Capital Gate Mall New Capital

Capital Gate Mall New Capital is located in the middle of the most important project in Egypt, and it has strong momentum,

and the most important investment project in the center of the New Administrative Capital,

and the investment will be in all fields in the future.

Capital Gate Mall New Capital website:

The location of the shopping center has been carefully chosen

and is close to the most important residential area in the Administrative Capital

This applies to project activities and not to provide services to all residents.

also, The project chose the seventh residential neighborhood R7 as one of the most luxurious blocks in the capital and the largest block in the region,

This building contains 25 luxury residential complexes with a large number of residential units.

Different designs, few malls. This ingenuity in choosing the site increases the chances of success,

It plans to provide services to a large number of residents in the Administrative Capital,

whether they are residents or intend to work or shop.

The Capital Gate overlooks a street from two directions, and a garden from the third direction bordering the project,

From the north-east, there are many facilities in the north-west,

There are several important roads surrounding the commercial center from the southwest. ,

And many main ways are convenient to move and enter,

For example the Cairo-Suez Road in the north of the shopping center,

In the south of Cairo – Ain Sokhna road, and the distance between Capital Gate and Cairo Governorate is only 60 km,

Capital Gate Mall New Capital is far from Ain Sokhna and it is expected to take half an hour.

Capital Gate Mall New Capital Space:

also Capital Gate Mall New Capital occupies an area of ​​5,000 square meters,

Half of it is used for construction and shops, i.e. 2500 square meters.

Where the building occupies 0.53 acres. The land allocated for construction constitutes about 50% of the total land area.

in addition to The number of stores in Capital Gate Mall New Capital is 110.

On the second floor of Building B, there are several medical clinics with the highest decoration and the latest equipment,

in addition to Its area starts from 20 square meters.

The standard floor (first floor + second floor) has a total area of ​​724 square meters,

It consists of 35 stores and one pharmacy, with an area of ​​68.1 square meters, with a height of 3 meters,

In addition to having about 33 rooms operating as a percentage of the area, the total area is 963 square meters

You find a variety of different spaces in Capital Gate Mall New Capital,

in addition to whether it is commercial, medical, or administrative,

To suit all activities and all purposes.

Capital Gate Mall New Capital Unit Space:

in addition to The unit area on the ground floor ranges from 23.6 square meters to 68 square meters.

The space of the units on the first floor ranges from 17.6 square meters to 52.6 square meters.

in addition to As for the area of ​​the second floor, it ranges from 17 square meters to 52.6 square meters.

Capital Gate Mall New Capital Services:

Also Capital Gate Mall New Capital provides its services to all units,

In Capital Gate Mall New Capital, there are 2 modern electric elevators that can withstand the work pressure and accommodate 16 people.

Fast and easy-moving escalator.

in addition to Unique landscape design ensures the most appropriate distribution of green spaces,

Which adds a touch of beauty and nature to this place.

Lots of restaurants and cafes with the latest designs and decorations.

In the Capital Gate shopping center there is a wide sports corridor that winds through the landscape and green spaces.

in addition to A large garage for commercial centers that can accommodate 466 cars.

There are several toilets for men and women on each floor.

in addition to One of them is specially designed for people with special needs.

Intended for basement and underground garage.

in addition to Complete security and security system,

As well as surveillance cameras on all floors and all shops,

A strict electronic system operates 24 hours a day.

Prices and payment systems:

Capital Gate Mall New Capital offers the best-unparalleled price in the distinguished location, the available services,

in addition to the luxurious design of all units, with high-end décor,

Because Capital Gate Mall New Capital is located in the middle of the seventh residential area,

in addition, it contributes to the success of any activity inside it.

Prices for Capital Gate units on the first floor start from £2,251,440.

in addition to The unit price on the first floor starts from 995,320 EGP.

As for the unit price on the second floor, it starts from 849.200 EGP.

Payment and payment methods:

The owner company provides the best and easiest way to own a unit in Capital Gate Mall New Capital

Where you can own any unit in installments after paying a percentage of the total unit price.

in addition to Payment is made in installments without interest,

which must be negotiated and determined based on the value of the down payment.

in addition to You must reserve your unit from 15% of the total price paid in advance,

The remaining amount is 6 years installments every three months.

More than 24 quarterly payments, including quarterly installments,

in addition to Three years after signing the receipt,

But you must reach 55% of the unit price and have been paid for three years before the end of the period.

Capital Gate Mall New Capital

The owner company and its previous works:

Ibn Sina Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Capital Gate Mall New Capital

Which is characterized by providing advantages to customers more than material profits.

All projects of the company always bring great success and a large base of satisfaction.

in addition to Ibn Sina Company for Hotels and Tourist Villages is one of the Egyptian shareholding companies

It started working in the field of construction and contracting,

in addition to its board of directors headed by Eng. Atef Al-Qarni.

The Naval Academy and Alexandria Branch II, Address 398, El Horreya Road,

in addition to Abu Qir Mustafa Kamel Street, next to Faisal Islam Bank,

El Mina Buildings, Fourth Floor.

The most important preliminary works of Ibn Sina Real Estate Development Company:

The company established a number of projects, all of which have achieved great success in the Egyptian real estate market

Including Al Safwa Tower and Towers, a group of luxury residential towers located in Egypt.

Sheikh Zayed, Al-Ahram Gardens and the Sixth of October

One of the company’s most important projects is Cecilia Lagoons Resort, North Coast

It is Cecilia Lagoons Resort, North Coast