Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital | 7 charming features

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital | 7 charming features

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital It is one of the most prominent real estate projects in Egypt, as it includes beautifully designed residential towers with stunning views, in addition to villas with international designs that provide residents with privacy and comfort. There is also a luxurious commercial area within the project that meets the needs of residents with all daily necessities. The project also provides multiple administrative headquarters that provide a modern and comfortable work environment for companies and institutions.

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital location

The Blue Vert project in the Administrative Capital is distinguished by its strategic location in a quiet and lively area at the same time. The project is located on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed in the heart of R7, making it close to some of the most prominent landmarks and important buildings in the area. The area in which the Blue Vert project is located is ideal for living and investment, as it provides all the necessary amenities and services. It is also characterized by calm and tranquility, making it an ideal place for families and individuals looking for quality of life.

The most important places near the compound

  • The place is located about 3 minutes from the Green River.
  • In addition, it is about 5 minutes away from the Presidential Palace and the Downtown area.
  • It is only 5 minutes away from the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • We cannot forget its proximity to Al Masa Hotel, which makes it a prime location in the city.
Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Area of Blue Vert New Capital Compound

The residential units within Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital are among the diverse and distinct options that can be found, as the project is distinguished by its vast area of up to 70 acres. This large area allowed for the diversification and diversification of the residential units within it, whether villas or apartments.Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • The ground floor areas of this property range from 150 to 190 square meters, making it a suitable space for small or medium-sized families. These spaces are relatively medium to large, providing residents with more comfort and space to enjoy their daily lives.
  • On the other hand, the areas of the upper (repeated) floors start from 140 to 200 square meters, which makes them much larger than the ground floor. If you prefer to live in a place with ample space, lofts are the best option for you.
  • Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Twin house for sale in Blue Vert New Capital services

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital is a luxury residential project intended for the upper classes of society. The project is distinguished by sophistication and precision in all its details, from the design of the buildings to the decorations. The buildings in the Blue Vert project are distinguished by being carefully designed to meet the needs and aspirations of high-end customers. The decorations and designs were carefully chosen to suit the high taste of the residents and reflect luxury and elegance in every corner.

Among the most prominent services within the compound are the following:

  • Blue Vert Compound provides multiple options for customers wishing to purchase a residential unit within it, as the sizes of apartments and villas vary.
  • In addition, the project contains swimming pools of various shapes and sizes, distributed throughout the area.
  • To ensure safety and protection, there is 24-hour security and guarding, in addition to surveillance cameras installed throughout the compound.
  • The housing units in Blue Vert Compound are exquisitely designed, with a high standard and a modern feel.
  • The compound also ensures the provision of integrated services to residents, whether basic or recreational, to meet all their needs.
  • The compound includes cafes and restaurants equipped to the highest standard, in addition to a clubhouse and entertainment units such as a social club.
  • There are also vast green spaces that are considered a safe park for children and families.
  • The distinguished location of Blue Vert Compound is characterized by ease of movement and availability of all necessary services for residents
  • In addition, the compound features multiple payment options at competitive and cheap prices compared to the services provided.
  • In the Blue Vert Administrative Capital project, residents can enjoy a unique experience as there are cafés and cafes offering a wide range of cold and hot drinks.
  • You can benefit from the gym equipped with the latest sports equipment alongside a team of professional trainers who provide you with the necessary guidance and support to achieve your sports goals.
  • If you need medical service, in Blue Vert Administrative Capital, you will find an integrated medical center that includes all specialties and an emergency department to receive emergency cases.
  • Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital
Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Prices of Blue Vert Compound New Capital

The twin house for sale in Blue Vert New Capital is considered one of the accommodations that meets the needs of various customers thanks to its wonderful designs, whether they are looking for residential apartments or modern villas. The units in the compound are characterized by very competitive and reasonable prices, which makes it an ideal choice for investors and clients wishing to invest in real estate. In Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Payment and installment systems

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital is characterized by its cheap prices that attract many customers. However, some customers may find it difficult to pay the full amount at one time. Therefore, the company that owns the project provided facilities in the payment process.

These facilities aim to make the purchasing process easier and more convenient for customers. This approach provides an opportunity for customers to benefit from the advantages of the project without having to pay a large amount upfront. Customers can choose between different payment options that suit their needs, whether in installments or other methods. This reflects the company’s keenness to meet the expectations and needs of all customers, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

The Blue Vert project is one of the prominent projects owned by the Saudi Egyptian Development Company in the Administrative Capital. The company was established in 1975 and has a good reputation in the field of real estate investments. The company is considered one of the largest companies in Egypt, with a capital of millions of dollars. It is considered a joint company between the Egyptian government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which makes it enjoy a strategic location in the real estate investment market.

The company is distinguished by implementing many tourism and real estate projects, which demonstrates the company’s diversity and ability to adequately meet market needs. The company’s projects are distinguished by quality and innovation, which strengthens its position in the real estate sector and makes it a distinguished choice for investors and buyers.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Jade Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Obour City.
  • Sama Alexandria.
  • Zahrat Maadi Tower.
  • Durrat Assiut Compound.
  • New Cairo City.
  • The Riyadh project will be Maadi.
  • Secon Nile Towers Maadi.
  • Damietta Resort Project.
  • Champs Elysee Towers, Alexandria.
  • Lake Dream Compound.
  • Sama Maadi Towers.
  • Secon Residence Alexandria project.
  • Riyadh Compound will be New Cairo.
  • Sawary Compound, New Alexandria.
  • Latin Quarter, New Alamein.
  • Twinhouse for sale in bleu vert new capital

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