Villas for sale in la verde new capital | 5 exceptional options

Villas for sale in la verde new capital | 5 exceptional options

Villas for sale in la verde new capital It is considered among the most important luxury residential projects in the New Administrative Capital area. This distinctive project is located on an area of 35 acres in the eighth residential district, R8. The project is characterized by sophisticated architecture and modern design that combines elegance and luxury. The Laverde Compound project is also distinguished by its large garden and abundant green spaces that make it a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This project is considered a rare opportunity to live in a sea of picturesque and distinctive nature.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Villas for sale in la verde new capital location

Laverde Egypt Real Estate Company had the opportunity to choose a strategic location for its new project in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, as it was placed in the R8 area next to K1 and close to Anakaji Compound. This location is ideal for the Laverde New Administrative Capital project due to its proximity to main roads and vital hubs.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

The most important places near the compound

  • It is only a few minutes away from the embassy district and the Expo area
  • About 15 minutes from the Presidential Palace
  • In addition to the Green River that runs along the new city.
  • The project is located near the cathedral, the school complex, and the British University
  • The Laverde Park project is separated from the Elite Park project and the Yarrow project by a few steps
Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Villas for sale in la verde new capitalspaces

The company that owns this project was distinguished by providing luxurious and classic designs that add an atmosphere of luxury and elegance to the project. But the company was not satisfied with this creativity only, but also provided residential units of different sizes that meet the needs and tastes of all customers.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • The area of studios in the compound ranges between 56 and 85 square meters, providing various options for those interested in small units.
  • Residential apartments feature typical floors in the compound, with areas ranging from 135 to 255 square meters.
  • Apartments on the ground floor, ranging in size from 145 to 203 square meters.
  • Penthouse apartments have areas ranging from 170 to 255 square meters.
  • The area of duplex apartments in the compound starts from 270 to 346 square meters.
  • Villas for sale in la verde new capital
Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Services of Laverde Compound New Capital

Villas for sale in la verde new capital are considered a quiet and distinctive oasis that combines privacy and luxury. Laverde Compound offers you a comfortable and relaxing life, while providing many services and facilities that meet all your needs. In addition, Laverde New Capital Compound provides a safe and secure environment for you and your family, ensuring relaxation and tranquility at all times. The compound also has a unique and attractive design that makes you feel as if you are in a luxury resort.

The most prominent of these services are as follows:

  • Villas for sale in Laverde New Capital are distinguished by a distinct geographical location, as it is located close to main roads and hubs that facilitate residents’ easy access to it.
  • It is also close to the vital areas of the New Capital, making it an ideal choice for housing.
  • The residential units in Laverde Compound are designed in a luxurious, classic style, with different sizes and competitive prices not found in any other residential project in the region.
  • All units also enjoy stunning views of green spaces and water bodies, which adds an atmosphere of beauty and comfort to the residents.
  • Laverde Compound offers many recreational facilities and services, such as paths designated for jogging and cycling enthusiasts, and places for holding barbecue parties and family gatherings in a charming and quiet atmosphere.
  • It is also possible to practice various hobbies such as drawing, reading, and yoga in the beautiful green spaces.
  • The compound features an advanced security system, which includes armored gates and surveillance cameras distributed throughout the project, in addition to the presence of security personnel trained at the highest level to ensure the privacy and security of residents.
  • Advanced facilities were provided in the project, such as a solar energy system and a waste disposal system, in addition to the presence of a large mosque, schools, nurseries, and shopping centers within the project.
  • In addition, the Laverde Compound features high-speed internet, central air conditioning, electric elevators, an advanced fire-fighting system, and a dedicated staff who work to ensure the residents’ comfort and enjoyment at all times.Villas for sale in la verde new capital
Villas for sale in la verde

Villas for sale in la verde

Prices of villas for sale in Laverde New Capital

Villas for sale in Laverde New Capital are distinguished by their ideal and varied prices that suit all categories, as the developer was keen to provide everyone with the opportunity to own a unit within this real estate edifice. Thanks to the variety of prices, everyone can choose from different options that suit their needs and financial capabilities. There are opportunities to own units at competitive prices and in a distinct strategic location, which attracts many people to invest in this upscale real estate project.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

In addition, Laverde’s attractive prices reflect the company’s vision of offering quality and luxury at affordable prices for everyone. These prices come as part of the company’s strategy to provide comprehensive options to customers, so that they can enjoy modern life and comfort in a suitable and beloved environment for them.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Payment and installment systems

Laverde Real Estate Development Company undertook the task of offering a variety of the best competitive prices to its customers, as it worked hard to perfectly meet their financial needs. To achieve this, the company has offered a variety of flexible payment and payment systems that suit all customers regardless of their individual needs.

Thanks to this innovative financial policy, Laverde Company was able to attract a large number of clients and establish itself as one of the most prominent companies in the field of real estate development. There is no doubt that the commitment to providing innovative and flexible financial solutions is the secret of the company’s success and making it the preferred choice for many investors and buyers.Villas for sale in la verde new capital

Villas for sale in la verde

Villas for sale in la verde

Benefits of investing in Laverde Compound

The Administrative Capital City has become an ideal destination for everyone looking for reliable investment opportunities. This confidence was represented in choosing the Laverde project as an ideal place for real estate investment. The project is characterized by unique features and integrated services that make it an indispensable choice for those wishing to live in peace and comfort.

Real estate investments are among the safe options for investment, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions that many countries of the world are experiencing. Therefore, investors did not miss the opportunity to benefit from the stability and security provided by the Administrative Capital City. Their choice to invest in Laverde Compound reflects this trust and reassurance that they seek to protect their financial investments. Villas for sale in la verde new capital

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The company that owns the project and its most important work

Laverde Egypt Real Estate Development Company is the company based in Laverde Compound, the Administrative Capital. Despite its short life, it has succeeded in leaving a clear mark among the major real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company always seeks to create projects that enjoy the highest level of luxury and privacy, and which are characterized by luxury and harmony with nature.

The projects carried out by Laverde Company enjoy an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, away from daily noise and stress. The company’s goal is to make the owners enjoy the best possible quality, through projects that guarantee them calm and comfort and provide them with the possibility of enjoying the picturesque nature that surrounds the projects.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Laporta Mall, New Administrative Capital
  • Laverde Cassette Compound, New Administrative Capital
  • La Verde Compound, New Administrative Capital
  • Villas for sale in Laverde New Capital

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