Twin house for sale in Shorouk City | Installments up to 10 years

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City | Installments up to 10 years

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City The twin house features a captivating architectural design that combines modern aesthetics with timeless charm. The exterior design exudes an attractive appeal, and features a well-maintained facade and stunning landscaping. With its elegant facade and meticulous attention to detail, this property is sure to leave a lasting impression. The carefully designed twin house offers a combination An ideal of contemporary elegance, function and a vibrant community atmosphere, whether you are looking for a spacious family home or a sophisticated retreat, this residence is sure to exceed your expectations.

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

The twin house for sale in Shorouk City is located in a distinctive strategic location, and benefits from a privileged location within a thriving community. Shorouk City is known for its peaceful surroundings, excellent infrastructure, and easy access to basic amenities, as you enjoy the tranquil atmosphere while being a short distance from the bustling city life.

The most important compounds in Shorouk City

Shorouk City embraces various compounds and Twin house for sale in Shorouk City that contribute to its development and attractiveness, while the importance of the compounds can vary according to individual viewpoints and needs. The services and features of the residential compounds also vary greatly and provide all the needs of different customers with the best strategic locations and spacious spaces. With the variety, the best competitive prices, and easy installment systems, here are some of the prominent compounds in Shorouk City:

Palm Capital Shorouk Compound

TG Company provides distinctive concepts for advanced life through its best residential projects and residential units, including Twin house for sale in Shorouk City Palm Capital Shorouk City Compound, so that it is a distinctive architectural masterpiece added to the company’s successful history. It is considered one of the distinguished residential compounds at distinctive and competitive prices

The best modern designs that imitate the modern European style. One of its most important features is that it combines the old traditional style with the advanced modern style. A number of multiple residential units have also been offered to suit all clients. Large green spaces and landscapes have also been allocated that provide unique views. In addition to providing all the services that guarantee you an integrated and distinguished life in the Palm Capital Shorouk project.Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

El Patio Casa El Shorouk Compound

La Vista Real Estate Development Company announced its best residential project, El Patio Casa Shorouk Compound, which is located in an important strategic location in the heart of Shorouk City, which is one of the most important and best cities in the heart of Cairo for customers and owners of various investments, in addition to enabling the customer to obtain a healthy and completely remote environment. Aside from places of overcrowding and congestion, it is an integrated project in all aspects, from a distinctive strategic location to unique designs that imitate the modern European style, with a huge number of countless services and features, to competitive prices to flexible payment and installment systems.

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Al Burouj Compound Shorouk City

It is one of the best modern residential compounds, which attracts a large number of customers due to its various residential units, such as apartments for sale in Shorouk City. It is designed with the finest modern designs, and the units vary greatly until the customer chooses the appropriate unit for him, in addition to the presence of a large number Among the countless services and features that are not found anywhere else, amidst large areas of spacious green spaces. Twin house for sale in Shorouk City with the finest modern designs and a distinctive view.

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Advantages of Shorouk City

Shorouk City offers many advantages that make it an attractive location for residents, companies, and investors. Below are some of the main advantages of Shorouk City:

  • Shorouk City is strategically located near Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Its location provides easy access to major transportation networks, including highways and airports, making it well connected to other parts of the country.
  • Shorouk City is a planned community designed with modern infrastructure and amenities. It offers well-designed residential areas, commercial areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces. The well-organized city planning enhances the quality of life and provides a conducive environment for both residents and businesses.
  • Shorouk City has witnessed remarkable growth in its real estate market. The city offers a range of housing options, including apartments, villas and gated communities, that meet different budget requirements. The booming real estate sector provides opportunities for investors and homeowners alike.
  • Shorouk City boasts a number of reputable educational institutions, including schools and universities, that offer high-quality education to residents. In addition, the city is equipped with modern healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents receive high-quality medical services.
  • Shorouk City provides a suitable business environment with a range of business opportunities. It provides commercial spaces and industrial areas for various sectors, which attracts local and international companies. The city’s proximity to Cairo and its advanced infrastructure makes it an ideal location for companies looking to establish their presence in Egypt.
  • Shorouk City benefits from advanced infrastructure and facilities. The city has reliable water and electricity supplies, effective waste management systems, and advanced communications infrastructure. These facilities contribute to providing a comfortable and convenient living and working environment.
  • Shorouk City provides a variety of leisure and recreational facilities for its residents, and includes parks, sports clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues, providing great opportunities for recreational activities and socializing.
  • Shorouk City prioritizes safety and security measures. The city has well-established security systems, including surveillance cameras, gated communities, and police presence, ensuring a safe environment for residents and businesses.
  • Shorouk City combines a strategic location, planned development, business opportunities and a host of amenities, making it an attractive place to live, work and invest in Egypt.
  • The prices of apartments in Shorouk City are very special in comparison to the huge amount of services and advantages that Shorouk City enjoys.
  • Twin house for sale in Shorouk City with the best services and countless features, with flexible payment and installment systems.
Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Map of Shorouk City

Shorouk City has many important and diverse residential neighborhoods, where you will find different social housing classes, including average and above-average, in addition to a large number of important residential compounds and various residential units, including Twin house for sale in Shorouk City and various upscale neighborhoods. Below we will show you a map. Sunrise City.

  • The first neighborhood is called Al-Yaqout neighborhood.
  • The second neighborhood is called Al-Massa neighborhood.
  • The third district is called Al-Fayrouz District.
  • The fourth district is called the Lapis Neighborhood.
  • The fifth district is called Al-Jawhara district.
  • The sixth district is called the Pearl District.
  • The seventh district is called the Emerald District.
  • The eighth district is called Remas district.
  • The ninth district is called the Brilant district.
  • The club neighborhood, called Al-Aqiq neighborhood, is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Shorouk City.
  • Twin house for sale in Shorouk City

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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