borders of Cairo Festival City and viewed directly.

home area:

It is located on the eastern side of the New Ring Road,

with the Jebel Palma complex on the western side, Suez Road on the north,

and Mohammed bin Zayed Street on the south.

This is one of the main and important projects established

by the Egyptian government to provide foreign exchange.