Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital | 7 levels of calm and luxury

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital | 7 levels of calm and luxury

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital Due to the possibility of a blow that will not be repeated due to sophistication and high taste; It is a distinctive residential project that was built on an area of 35 acres in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the eighth residential district, R8, and is unique in its green nature that is not found anywhere else, which gives its units extremely beautiful and wonderful views.

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Laverde Administrative Capital Compound is one of the latest real estate projects undertaken by Laverde Real Estate Development Company. This project is distinguished by its strategic location, which provides all the basic and entertainment services that make life in it integrated. The engineering and architectural designs in the Laverde Compound are characterized by extreme precision and are inspired by the Spanish style. The project is characterized by the spread of green spaces and landscapes, in addition to the most beautiful flowers and plants that decorate every corner of the project.

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital location

The strategic location of the project is considered one of the most important factors for its success, as it is located near several vital areas in the Administrative Capital City. The project is distinguished by its strategic location, which facilitates access to many necessary facilities and services. Among the most important areas surrounding the project are the governmental and administrative areas, where the headquarters of many ministries and government agencies are located. The project’s proximity to these areas is a great opportunity for business and investment, given the increasing need for residence close to work sites.

The most important places near the compound

  • It is 5 minutes away from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ
  • A few minutes from the Diplomatic Quarter and Exhibition City
  • 15 minutes from the Presidential Palace, the Exhibition City, and the financial and business district.
  • 20 minutes from New Cairo and Fifth Settlement
Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Area of Laverde Compound Administrative Capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital is distinguished by its spacious area of ​​35 acres. 82% of this area is allocated to green spaces and services, ensuring comfort and relaxation for residents. While the percentage of area allocated to buildings is about 18%. The project features an innovative design that combines modernity and elegance, making it an ideal place to live and enjoy a quiet and refreshing atmosphere.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Our project features studio units with areas ranging from 56 square meters to 85 square meters, providing various options for customers.
  • As for the apartments, their areas range from 125 square meters to 280 square meters, allowing residents to enjoy spacious and comfortable spaces.
  • For those looking for luxury and elegance, the duplex area ranges between 200 square meters and 270 square meters.
  • While the penthouse apartments feature areas starting from 295 square meters and up to 365 square metres, to meet the needs of customers with the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital design

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design and a distinctive view of the artificial lakes and stunning views of the Administrative Capital. The complex is located in an excellent strategic location in the heart of the New Capital, surrounded by charming natural landscapes. When you purchase a residential unit in Laverde Compound, you will enjoy living in a quiet atmosphere and a very clean environment. The project provides many enjoyable entertainment services, in addition to its proximity to vital areas within the capital. Laverde Compound is an ideal place for real estate investment.

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Services of Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital combines elegance and luxury with attention to detail and providing the highest levels of service to its residents. Laverde New Administrative Capital is distinguished by providing a variety of services and features that make it an ideal oasis for high-end life.

Among the most prominent services within the compound:

  • Laverde Mall, the Administrative Capital, is distinguished by the many international brands it includes, making it an ideal destination for shopping lovers.
  • In addition, the compound provides a swimming pool for children to ensure they have a fun and safe time.
  • On the other hand, the project contains a special administrative building that includes facilities for administration and logistics.
  • The Laverde Compound also has a medical center equipped with the latest technologies to ensure excellent health care for its residents.
  • Among the security measures available in the compound include surveillance cameras, concrete fences, and electronic gates.
  • The compound also contains areas designated for barbecue parties and family gatherings to enhance communication and fun among its residents.
  • To provide an excellent educational environment, Laverde Compound provides an international nursery.
  • In addition, the compound includes a social club where residents can gather and interact with each other.
  • The compound is considered an ideal place to enjoy tranquility and beauty, as it has artificial lakes and fountains in charming colors, as well as a track for walking and bicycles.
  • As for athletes, there are many sports fields such as football fields, squash courts and tennis courts.
  • There are also green spaces and picnic areas to ensure a luxurious and enjoyable life for residents.
  • Given the importance of security, the compound has 24-hour security and guarding, in addition to private indoor garages for the compound owners to avoid crowding.
  • In conclusion, the Laverde Administrative Capital Compound has a shared health club equipped with the latest equipment and tools to ensure residents’ enjoyment and comfort.

Prices of Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

The prices of Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital are ideal and varied, making them affordable for everyone. These prices come as part of the developer’s vision for the project to offer everyone the opportunity to own a unit in this wonderful real estate edifice. In addition, Laverde Company seeks to offer different categories of residential units, such as apartments and villas, to meet the diverse needs of customers. The company also ensures that it provides flexible financing options that suit all customers, to facilitate the process of purchasing real estate and realizing the dream of ownership.Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Payment and installment systems

Laverde Real Estate Development Company provides a variety of the best competitive prices, with a focus on providing diverse options to customers. This attention aims to ensure that each customer finds the price that suits his budget and needs. In addition to these different price options, the company works to provide a variety of flexible payment and payment systems. The goal here seeks to facilitate the purchasing process and provide convenience to customers by providing convenient payment options that suit their financial needs

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The company that owns the project and its most important work

Laverde Egypt Real Estate Development Company was established in 2017 and is one of the leading companies in the real estate field. By achieving what it seeks, this company has proven its worth in the real estate industry. Laverde Egypt has a strong reputation in the market, as it has placed the quality and efficiency of projects as the basis for its success. The company always strives to achieve the highest levels of quality and satisfaction for its customers, as it pays great attention to meeting their needs and providing them with a unique experience.

Thanks to its commitment to excellence and professionalism, Laverde Egypt has been able to build strong and sustainable relationships with its clients and the local community. The company constantly strives to provide high-quality services that meet the aspirations of its customers and contribute to the development of the communities in which it operates.

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Twinhouse for sale in la verde new capital

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Laporta Mall, New Administrative Capital
  • Laverde Cassette Compound, New Administrative Capital
  • La Verde Compound, New Administrative Capital
  • Twin house for sale in Laverde New Capital

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